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Spilt personality weather

23 Sep

This morning I came into work to lovely sunshine (i think that’s what they call it when that yellow thing is in the sky) and the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Then home on the bus I realised I couldn’t see the city for the rain storm pummeling it…

Which cleared up in like 30 seconds…

And left a beautiful rainbow and blue sky!

Stacey Marie


Weather Bomb

18 Sep

Apparently New Zealand is currently being hit by the biggest storm ever on the planet. They are calling it a weather bomb, and it is the reason why I haven’t been outside yet this weekend… The wind has been amazing, I now know how Luci feels living down in Windy Wellington, and the rain and thunder and hail storms have been awesome, I have spent a good little while sitting in my lounge watching. It’s hard to capture on camera, but there’s no way I’m going outside, this is during a wild rain storm, the houses are all blurry from the rain. I hope it stops soon, I need supplies.

I wonder how Vera is going on Waiheke Island, or more importantly, on the boat to and from Waiheke….

Stacey Marie