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go LOKO!!

28 Mar

It started out as such a nice day.  When the sun was out it was warm(ish).  I headed to Apgujeong to watch the LOKO boys’ match.  I’ve known the Lokomotiv Goyang team in part since 2003.  They play in one of  the men’s foreigner leagues in Seoul and area.

When the sun  went down it got very chilly.  And then they lost.  😦  Oh well.  Better luck next time, boys.

This was after the actual game when they decided to do a little practice (punishment for losing?).

I also watched a match yesterday, only it was Moroccan guys playing against a Korean team.  It was even colder sitting watching that one!!  I did take pics for the guys but forgot to take one for here.
I think I was concentrating too much on not shaking the camera to bits with all my shivering.