signs of spring

3 Mar

sabin wanted these doc martens for her upcoming confirmation. we ordered them up in the same size as her black ones, but these turned out to be much bigger. so now they’re mine. 🙂


one of each, please.

16 Feb

one of each, please., originally uploaded by julochka.

spotted in copenhagen. sadly, even tho’ they were 50% off, i showed remarkable restraint and didn’t buy any. what’s the matter with me?

~ julochka

docs + red lego

16 Feb

docs + red lego, originally uploaded by julochka.

and not content only to shoot my own feet, i made my daughter stand in the red LEGO as well with the classic Doc Martens she got for Christmas.

~ julochka

bumper + red lego

16 Feb

bumper + red lego, originally uploaded by julochka.

it’s been awhile. it’s still winter here, so the red furry bumpers are still in play. and i’m working for LEGO now, so now i have the opportunity to do things like stand in a huge pile of red lego and photograph my boots!

~ julochka

on sale

10 Oct

new pink converse. they were on sale. i couldn’t resist. would you have been able to?

~ julochka

nice shoes calm your nerves

28 Sep

#atleastimwearingawesomeshoes, originally uploaded by julochka.

i was waiting at a radio station to go on the air and talk about a tweet i tweeted during TEDx Copenhagen. i was getting rather nervous, but was happy i was dressed up and wearing my fancy shoes, especially as i was about to give advice on the air to the new american ambassador to denmark! somehow the right clothes can make any situation better.

~ julochka

all for the sake of fashion

28 Sep

talking on the phone, chewing gum and wearing these shoes on cobblestones don’t mix. #justsayin

~ julochka

23/9.2013 – who knew #havianas made wellies?

28 Sep

i had long been in need of new wellies, but could never find the size/color i wanted. until now. i didn’t even know havianas made wellies, but now i do! and it’s impossible to be sad it’s raining when you have pretty purple boots.

~ julochka

and these.

28 Sep

and these., originally uploaded by julochka.

these came from the pop-up shop as well. only 50 kroner and score, they’re NOT by paris hilton. 🙂 they look black, but are actually navy blue. i love them.

~ julochka

got these instead

28 Sep

got these instead, originally uploaded by julochka.

these were also at the pop-up shop and only 150kroner, so they came home with me. they’re light pink and go perfectly with new tan trousers and a light pink blouse i recently bought. score!

~ julochka

I probably won’t be able to resist these

28 Sep

going to be a flurry of catch-up posts here. we have this pop-up shop in town that opens every time the two bored housewives with rich husbands get a new load of stuff in. this time, some paris hilton shoes! if these had fit, i would have bought them, in spite of them being paris hilton. they were gorgeous, but they didn’t have my size.

~ julochka

Haeundae Beach

19 Sep

Happy Chuseok. Because the holiday falls on a Thursday this year it’s a five day weekend (it’s a 3 day holiday, the middle being the main day with the days before and after for travel and prep). This year I’m spending it with my Ethiopian man. First stop Haeundae Beach in Busan. Now sitting drinking wine and watching the waves.

And just for fun…



23 Aug

I quite enjoy going bug hunting with my students (first grade) during their lunch time recess. Here are a few of our finds. One of the cicadas that make so much noise here in August:


20130823-162106.jpgWhat Koreans call Chinese Cicadas, though I’m not sure they are actually even related to cicadas. The underwings ante a bright red and their eyes are bright red and they are excellent jumpers and fliers:

20130823-162126.jpgFuzzy. At least that is what it’s name is now.

20130823-162150.jpgAnd then there is Spike. Such a beautiful and perfect little creature.


el naturalista

8 Jul

el naturalista #shoeperdiem, originally uploaded by julochka.

i can’t believe i forgot to post this shot of my new el naturalistas. they were on sale the last time i popped down to germany for nutella and gin. so comfy and so bright and cheerful. i’m in love.

~ julochka

kitty love

27 Jun

Hi…long time no post. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m still taking a shoe photo every day. Often with help…

kitty love

kitty love


Cafe Bene

18 Jun

Went to Cafe Bene to sit for a while with a friend/co-worker while she killed time. Not a bad place but not my favorite. It is a chain coffee shop but doesn’t have all of the coffee choices and they don’t have low fat milk. I do quite like the painted wall at the end, though. 🙂



5 Jun

Having a hospital sleepover.



