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shoe per diem feb 26, 2012 – borderline spring

8 May

Two and a half months later it seems tad silly that we were so terribly excited about that February day being so sunny, full of melting ice and promises of Spring.

Now when it’s borderline summer those days are awfully far away. I don’t miss them a bit. Or well, a bit perhaps, I miss wearing those blue boots, they have been truly wonderful in every way and much worn ever since they arrived.

Now they will have a good scrub and polish and go have a long summer nap. To unpack them is at least one thing i truly look forward to come autumn.

shoe per diem feb 19, 2012 – gore-tex red and little loaf

8 Apr

I had the opportunity to try out the gore-tex boots a few days later when we were suddenly *blessed* with slush weather. And yes, they were great. And perky. And good for walking little loaf.

shoe per diem feb 10, 2012 – red gore-tex boots

3 Apr

Nothing to start the weekend off quite like a pair of new red boots – not the red boots I had thought, but still a pair I’ve eyed since September last year. Now on sale, and a pair of Gore-tex boots have been on my wish-list for a long time. El Naturalista in model Inuit. I’ve worn them a few times since – but spring came so quickly it’s time for shoes and not boots now… – and they’re lovely. Although after years of loving the flat kind of heels I admittedly want a bit of heel to my shoes and boots mostly these days. These are still lovely though! And red, one can never have too many red shoes and boots, right? Right.

Read more about them here

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012 – blue boots rock

22 Mar

And this is the beauty that arrived in the parcel – a pair of blue boots, El Naturalista (surprise!) Tesela tall boots in vaquero blue. If there was ever such a thing that being in love with a colour, this blue hue would be very hight up on that love-list of mine. It’s simply gorgeous. I’d even go as far as saying that these beauties might be the one single reason for me not wanting summer to arrive. We’ve had many wonderful walks together ever since their arrival. And will hopefully for many many seasons to come.

Read more about and see more of the boots here

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012 - blue boots rock

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012 – the arrival of an exciting parcel

20 Mar

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012, originally uploaded by piaktw.

And while wearing the heart slippers I opened it and gasped over its pretty content…

End of part 1

shoe per diem dec 28, 2011 – two pairs are better than one

11 Mar

*Continue to work my way through the backlog*

This is the part one of” Christmas money rocks” – when one sadly can’t find the Tesela oxfords anymore one goes ahead and get a pair of purple Tesela bottines instead – already seen in this post of course. Which happens to sport that cute cork button on the side, as does the maryjanes.

The Swedish winter was very mild pre-New Year’s, since then it has been lots of snow until a couple of weeks ago – these haven’t been used much both due to the weather as well as… well, that will have to wait until “Christmas money rocks part 2” I’m afraid…

(Socks from Sock Dreams, ❤ this particular brand, pattern and olive hue)

shoe per diem nov 29, 2011 – el naturalista meet fiorentini baker

4 Mar

Met a friend for a bit of shopping and coffee that day. We strolled the nearby department store PUB and of course this was the perfect spot to snap a SPD.

Me: El Naturalista Tesela winered oxfords (no surprise there, but I really, really would love to get my hands on another pair in the same model, I’ve been searching in vain for over a year now so I’m sadly guessing they’re discontinued, sob), mustard yellow stockings from department store Åhléns own brand

She: Fiorentini Baker boots (her favourite brand, they’re lovely looking, but I’m amused that suddenly they make El Naturalista look very modest in price. It’s certainly nice when you can treat yourself to a special pair of shoes!)

november 2011 – three socks week

26 Feb

three socks week, originally uploaded by piaktw.

I’m way behind on my SPD posts. Obviously. That good week in November last year (7-13) I did manage to wear three new socks. Which count as one, two, three of the good things that week.

The left pair and the middle pair are from SockDreams. The right pair from Noa Noa. Shoes, as always, El Naturalista

shoe per diem nov 13, 2011 - mirror loaf

shoe per diem nov 11, 2011 – old friend

27 Jan
shoe per diem nov 11, 2011 –, originally uploaded by piaktw.

Yesterday it was a new friend, next day I had a semi-regular lunch date with one of my oldest friends. We used to go eat a lovely vegetarian buffet at the nearby department store restaurant. One day we decided to go elsewhere, found a pizzeria that serves vegetarian cannelloni which is pretty awesome. We’ve gone there since, on our semi-regular lunch dates.

She in Blundstone
Me in El Naturalista Iggdrasil oxfords, light brown – and since it was a week I had promised myself to wear at least three new socks, a pair of chequered ones from SockDreams (naturally)

shoe per diem nov 10, 2011 – a new friend

10 Jan

The day I met a friend face to face for the first time and not online. It was an awesome day, in most every aspect, we spent 10+ hours walking, talked, vegetarian food shopping, had a bite to eat, walked and talked some more. And the sun shone. We really clicked and actually, the older I get, the rarer that is, so this was a truly blissful day mainly because of that.

