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Spilt personality weather

23 Sep

This morning I came into work to lovely sunshine (i think that’s what they call it when that yellow thing is in the sky) and the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Then home on the bus I realised I couldn’t see the city for the rain storm pummeling it…

Which cleared up in like 30 seconds…

And left a beautiful rainbow and blue sky!

Stacey Marie


Hint Taken

23 Aug

Sorry Megan, I put up my hand and admit I have been neglecting thisΒ  fine site, but I have been reading and loving everyone’s posts! This is my life at the moment: writing, writing, writing and writing. Writing for work, writing for a business I am launching soon, writing for a client and writing for school. I’m feeling a bit snowed under! Add to that a $1000 dentist bill and subsequent appointments, preparation for a five day biking holiday next week In the beautiful (but cold at this time of the year) Central Otago region, and a healthy social life, and that is my list of excuses for being slack done. On the bright side, I should have some awesome pictures to post once I have been away πŸ™‚

Stacey Marie

Art Journal away: 20th June 2010

21 Jun

Today I passed on the soujournal which has been with me for four months now. It’s Polly’s and so pretty! PS I was wearing jeans, but love the pink/green combo so thought I would share πŸ™‚

Stacey Marie

Contemplating the iPhone: 8th June 2010

8 Jun

When is the right time to get one? They just seem to keep coming out with new versions quicker than I can count my toes, so I just don’t feel like investing in one yet. Maybe at some point the technology will taper off. That’s when I may get one…

PS Happy birthday Laura πŸ™‚

Stacey Marie