3 Jun

These little dainty little toes are a tad small for shoes, but some day she’ll be sporting all kinds of cute and cool shoes. Yuri Kim was born this morning. Of course Auntie Laura had to go for a visit. :).


Lovely weather for reading on the balcony.

2 Jun

One of the reasons I moved into this apartment is the balcony with its view. For days like this. Perfect for sitting in my comfy balcony chair sipping a latte and reading the next Game of Thrones book.


Black Ballet Flats

30 May

Here are the same shoes but without the Angry Birds socks. At the subway station waiting for the train.



Angry Birds

29 May

Last month I had already started going without socks because it was feeling like spring. I wear socks with my inside work shoes, though. One day the weather was not so nice and my feet were cold so I just kept the socks on. Gotta love Angry Birds. 🙂



gathering eggs. must find their new hiding spot.

28 May

i dug deep in the shoe box and unearthed these awesome little Camper flats. haven’t worn then in ages and they’re not worn out at all, so it feels like having new shoes!

~ julochka

custom vans

23 May

23/5.2013 – starry, starry night, originally uploaded by julochka.

sabin took a pair of plain black Vans and made a space odyssey! how cool is that?

~ julochka

23/5.2013 – waiting

23 May

23/5.2013 – waiting, originally uploaded by julochka.

this is one of my favorite photos in a long time. it’s sabin’s riding boots, in front of the stall, ready for her to slip them on. it’s somehow so filled with a story, isn’t it?

~ julochka

21/5.2013 – happy colors

21 May

21/5.2013 – happy colors, originally uploaded by julochka.

yup, i’m still using these old aqua wellies. they’ve got major cracks in them, so i can’t actually wear them in the rain, but i also can’t part with them, nor can i decide what color to get next. thought they were pretty rockin’ with my pink homage-to-the-80s pants.

~ julochka

3/5.2013 – is there anything more happy-making than new shoes?

3 May

maybe only this vintage yellow office chair. i may actually have to steal it.

~ julochka

8/4.2013 – it’s good to dress up once in awhile.

11 Apr

whoa, it’s been a long time since i shoe per diemed…tho’ we’ve undoubtedly seen these babies before, it’s such a seldom sight (me dressed up in actual heels and stockings) these days, that i had to share.

we’re still hoping spring will eventually come to these parts – it was a rather nice day on monday, but it turned cold again. and don’t look too closely at my pedi, it’s a mess.

~ julochka

Back in the office

8 Jan


I’m only one of a handful of people who came back to the office this week. The cafe is closed, there is no milk in the fridge, and I had to resort to instant coffee. But it’s oh so quiet.

New running shoes

8 Jan


Switched from Mizuno to Asics. Bring on the marathon!

by the side of a cold arena

11 Dec

by the side of a cold arena, originally uploaded by julochka.

it’s been awhile since y’all saw the purple bumpers, but here they are, still going strong and keeping my feet warm as i wait on the sidelines of a cold indoor riding arena!

~ julochka

63 Building

11 Nov
63 Building by silveroses69
63 Building, a photo by silveroses69 on Flickr.

Went on a field trip with my kindy kids to the 63 Building. We went to the aquarium and went up to the observatory. In one corner of the observatory floor, there is a part with a special mirrored floor which makes it look like you are looking straight down to the ground. A tad unsettling.


11 Nov
casts by silveroses69
casts, a photo by silveroses69 on Flickr.

Had a bit of a problem a few weeks ago. Woke up with pain in both feet and couldn’t walk. After the doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong they decided to just put half casts on both of my feet to immobilize them. :/ Since I could do nothing, I went to a friend’s place to hang out and watch the baby from the comfort of their lovely sofa.
(More info here.)

New shoe per diem

11 Nov

Converse shoes, number nearly 100, the ultimate lazy person’s shoe, you don’t even need to tie the laces. Suits me.


tysk tilstand

1 Nov

tysk tilstand, originally uploaded by julochka.

i fear i’ve become german. like the germans, i’ve lost all ability to match my socks and shoes correctly. purple converse one stars and some random green socks. at least they’re smartwool.

~ julochka

Running fairy

28 Oct


Ready to run in my tutu!

shoe per diem with hedgehog and old wellies

11 Oct

i have new wellies on order. i hope they come soon.

~ julochka

toms bling for baby

7 Oct
toms bling for baby by SusanKurilla
toms bling for baby, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

even babies need a little bling…

dots & stripes

24 Sep

dots & stripes, originally uploaded by julochka.

converse, stripey socks and a dotty rug onboard the Aurora of Scandinavia.

