Whose shoes are these?

Stacey Marie = Stacey Riordan. She lives in Auckland, New Zealand and likes pina coladas and long walks on the beach. But actually she likes wine and shopping and swimming and wine and traveling and dancing with wine and friends and sunshine and wine and reading with wine and baths with wine and wine. She has a job on the side and says serious stuff sometimes over here.

paudecanela, otherwise known as Vera, usually takes her shoes out and about in Auckland, New Zealand. She drinks way more coffee than she should and has a recently discovered her love for wine. She loves white sandy beaches, airports and mint chocolate and dislikes the rain, chicken noodle soup and the oxford comma.

G. or Ana, the portuguese girl in London, I usually walk around in the streets of Madrid with my heels, I love them btw, I also love ice cream, the ocean, dinner out and movies. I just love being able to wear my heels in a city where I’m not going to ruin them, like it happens in my hometown!

Megan lives in Pennsylvania, United States. When she’s not shoe shopping, she’s drinking wine and when she’s not drinking wine, she’s running, and when she’s not running, she’s eating calamari or BBQ chips, depending on the day and when she’s not eating, she’s fiddling with her iPhone and when she’s not fiddling with her iPhone, she’s out and about enjoying life.

VEG, or Sarah, lives in Vancouver, BC, home of the-soon-to-be-here-Winter-Olympics-which-she-already-hates-because-they-suck-for residents-of the-host-city. She is a bit of a shoeaholic AND loves shiny things. When the two come together, ooo boy, watch out!

julochka lives in denmark. although she’s attempting not to buy so much stuff this year, she’s pretty sure she has enough shoes to get her through this project. she has to admit she’s more of a blogger person, so if her posts look kinda funny, please blame wordpress.

83possums, Luci, lives in by the sea in Wellington. She has an innumerable number of shoes but over the last year has noticed she only tends to wear jandals or uggies outside work, so will be attempting to mix it up a bit in twenty ten. Maybe… I mean they’re just so comfy!

emma kate: typical red-headed pisces…lives in a dream land most of the time (the rest of the time resides in friendly Feilding, New Zealand)…sees the world in cartoon form…arty type human…mother of two fairies…loves cooking for friends (mostly because they always bring wine)…has embraced gardening head-on…thinks her life is pretty darn-tootin’ fabulous.

silveroses69 or laura: is a Canadian living in Seoul, South Korea. She’s got a bit of an addiction to travel and shopping, either on their own and in combination, and collecting miscellaneous things. She has way more shoes than are necessary (more than she’d actually like to count), and loves to spend time walking (or partying or dancing up a storm) in them.

Amie McCarron

amiemccaron = Amie McCarron. Lives in Wellington, New Zealand in her dream villa complete with white picket fence, dream husband, and mini zoo (2 cats, 2 dogs and the occasional resident hedgehog). Amie is an artist and a website designer who loves all things creative, food, wine and hanging with friends when not lounging in her PJs & slippers.

Pia K resides in Stockholm, Sweden. Says she’s more of a handbag-oholic than a shoe-one really (others would definitely say otherwise). But has just recently realized she does have a rather impressive collection of lovely El Naturalista shoes and is more than happy to share them in blog. Like Julie she is more of a Blogger-type, so the maybe-funny-looking posts may of course only be blamed on that.

Pia K




bnardi Real: Bárbara Nardi. Pharmacist + sao paulo-SP – Brazil + part of the heart in BH-MG – Brazil + Brigadeiro + ballerines + fashion + travel + beach + dress + colored wall + mpb + dogs + family + friends + good humor


4 Responses to “Whose shoes are these?”

  1. Amanda Ratcliffe February 11, 2010 at 7:44 am #

    This is suuuch a great idea guys!
    You’re fabulous!

  2. Sweet Poppy Cat May 23, 2011 at 11:32 pm #

    I must start wearing my fun shoes more often and quit reaching for the same three pairs just because it is a work day. I feel motivated!

  3. Sherry December 17, 2011 at 3:46 am #

    Can you tell me where you found the Guess by Marciano Spectator pumps? I need those!


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    […] Whose shoes are these? […]

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