She hearts purple and liquorice – hence wearing purple Converse and, I’d imagine, happy about the bags from neat liquorice shop ‘Lakritsroten’ (The Liquorice root) being purple.

Me – El Naturalista Tesela winered oxfords, teal lace socks from Sock Dreams

shoe per diem jan 3, 2012 – all purple

4 Jan
shoe per diem jan 3, 2011, originally uploaded by piaktw.

I was so happy about my spanking new purple Tesela boots – but really, their colour that looks great in natural outdoor light did get put to great shame with my hairdresser’s perky violet Dr Martens! They’re adorable.

PS Not too happy about the fact that one zipper fly fell off and disappeared on the first day, hours of use though. Will get it fixed tomorrow. But paying a fair deal of money for El Naturalista’s good shoes you do expect the quality inspection to be top notch, don’t you…? DS

PPS Going to my hairdresser is always a way to ensure a good shoe meet. There have been a few of them here on SPD now DS

PPPS Seriously, Jan 3, 2011… 2012 it should of course be… DS

shoe per diem nov 1, 2011 – last root filling day

1 Jan

Yes, on the first day of the new year 2012 I remember the shoes worn two months ago, the day I finally had my last root filling. Something that brought a lot of pain on many levels during 2011. Coincidently I wore the same pair of shoes at my first root filling in April.

2012 will not not not bring that kind of awfulness. Because I say so.

My shoes: El Naturalista Rana Tharu lace boots in black (the only black shoes I wear, but honestly I do regret a lot that I didn’t went with the winered ones instead…)

Her shoes: El Naturalista Angkor oxfords

Happy new shoe year!!

shoe per diem oct 28, 2011 – tintin and new shoes

28 Dec

I’m thinking it would be nice to post the last remaining SPD photos before New Year’s…

On the last weekend of October I inaugurated the fab new shoes from ART and we went to see the Tintin movie.

As I’m still suffering from the calcaneal spur I got in Lisbon I sadly can’t say these shoes are very comfortable in combination with that. But I’m sure they will be one day again.

Movie was quite entertaining though.

And as always, the socks rocked.

shoe per diem oct 25, 2011 – birthday in sintra

4 Dec

A good portion of my birthday of 2011 was spent in little quaint portuguese town Sintra – I saw three castles up close and personal that day and even more in a distance. One of them was spectacular as far as location and outside architecture were concerned, my castle buffness got its fair share of castles that day.

In the evening we had a lovely vegetarian buffet – I wish it had been easy to find good vegetarian/vegan food in Lisbon… ah well, at least the trip was rounded off in the best of ways; castles galore and good vegetarian food for birthday girl!

shoe per diem oct 25, 2011 – birthday shoes

24 Nov

Look what I found in my bed when I woke up on my birthday! Clearly well-behaved bobbaloos get birthday shoes for their human.

I went with the purple pair, I adore red shoes, rarely purple, but these were the prettiest of the three I thought.

ART shoes, model Tate Eva

birthday shoes

oct 24, 2011 – covet shoe per diem

22 Nov

I think I may have a new shoe brand I covet too… The ART brand is suspiciously similar to El Naturalista (with headquarters in the same region). But they don’t have that same eco philosophy nor the good-for-feet identity, so I’ll stick to the El for sure.

However, quite possibly one of these beauties came home with me that day… because a birthday girls needs a new pair of shoes, right?

shoe per diem oct 20, 2011 – nick brandt at fotografiska

18 Nov

Realised I hadn’t posted some SPD snaps from earlier in October, so they’re not in order. This was taken on quite a harsh, cold, windy but sunny Stockholm day. The first day you could really feel the winter was coming – but now, a month later I still feel grateful for everyday without snow!

Anyhow. A photo exhibition with wonderful animal photographer Nick Brandt at our awesome photograpical museum in Stockholm, called just that “Fotografiska”. It was such a beautiful and heartbreaking exhibition. I bawled my eyes out.

If you have the opportunity, GO SEE!! Read more about the exhibition and Nick Brandt’s fantastic work here.

shoe per diem oct 24, 2011 – when in belém

13 Nov

One apparently has a traditional custard pie (Pastel de Belém) or two. Unfortunately neither of us liked them very much. But it was a nice rest on a very, very windy day by the river.