Autumn in the northern hemisphere

23 Sep


It is lovely to be on this side of the world for the start of Autumn. Crunchy leaves everywhere!

yellow shoes

14 Sep

yellow shoes, originally uploaded by julochka.

steve madden. yellow. can’t go wrong there.

~ julochka

waiting at riding lessons

14 Sep

cool grey converse with raggedy green edges. one of the few pairs we did manage to find in the US this summer.

~ julochka

stripes (by spring step)

5 Sep

stripes (by spring step), originally uploaded by julochka.

i haven’t really shown you these yet…weird that. but i’ve not worn them too much. they seem too precious and i don’t want to get them muddy.

i found them in the same marvelous little family-owned, traditional shoe store in mitchell, SD that’s been there since time began. i hadn’t had “spring step” shoes before, but they do indeed put a spring in my step. and a smile on my face when i look down at them.

the smartwool socks were purchased to match.

~ julochka

Rice paddies and relaxation

2 Sep

My first day of 26 in south east Asia and I’m at a retreat in Bali. Reading a book, rolling into the pool and getting massages. Was going to go exploring today, but what’s the hurry?


25 Aug
Untitled by silveroses69
Untitled, a photo by silveroses69 on Flickr.

shoes and snacks

17 Aug


sometimes match.

dinner ingredients

16 Aug

dinner ingredients, originally uploaded by julochka.

+ my new green converse. ❤ them. and those pumpkin flowers stuffed with cream cheese, breaded in panko crumbs and fried were delish.

~ julochka

<3 these shoes

15 Aug

Untitled, originally uploaded by julochka.

i learned from stacey on what not to wear that it’s a cardinal sin to wear nylons (even sexy walfords) with open-toed shoes, so i went barefoot today. i made sure my toenail polish matched the shoes, tho’. tho’ i obviously painted them in the dark, as i didn’t do a very good job. oh well, if anyone’s looking that closely, they should be ashamed of themselves anyway.

~ julochka

orange chucks

14 Aug

orange chucks, originally uploaded by julochka.

i got orange converse too. so bright and cheery, but alas, not high tops. quite fetching with my smartwool stripey socks, don’t you think?

rock star uggs

14 Aug

sabin attracted attention at Mall of America and at the various airports on our way home in her new sparkly uggs.

they make uggs a whole lot less uggly. 🙂

~ julochka

latest additions to the converse collection

12 Aug

tho’ i felt like converse were strangely hard to find in the US and i never did see a single pair of high tops, i did manage to get myself 4 new pairs – green, orange, grey w/raggedy green edges and a pair of purple one stars. i’d not seen those before, but they were the perfect shade of purple for the new shorts i got at the gap. now i can pretty much wear converse every day.

~ julochka

Trail running fun

12 Aug


Stacey and I travelled to whitford forest this morning to get our shoes muddy. We weren’t counting on getting our entire clothes muddy too. All on the name of fun!

ahh, those summer niii-ights.

11 Aug

my most beloved south african havianas. apparently only for tourists in capetown, but what can i say?

~ julochka

new chucks

10 Aug

10/8.2012 – new chucks, originally uploaded by julochka.

grey with kinda raggedy green edges. ❤ them. it was actually rather difficult to find all stars when we were in the US and we never did see any high-tops. i wonder what was up with that?

i did, however, manage to find several pairs, which will be making appearances in the near future.

~ julochka


9 Aug

ahhh…, originally uploaded by julochka.

a little peek at my new stripey shoes by Spring Step – found them in a little mom & pop shoe store called Brown’s that’s been on the same corner in Mitchell, SD for years and years. it’s the same place i got the sparkly Uggs for Sabin. i love that i supported a local business instead of a big, evil chain store!!

you’ll be seeing more of these in the near future!

~ julochka

a few of our favorite things

5 Aug

a few of our favorite things, originally uploaded by julochka.

sabin got new, fabulous sequined uggs today. i can tell you that a little sparkle makes them a whole lot less uggly…

and that’s our new kitten, molly. we’ve jumped a whole lot of hoops to be able to take her home with us to denmark. we fly on tuesday.

~ julochka

4/8.2012 – converse per diem

5 Aug

4/8.2012 – converse per diem, originally uploaded by julochka.

green converse + 50 pound watermelon. it’s summer in south dakota.

~ julochka.

