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Time out

1 Mar

A much needed break was had over the weekend, first up I ate myself sick on the sweet grapes at a friends parents house up north, then worked my way through four country pubs and their characters on the way to a campsite where we slept with kiwi running around outside the tent



Wild flowers are better than tame ones

7 Nov

Check out my bunch I picked on my walk on Saturday morning.

Stacey Marie

They’re baaaccccckkkk!

3 Oct

First Official Jandal Worthy Day, and I knew I had to spend it all inside studying for exams this week. So I got up early (ish, for a Sunday) and took a stroll into the village for a muffin and a cup of coffee for breakie. And now I am taking another break to upload this. But nevermind, I have been doing lots (sort of) of good stuff between now and then and am quite satisfied that this afternoon is a bit cooler than this morning, so I was right to go wandering earlier. Anyway, since I am procrastinating from studying right now, I could possibly go on writing forever and ever. Do you know I’m going to buy a ukulele next payday and learn a few songs in time for Christmas. An instrument is the perfect procrastination devise, as is spring cleaning, which I may just go and do now. Have a happy Sunday!

Stacey Marie

Spilt personality weather

23 Sep

This morning I came into work to lovely sunshine (i think that’s what they call it when that yellow thing is in the sky) and the beautiful cherry blossoms.

Then home on the bus I realised I couldn’t see the city for the rain storm pummeling it…

Which cleared up in like 30 seconds…

And left a beautiful rainbow and blue sky!

Stacey Marie

It’s been a long slog…

1 Sep

But it’s here! 1st day of spring! Weeeeeeee! Thought I’d celebrate with these lovely flowers in my garden and buying myself a new scooter!! Haven’t got it yet as it needs to be registered first, but as soon as I do, you will know it on here. Whoop!

Stacey Marie

Return of the pink

28 Aug

Have totally been rocking the no shoes and floral mini-skirt today, in an attempt to pretend that it is warm enough to… which is actually is, I’m not cold! Still a little inappropriate once I leave the house, but oh the joy of bare legs and no shoes!

Stacey Marie

23 August 2010 // Spring’s just around the corner

23 Aug

Good news, fellow southern hemisphere friends! Spring’s almost here!

I went away for the weekend and, because of that, hadn’t checked on my tulips for days. I got home from work and there was still a bit of light outside so I went to say hi to them and look what I was greeted with! No longer just the green leaves from the last few months! Now y’all might think I’m making a really big deal about it… and I am. But that’s because I have no green thumbs and these tulips you see here (as well as others that I’m hoping will bloom soon too) are the first things I’ve ever tried growing! *happy dance*