And hey, still no socks!

shoe per diem oct 23, 2011 – lisbon street

7 Nov

Walking the cobblestone streets of Lisbon, Portugal on my little birthday getaway. A trip with pros and cons. One definite pro was the fact that October weather can apparently be like an average summer day. No socks!

shoe per diem oct 6, 2011 – new beginnings in orange socks

31 Oct

It was a day with another little step being taken to get on with a new life. Taking control to get it the way I want it. I went with stripey AND dotty socks for that. It was awesome, befitting for the season as well as the mood. Because why restrain yourself?

(Next step is of course two different coloured shoes.)

Socks from Gudrun Sjödén


shoe per diem oct 5, 2011 – fika meet

26 Oct

After a busy day with various appointments I met up with the in-laws and my mother for fika on the town – one Swedish tradition I’m actually proud of, some call it “when carb meets conversation”, but you don’t NEED to have cake, even if it’s always good, you can just meet up with friends and socialize over a simple coffee/tea too.

It was nice and the weather was awesome for the season. Plus I kind of heart my teal nylons, very perky (from department store Åhléns, if anyone reading this, living in Sweden care to know).

shoe per diem oct 2, 2011 – last toy car outing of the season

19 Oct

It was a lovely day spent with friends and also the last toy car outing of the season (alas). Which now makes it officially autumn.

As you can see in snap I’m obviously the only one with impeccable shoe taste. (Although I can’t stand how my silly short socks are visible like that, in fear of chafes I didn’t dare go sock-less and it was too warm for long socks.)

In fact it was another inauguration day, yes, this is my second pair of Iggdrasil oxfords, spotted them online, have in vain looked for another pair in a good colour for years now. So this amber brown pair willingly came to live and work with me.

shoe per diem sept 29, 2011 – skogskyrkogården

9 Oct

Spent some wonderful hours walking around taking photos at one of my favourite places on earth – Skogskyrkogården (The Woodland Cemetery), a beautiful Unesco World Heritage site, situated in the outskirts of Stockholm.

To stroll around cemeteries is something I enjoy, if that’s the right word for it, a lot, a perfect place to de-stress and contemplate life and living.

SPD; El Naturalista Tesela oxfords
Socks; quite awesome flowery lace nylons from H&M (a place I frequent very less than rarely, for many reasons, but I admit to buying 4 pairs of these because they fitted well aka legs were long enough and they actually reached all the way up to waist)

shoe per diem sept 21, 2011 – tofu

4 Oct

Inaugurating my fabulous tofu socks (from Sock Dreams) on a rainy day with a much needed hairdresser’s appointment. Awesome pair of socks I have to say.

Teamed up well with the El Naturalista Tesela oxfords in winered (which I admittedly would love to have another pair of, but for some odd reason they’re seemingly not available anywhere these days. These perfect days for oxfords in the northern hemisphere…).

Haidresser is wearing a pair of lovely Dr Martens lacey boots.

shoe per diem sept 10, 2011 – big yellow bunny

13 Sep

The Big Yellow Rabbit, by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, was a part of summer art exhibition in Örebro city called “Örebro Open Art 2011“.

We finally managed to see it on its last weekend there and it was utterly wonderful!! The whole town was filled with art installations, during three summer months, some more pleasing than others. Apparently it had been criticized by people and several artworks were vandalized (by smallminded and nasty people).

Read and see more about it here

I wore (inaugurated actually, but please, no need for a shoe intervention, really) a pair of very green maryjanes that day, perky happy shoes. Comfortable, well, if you don’t count the two matchingly painful blisters I got on each heel. Ouch.

Despite them, the day was great and the bunny was the BEST!

shoe per diem sept 5, 2011 – bears, bobs and pot holders

11 Sep

006, originally uploaded by piaktw.

On an otherwise slow day there were at least three perky pot holders finished, the arrival of two new tiny adorable bobbaloos (welcomed by a third) and I was wearing my Berliner bear Birkenstocks.

How was your September 5?

shoe per diem aug 27, 2011 – flower picking

8 Sep

Just like last year we spent the official last summer weekend picking flowers at one of my favourite spots, organic garden Växplats Nybyn.

I filled a large basket with glorious flowers and now, some two weeks later many of them are still going strong in their vases. Heart!

SPD: El Naturalista Iggdrasil clogs two-shaded in orange-brown (actually I hadn’t worn them at all this season, so I thought they at least deserved one day of air and wear)

shoe per diem aug 24, 2011 – in grandpa’s garden

5 Sep

It was a tough tough choice to get only one pair of the Jobs handprinted slippers. But my heart sang a tad bit more over these – there was a birdie! – and when I saw that the fabric was called “Morfars trädgård” = “Grandpa’s garden” I felt just right. As my (maternal) grandfather was a keen gardener and garden architect (incl knowing every little tiny plant by its Latin name). Myself I pretty much lack any green thumbs. But I adore gardens and nature, to spend time there, just not working in them.

