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Lots and lots of catching up to do…

9 Sep

I’ve been on the most amazing trip down in the south island for the last five days, visiting my old university town, and biking the Central Otago Rail Trail, which (as the name suggests) is an old 150km railway trail, converted into a biking, walking and horse riding track. It was sooooo awesome, and I went a bit OTT on the photos cause there was so much to see! Bear with me….

Friday: I caught a plane to Dunedin, which is where I went to uni, and haven’t been back to since graduating. Thought it was fitting that this sign was outside my old theatre classrooms:

Saturday: We woke up to the news that Christchurch (about 4 hours down the road) had been hit smack on by a big earthquake and that heaps of buildings had came down.  The place is still shaking now, five days later!

We passed by the Cadbury factory on the way to our train… any good biking trip needs some chocolate

We got to the beautiful train station to catch our train to Pukerangi to meet the others and our bikes:

Taken outside of the train, as it’s going over a really high viaduct:

We had a short bike from our train to the place we were staying for the night:

The place we stayed had an old caboose as the kitchen and dining room, which was kinda cool

Saturday: We started the Rail Trail proper:

But only got 30km out of 60 for the day because of galeforce winds (150km). Three of our group were blown of the trail into ditches, my sunglasses flew off my face never to be seen again, and all of us had to squat on ridges, holding onto our bikes which were flying out in front of us from the wind. It was pretty freaky and scary and hard work, and a lovely local passed by with a trailer, rescued us and took us all to the next pittstop, which was the veranda of a closed cafe, where I was so cold, I had to put my merino top on my legs to stop freezing!! Thank god that was the end of the bad weather!

We were rescued and taken to our hotel for the night, where I made friends with a couple of Alpacas.

Sunday: Started bright and early in the chilly air, with a few shots of Jagermiester to warm the cockles.

Went over a few viaducts on the bike

Monday: We visited NZ’s longest running post office (since 1886) along the trail, and I thought the collection of phones through the ages was pretty cool:

Tuesday: Found this dead bird on a bridge, which I thought was a really pretty colour

We finished the Rail Trail in Clyde, one of the largest dams in New Zealand:

Wednesday: we left lovely Alexandra:

And I waited in the glorious sun at the Dunedin airport for my flight (note the prefix to my name, I usually go by “Captain”, but decided to mix things up this time).

I had an awesome trip and I recommend it to everybody!!