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Summer days

10 Jan


I’ve spent a couple weeks tripping around the country sans camera but sadly I’m back at work now. It’s pretty quiet so went down for a mean as milkshake by the water for lunch. Yum!
L x

23 Dec

Sitting by the water daydreaming of my holiday L x

Summer time & the living is easy

23 Dec

Caught the cable car up to the top of the Botanical Gardens on Thursday and had lunch on the grass in the sun.  L&P, potato top pie, jandals. Life is good.

L x

Big weekend

6 Nov

Friday night I went to the Festival for the Future opening night and caught up with an old friend who was speaking as a young innovator; truly inspiring. Afterwards I went down to a local mexican restaurant for their Dia de los Muertos celebrations with mariachi band and facepainting – muchos awesomness:

Saturday was Guy Fawkes Night and the city council puts on a $500k display every year. We had front row seats on the rocks, so pretty

Sunday I rode my bike for the first time, all the way out to Red Rocks. Such a mint view:

Then finished up the weekend with a lovely wine in the sunshine and bread shaped like New Zealand:

L x

Gumboot weekend

30 Oct

Have been gardening all weekend, and not just weeding but the heavy duty stuff in an attempt to reclaim my jungle. Mum and Dad came over with trailer and a chainsaw and we got through heaps. Absolutely knackered now.


Thank goodness for that

27 Oct

After 24 years NZ finally won the Rugby World Cup, as the lovely Miss Stacey mentioned earlier.  This is me on the Monday after the big game. After spending most of my formative years overseas I finally feel like a complete Kiwi celebrating with a pie, albeit a fancypants gourmet wild venison one. You can also see my future hubby Richie McCaw on the front of the paper too, phwoooar!

L x

Hey there little guy!

19 Oct

Met this charming young man (I am assuming) on my deck this morning. He seemed nice. I’ve called him Sid.

L x