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heidikins shoes: starting to feel like fall!

24 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 24 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

The days are getting cooler, nights are downright chilly, and leaves as starting to dry and turn colors!  Fall is coming and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited about it.  Chinese Laundry red leather heels with cutouts, buckle at toe, and chunky 4″ heel. 


heidikins shoes: yellow patent leather

23 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 23 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

I like these bright yellow patent leather wedges from Aldo.  The color and the peep-toe makes them definitively “summer”, although it’s starting to cool off here and the smell of fall is in the air.  Sigh.  I love fall.

heidikins shoes: teal strappy wedge

22 Aug

Shoe of the Day, 22 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

B.P. Shoes (Nordstrom’s house brand).  Teal and floral strappy wedge with 4″ cork wedge heel.  I wanted a lovely outdoorsy picture, but while I was in church an enormous, windy, sleety storm hit Salt Lake.  So now I’m listening to the rain and watching a trio of handsome policemen chop up a blown-over tree that is blocking my street.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, really.

heidikins shoes: red strappy sandal

20 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 20 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Red satin strappy sandal with a 4″ cork wedge heel.  I found these at Nordstrom Rack a few years ago and have worn then so much the brand label has been rendered unreadable.  So I don’t know who made these lovelies–I just know that I feel like a million bucks whne I wear them.  They are like lingerie for your feet.

heidikins shoes: black patent leather

19 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 19 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Steve Madden black patent leather strappy sandal with 4″ heel. Surprisingly comfortable, and the perfect way to show off my new red pedicure.  (Apologies for the fuzzy photo–not sure what’s going on there.)

heidikins shoes: fisherman’s sandals

18 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 18 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Kenneth Cole sandals of rope, jute, and narrow leather straps.  I’ve always thought of these as my “Fisherman’s Sandals”, even though I can’t imagine a fisherman having anything to do with a 3″ wedge.

heidikins shoes: pink is a neutral

17 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 17 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Pale pink 4″ heels from Amanda Smith with leather flower on the almond-shaped toe.  I don’t typically think of pink as a neutral, but when I was looking at the half-dozen photos I took this morning I couldn’t help but notice that on my very pale legs (which are still just as pale as they were in February, even though it’s the end of the summer) pale pink is absolutely a neutral. Noted.