Trail triers

28 Jul

This is what we do for fun these days


green converse

27 Jul

cool bowls + converse. #latergram, originally uploaded by julochka.

i got some new green chucks.

but sadly, i didn’t buy those bowls.

~ julochka

19/7.2012 shoe shopping

25 Jul

19/7.2012 shoe shopping, originally uploaded by julochka.

it has already begun. tho’ i didn’t actually let her have these shoes. she is only 11, after all.

~ julochka

totally worth getting lost in Plymouth.

20 Jul

i wandered half of the suburbs of minneapolis to get my hands on this shoe in my size.

it was worth the effort.

they are awesome.

~ julochka

11/7.2012 – shoe per diem

12 Jul

11/7.2012 – shoe per diem, originally uploaded by julochka.

old k-swiss reflected in a 1974 renault at den gamle by in århus, denmark

~ julochka

converse and great big kittens

23 Jun

great big kittens, originally uploaded by julochka.

this photo is mostly about the kittens, who are getting far too big to drink off their mama (not that it stops them).

in less than month i’ll go to the US and get new converse. 🙂

~ julochka


22 Jun

Receiving the purrfect welcome home at the end of the day.


whose shoes?

15 Jun

whose shoes?, originally uploaded by julochka.

this was me & my biz partner, sitting at a very interesting meeting on wednesday evening.

~ julochka

oh how I love these chairs

15 Jun

oh how I love these chairs, originally uploaded by julochka.

the library in kolding has the best chairs. but i included a shot of my shoe so it would qualify as a shoe per diem. 🙂 that’s a little peek at my favorite zebra bag as well. real zebra. it was gonna die anyway. but really, this is about the chair. awesome chair. you could share it with a friend. or you could keep it all to yourself. that’s what i like to do.

~ julochka


28 May

A couple weeks ago one of my friends went away for the weekend with her husband and baby.  Their first weekend trip.  I took care of her dog, Hopie, for her.  She knows he is okay with me since I already took care of him a month when he was a puppy.  He knows me well. ^^  We had a lot of fun laying around watching TV as well as walking in the park, both at night and in the day.

Tiger Jindos are cool looking dogs!  And Hopie is such a sweet heart. 🙂


glowing crosses

28 May

The Korean night is dominated by neon signs and bright glowing crosses.  They are everywhere.  Churches in Korea aren’t just in fancy church buildings, but within any building on any floor.  Of course there has to be a cross on top of the building to show where it is.

This was actually a month ago, but I’m a bit behind in posting.  Most of my photos are in my phone which hasn’t been letting me post anything.
:/  I’ll get to them.


sew psyched

28 May

shoe and nails per diem, originally uploaded by julochka.

went to a wedding this weekend.

nail polish: essie sew psyched and my favorite round-toed shoes. tights from noa noa.

~ julochka

new shoes

23 May

new shoes, originally uploaded by julochka.

really, she did just get new shoes 2 days ago. and new yellow legwraps. for early summer.


aruba blue

22 May

aruba blue, originally uploaded by julochka.

sabin’s new converse. for summer.

~ julochka

converse reflection

12 May

I wonder if that one works?, originally uploaded by julochka.

spent the day at a flea market. didn’t buy this, as i’d reached my limit, but maybe it’ll still be there next time.


shoe per diem feb 26, 2012 – borderline spring

8 May

Two and a half months later it seems tad silly that we were so terribly excited about that February day being so sunny, full of melting ice and promises of Spring.

Now when it’s borderline summer those days are awfully far away. I don’t miss them a bit. Or well, a bit perhaps, I miss wearing those blue boots, they have been truly wonderful in every way and much worn ever since they arrived.

Now they will have a good scrub and polish and go have a long summer nap. To unpack them is at least one thing i truly look forward to come autumn.

this pavement is all wrong

5 May

this pavement is all wrong, originally uploaded by julochka.

they’ve put in these fancy, smooth granite tiles in the approach up to Nørreport Station. it’s just too sleek and nice – Nørreport Station is way more gritty and real than this. say it isn’t so, Copenhagen!!

~ julochka


5 May

ba-dee, originally uploaded by julochka.

another want – everyone on facebook thought i meant the boot, but i was actually keen on the feather sandal. the boots are a little tony orlando & dawn for me…

~ julochka


5 May

ba-dee, originally uploaded by julochka.

ba-dee is our family word for “i want one of those.” lucky for me (and our bank account), the shops were all closed in copenhagen for the big prayer day.

