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Bus tricks

14 Nov

No matter what time I get on the bus, these the same ajumma and ajoshe (grandma and grandpa) always get on my bus, and off a couple of stops later. I reckon they just ride the bus around all day, because I usually see them on the way home too. They are so cute, and are like a matching pair of dolls. They always sit in the same seats, the two up the front, the man on the right, the woman on the left. BUT today, there was another lady sitting in the left hand side seat, she got a dirty look then they both sat on the right.

Stacey Marie


Puppy love

14 Nov

It was SPCA collection day the other day and the bright sparks had the idea of taking to the streets with cute puppies and dogs from the SPCA to drum up money. It worked. I donated, and got to have a pat with this dude.

Stacey Marie

Home James

18 Oct

Have just got back from a week visiting family and friends in Feilding where I am from. Did lots, here are the shoe per diem photos, although on reflection maybe this should be called sock per diem…

This is in the airport on the way down home. Penguin classics are so pretty, was tempted to buy a few then remembered I have a book back-log I should get through first…

Me and my Ma went for a wee trip to Whanganui, which some people make fun of but I like because it is quaint and has the best second-hand shop in the whole wide world (pretty much the only reason for taking a trip there in the first place, but it is still quaint okay.) And contrary to my above comment, I bought three books.

I chilled out with Jimmy by his fire. He was kind enough to share a little bit with me.

Saw Emma Kate and Honor Violet, more to come from Emma’s camera (ahem).

Played with Rouge the only dog in the whole wide world I like and am thinking of cloning her so I can have some of her lovely sweet nature. She is my friend Renee’s parents dog, and I was there for a big dinner of spaghetti and meatballs. We then used the left over meatballs to teach Rouge how to go in and out of the cat flap.

I then went down to Wellington to stay the night with Renee and her husband Brian and catch up with all my lovely friendlies who live down there. Me and Renee passed Friday afternoon drinking wine on her balcony overlooking the harbour.

And then a group of us went out for a BYO dinner, of which a bottle of red was a casualty… (This was nothing to do with me BTW)…

Stacey Marie

All White = All right

9 Oct

I went to an All White game last night. Am not a fan of soccer, just got offered a free ticket, and thought why not? It was actually really fun, and there were way more people than I expected. And the team kept doing what they were good at: the score was 1-1.

Cool crowd shot:

Stacey Marie

Hanging High

30 Sep

Ditto what Vera said, but portrait!!

Stacey Marie

Dress up party and a wee bit of wtf

26 Sep

Friday night I found out I was going to a dress up party, and had an hour to arrange a costume. The theme was the Grateful Dead, so after a wee bit of looking in the cupboard and finding it bare, my eyes fell on my super oversized sunglasses, brown boots, leather jacket, white scarf, beanie and with a bit of imagination I decided to go as Jean Batten (the Amelia Earhart of NZ). One guy at the party actually guessed who I was. Shock horror. Anyway the entire place was covered in aluminum foil. Even the chairs. A wee bit of wtf.

Stacey Marie