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snow dance

11 Mar

After work today I took Hopi for a walk up Namsan (Seoul Tower is on top). The park has pathways winding up and everywhere.  The entire time we were in the park we didn’t see anyone.  Maybe because it was already dark, it was a bit cold, and it was quite muddy.

A sort of a little stream coming down the mountain.  When I sat down, Hopi was quite interested in the snow on my shoe.
Hopi is funny around snow.  He’ll jump and then seems to think that the snow that is kicked up is alive and needs to be caught.  He’ll jump, see a little bit of snow bounce up, stare it down and then pounce at it.  At one point he was literally doing flips all around me, trying to catch the little bits of snow that were dancing around each time he jumped.  It’s possibly a  never ending cycle.
Too bad it was too dark to take a video.




9 Mar

This isn’t where I am, but rather where I wish I could be right now.

It’s cold and snowing in Seoul (AGAIN!).
When I got on the subway to come home it was raining.  When I came out it was snowing.  Now it is snowing a lot.  I will have to get up early tomorrow morning as walking Hopi won’t be as simple (I live on a rather big hill) and getting to work will take more time.
Rain + snow + cold = … not a nice combination.

Oh.  I took the picture when I was in Vietnam summer 2008.  I want to go back.  Or, well, anywhere that is nice and warm.




8 Mar

Yesterday I spent the day hanging out with a couple of friends downtown Seoul.  Lunch, Kyobo Bookstore and Deoksugung (덕수궁/Deoksu Palace), one of the smaller palaces in Seoul.  This is the Daehanmun (Daehan Gate), the main entrance to the palace area.  Unfortunately the Seoul Museum of Art was closed.  The main exhibit there right now is Andy Warhol.  Maybe later this week…

Then I ended up going all the way up to Dongducheon (very far to the north of seoul) to hang out, eat pizza and watch movies.  I’m a tad tired today since I had to get up at 5:30 to catch the subway home to make it to work on time, but it was definitely worth it.


doggy dreams

7 Mar

A photo just wouldn’t have done this justice.
Hopi is quite a handful when he’s awake. Like anything/one (animal or child or even man, for that matter) it doesn’t matter what they do in the day, they’re always sweet when they sleep. Except of course when he wakes up in the middle of the night to bark at the neighbors that are always out late.

Jindo dogs are actually quite interesting.
I’ve been reading a bit about them. There are many variations on color from pure white to pure black. The white ones actually look like baby polar bears when they are pups.


Angel lights

5 Mar

Back at Angel in us coffee shop again for lunch and a sparkling apple juice. The place was almost empty.
I really like the upstairs seating area.  It is comfortable and nice.  I suppose it would feel different if it was full.
The sandwich isn’t that great except for the bread they use.  I love it!!

The lights that you see in the reflection in the far left mirror actually have wings on the bulbs.

Angel lights?  Kinda cute.



3 Mar

I’ve agreed to take care of Hopi for a month while my friend is between homes.
Hopi (means tiger skin) is a tiger Jindo.
The Jindo (진돗개)is a special Korean breed of dog.
He’s not yet a year old.
Here he’s sitting with a small pile of my shoes at my door.  So far he hasn’t eaten any here.  I’m told he only chews and shreds things when no one is home.  He’s in a little balcony when no one is here so maybe my things are safe.



24 Feb

This feels like such a long week.
It’s the last week of the school year in Korea so a lot has to be done.

This is Oksu Station on the Jungang line and line #3, where I transfer a couple times a week (same station I got the socks at, actually).  The Jungang line  is one of the above ground subway lines.  I don’t like it as it only runs every 20 minutes or so, on a schedule rather than every 5  minutes like most of other lines.  Stations on this line are only partially covered so in the winter they can get quite cold and in the summer, well, you melt.  Not so much fun.

tired.  off to bed.