~ julochka

and the windows are filled with converse

5 May

i spent a few hours in copenhagen yesterday. it was the big prayer day, so nothing was open, but i did a bit of window shopping. i’ll take one of each please, size 40.

~ julochka

Run run run why not make it harder?

3 May

So Vera and I have started trail running because, you know, running on the road isn’t hard enough as it is. ( it is, anyone that tells you it gets easier is lying). The upside of trail running is hands down the peace, serenity and views we achieve while out in the middle of nowhere. We are very lucky to have so many beautiful trails within a half hour or 45 minute drive of the city.

Btw, autumn has been one long series of the kind of days you see here. This morning is the same though god damn it makes it cold!

work feet

3 May

work feet, originally uploaded by julochka.

those round-toed shoes again. and wolford kneehighs. it has resulted in my feet not speaking to me. turns out that tho’ they look fabulous, they really prefer converse and wellies. or at least something quite flat and comfy.

~ julochka

sunshine, dandelions, converse

3 May

sunshine, dandelions, converse, originally uploaded by julochka.

could use some new chucks, but will get some this summer when we’re in the US, where they are reasonably priced. still – what’s more springy than sunshine, dandelions and sneaks?

~ julochka

still clean up pretty well

1 May

still clean up pretty well, originally uploaded by julochka.

it’s been awhile since i actually dressed up, so i had to share. 🙂 these are classics here by now, but still some of my favorites. they say “bronx” on the bottom, but that’s the only lead on a brand. i got them a few years ago at a posh shop in hellerup. i love their round toes. hose are wolford (of course). the skirt, i think was actually picked up in Next (should i be admitting that in writing?).

~ julochka

no longer waterproof

28 Apr

no longer waterproof, originally uploaded by julochka.

oh oh, time for new wellies for sure – and now it’s not just because i want some.

~ julochka

Dear weather god

21 Apr

The fact you royally screwed up our summer and to the point that it basically didn’t happen, is being over looked by the amazing autumn we are having. Keep the weather like its been for the past month a little longer and you might just be forgiven.
Your sincerest,




20 Apr

there are a lotta kittens in there, originally uploaded by julochka.

oh oh, my aqua wellies are cracked and not-so-waterproof anymore. i wonder if one of those tire patches would help?

next time, i want purple ones.

oh, and by the way, that cat is gonna have kittens any minute now.

~ julochka

11/4.2012 – the cat is knocked up

13 Apr

this is pepchin. she’s gonna have kittens any day now. it’s her first time and i’m not sure she realizes it. she no longer knows her own shape and body weight – the other day, i saw her topple over backwards, trying to wash a back leg. poor dear.

shoes – my old around-the-house think! slip-ons. these shoes just last & last.

guest post – feather fancy featuring miss bella

12 Apr

feather fancy, originally uploaded by julochka.

little miss bella got out her best shoes today when i stopped by for a visit. she graciously agreed to allow me to photograph them and share them here on shoe per diem.

they’re purple, feathery and with a bit of sparkle – perfect for a day at kindergarten or just for lounging around the house, looking fabulous.

~ julochka

shoe per diem feb 19, 2012 – gore-tex red and little loaf

8 Apr

I had the opportunity to try out the gore-tex boots a few days later when we were suddenly *blessed* with slush weather. And yes, they were great. And perky. And good for walking little loaf.

I’m alive!

4 Apr

God damn I have been slack at writing here, but I have still been visiting don’t you worry! And taking pictures every now and then. Summer has pretty much been and gone (though really it never arrived) but my photos show there was some sunshine mixed in there.

In order, the first was a bellbird blue Christmas day, then a hard yakka hike up to a hut my granddad built during the 1930s gold rush with my dad, brother, uncle and cousin, than my new running shoes! Flash! And finally a lovely day spent riding around on bikes, drinking coffee at little cafes and enjoying views of the city. Enjoy your summer northerners. I’m so not ready to let ours go yet!





shoe per diem feb 10, 2012 – red gore-tex boots

3 Apr

Nothing to start the weekend off quite like a pair of new red boots – not the red boots I had thought, but still a pair I’ve eyed since September last year. Now on sale, and a pair of Gore-tex boots have been on my wish-list for a long time. El Naturalista in model Inuit. I’ve worn them a few times since – but spring came so quickly it’s time for shoes and not boots now… – and they’re lovely. Although after years of loving the flat kind of heels I admittedly want a bit of heel to my shoes and boots mostly these days. These are still lovely though! And red, one can never have too many red shoes and boots, right? Right.

