23/9.2013 – who knew #havianas made wellies?

28 Sep

i had long been in need of new wellies, but could never find the size/color i wanted. until now. i didn’t even know havianas made wellies, but now i do! and it’s impossible to be sad it’s raining when you have pretty purple boots.

~ julochka


and these.

28 Sep

and these., originally uploaded by julochka.

these came from the pop-up shop as well. only 50 kroner and score, they’re NOT by paris hilton. 🙂 they look black, but are actually navy blue. i love them.

~ julochka

got these instead

28 Sep

got these instead, originally uploaded by julochka.

these were also at the pop-up shop and only 150kroner, so they came home with me. they’re light pink and go perfectly with new tan trousers and a light pink blouse i recently bought. score!

~ julochka

I probably won’t be able to resist these

28 Sep

going to be a flurry of catch-up posts here. we have this pop-up shop in town that opens every time the two bored housewives with rich husbands get a new load of stuff in. this time, some paris hilton shoes! if these had fit, i would have bought them, in spite of them being paris hilton. they were gorgeous, but they didn’t have my size.

~ julochka

Haeundae Beach

19 Sep

Happy Chuseok. Because the holiday falls on a Thursday this year it’s a five day weekend (it’s a 3 day holiday, the middle being the main day with the days before and after for travel and prep). This year I’m spending it with my Ethiopian man. First stop Haeundae Beach in Busan. Now sitting drinking wine and watching the waves.

And just for fun…



23 Aug

I quite enjoy going bug hunting with my students (first grade) during their lunch time recess. Here are a few of our finds. One of the cicadas that make so much noise here in August:


20130823-162106.jpgWhat Koreans call Chinese Cicadas, though I’m not sure they are actually even related to cicadas. The underwings ante a bright red and their eyes are bright red and they are excellent jumpers and fliers:

20130823-162126.jpgFuzzy. At least that is what it’s name is now.

20130823-162150.jpgAnd then there is Spike. Such a beautiful and perfect little creature.


el naturalista

8 Jul

el naturalista #shoeperdiem, originally uploaded by julochka.

i can’t believe i forgot to post this shot of my new el naturalistas. they were on sale the last time i popped down to germany for nutella and gin. so comfy and so bright and cheerful. i’m in love.

~ julochka