Read more about them here

I couldn’t find two of the same flip flops. and I need a pedicure

23 Mar

but spring has officially arrived!! yay!!

~ julochka

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012 – blue boots rock

22 Mar

And this is the beauty that arrived in the parcel – a pair of blue boots, El Naturalista (surprise!) Tesela tall boots in vaquero blue. If there was ever such a thing that being in love with a colour, this blue hue would be very hight up on that love-list of mine. It’s simply gorgeous. I’d even go as far as saying that these beauties might be the one single reason for me not wanting summer to arrive. We’ve had many wonderful walks together ever since their arrival. And will hopefully for many many seasons to come.

Read more about and see more of the boots here

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012 - blue boots rock

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012 – the arrival of an exciting parcel

20 Mar

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012, originally uploaded by piaktw.

And while wearing the heart slippers I opened it and gasped over its pretty content…

End of part 1

spring is springing

16 Mar

., originally uploaded by julochka.

chucks rock. even old ones.

~ julochka

shoes per diem – 3 kinds

13 Mar

shoes per diem – 3 kinds, originally uploaded by julochka.

wellies, matilde’s stylish boot and her regular horse shoe (hard to see, but there, nonetheless). at least the sun was shining! 🙂 you know what that means, my down under girls – spring is coming!!

~ julochka

shoe per diem dec 28, 2011 – two pairs are better than one

11 Mar

*Continue to work my way through the backlog*

This is the part one of” Christmas money rocks” – when one sadly can’t find the Tesela oxfords anymore one goes ahead and get a pair of purple Tesela bottines instead – already seen in this post of course. Which happens to sport that cute cork button on the side, as does the maryjanes.

The Swedish winter was very mild pre-New Year’s, since then it has been lots of snow until a couple of weeks ago – these haven’t been used much both due to the weather as well as… well, that will have to wait until “Christmas money rocks part 2” I’m afraid…

(Socks from Sock Dreams, ❤ this particular brand, pattern and olive hue)

tilly’s new shoes

10 Mar

tilly’s new shoes, originally uploaded by julochka.

our horse has a hoof abscess and the vet recommended we get her a set of these protective boots while it heals. she only has to wear the left one, but of course they come in pairs. made of tough leather with an even tougher plastic sole and really heavy-duty velcro – the very height of horse fashion. and at 1200DKK ($211US), pretty pricey! guess i’ll be waiting to get those new wellies for myself. kinda sad to spend more on boots for the horse than i would on some for me!

~ julochka

might be time for new wellies

10 Mar

might be time for new wellies, originally uploaded by julochka.

they’re not leaking or anything, but they’re really very pretty anymore, are they? i’m thinking i want purple this time.

~ julochka

shoe per diem nov 29, 2011 – el naturalista meet fiorentini baker

4 Mar

Met a friend for a bit of shopping and coffee that day. We strolled the nearby department store PUB and of course this was the perfect spot to snap a SPD.

Me: El Naturalista Tesela winered oxfords (no surprise there, but I really, really would love to get my hands on another pair in the same model, I’ve been searching in vain for over a year now so I’m sadly guessing they’re discontinued, sob), mustard yellow stockings from department store Åhléns own brand

She: Fiorentini Baker boots (her favourite brand, they’re lovely looking, but I’m amused that suddenly they make El Naturalista look very modest in price. It’s certainly nice when you can treat yourself to a special pair of shoes!)

time for the chucks again

2 Mar

time for the chucks again, originally uploaded by julochka.

yup. spring has sprung. tho’ we don’t know if it will stick. but we’re enjoying it while we can.

~ julochka

november 2011 – three socks week

26 Feb

three socks week, originally uploaded by piaktw.

I’m way behind on my SPD posts. Obviously. That good week in November last year (7-13) I did manage to wear three new socks. Which count as one, two, three of the good things that week.

The left pair and the middle pair are from SockDreams. The right pair from Noa Noa. Shoes, as always, El Naturalista

shoe per diem nov 13, 2011 - mirror loaf

18/2.2012 – shoe per diem

19 Feb

18/2.2012 – shoe per diem, originally uploaded by julochka.

this is almost more about the bat-like reflection in the mud puddle of my coat blowing in the wind than it is about the shoes (or boots, as the case may be). red furry bumpers. hopefully, i’ll be able to put them away soon! spring is in the air!

~ julochka