I’m hoping I will be able to wear them out and about a bit next summer (when it doesn’t rain since the soles are cork) and that they won’t be terribly impractical. They are at least lovely to look at and comfortable to wear indoors.

shoe per diem aug 17, 2011 – red and blue

4 Sep

Post dentist-appointment SPD. This day it was only the annual check-up (the next chapter in the rootfilling saga continues in a few weeks, not to worry…) and sigh of relief when there were, touch wood, no holes to be filled.

I met my mother for a fika afterwards.
Her red maryjanes and my blue clogs standing at a train-station which I think has rather pleasing to the eye floor.

shoe per diem aug 21, 2011 – at carl larsson-gården in sundborn

4 Sep

On our way back from Dalecarlia we stopped my the lovely home of world famous painter Carl Larsson and his interior design talented wife Karin. We went on a tour there many years ago (highly recommended if you happen to be in the vicinity) now we just snapped a SPD pic.

Both indoors and outoors are so so inspirational – if you haven’t heard of Carl and Karin Larsson before I suggest you read up at the website – and brimming with creative quirks. It’s all in the details.

I was wearing the Iggdrasil oxfords that day simply because it felt a bit autumnal (sad face) in the air and we were to walk quite a bit. I have now put them away again, I refuse to wear autumn shoes regularly. Yet.

shoe per diem aug 20, 2011 – at jobs handtryck

1 Sep

I’ve been lusting after these granny-style slippers – all of my older female relatives have had these slippers, though with a standard horrific upper sole, not in these pretty, happy fabric style, so they’ve been more than slightly tainted in my mind for many years – for a while now.

The pretty fabrics are from the Dalecarlian design company Jobs. A small family run company which have designed and handprinted (handtryck = handprint) many fabulous patterns over several generations now.

So when we were in Dalecarlia – for the Bryan Ferry concert at Dalhalla, which was magic btw – a couple of weeks ago I lusted after them irl too.

When the shop lady fetched even more patterns from the store-room I knew it would be a tricky choice to choose just the right pair (yes I’m a lucky bunny, they became an early birthday gift)…

So which pair do you think I got? Which would you have chosen?

shoe per diem aug 16, 2011 – goody two shoes

31 Aug

My mother and I decided to treat ourselves to a pair of shoes – she could do with more shoes, I probably don’t, but hey, I did it anyway and I’m always more than willing to coax encourage someone to buy a pair of El Naturalistas… – hers a pair of fantastic oxfords model Angkor, four different colours and denimfabric laces. Too cute!! Read and see more about them here

Mine a pair of Iggdrasil maryjanes in that wonderful perky green I adore. It’s just such a moodlifting colour, perhaps not very autumnal, still I hope September will be a good month for wearing them and there’s always spring and summer of 2012!

shoe per diem aug 10, 2011 – blue day

30 Aug

This was a blue day for many reasons. One reason was that I had to say a final goodbye to one beloved cat the previous day (it’s now been some weeks and I still can’t grasp she’s no longer around…).

I dressed in blue that day – with no thought about it matching my mood – inaugurating the Rana Tharu slingbacks in vaquero (denimblue). No need to mention brand, right? Right.

I had such high hopes of it, despite sad events, being a day of new beginnings and much promise. Since then it has only spiralled downwards, in the craziest of ways.

So despite great shoes, things very much sucks at the moment. Not only perky days on SPD…

PS Nailpolish; Essie Coat Azure DS

shoe per diem aug 6, 2011 – duckfeet

28 Aug

The fabulastic red shoes had an exciting close encounter of ducks on their day of inauguration (the shoes, not the ducks).

Hallo cuteness!

shoe per diem aug 6, 2011 – one can never have too many red shoes

28 Aug

I didn’t even know they existed in two-tones red, an obvious ❤ at first sight when I spotted these on sale in Berlin! Same model as the gorgeous violet ones, El Naturalista maryjanes (with a fancy name – Dome Miduna Desert Rioja).

They were properly inaugurated that day and yes, surprisingly comfy to walk in they are. Heart.

Can you spot a couple of minuscule flower/shoe admirers in the picture?

shoe per diem aug 5, 2011 – at skokloster castle

26 Aug

Took a little drive with the bobbaloo scouting team (in this case Zanna and Leonard) to check out the nearby (lucky me) beautiful castle Skokloster (which actually translates Shoe cloister, coincidence? I think not).

Them bobs have nagged about having a proper photo session with ALL of them involved, somewhere pretty. Zanna and Leonard gave Skokloster many woolly thumbs up for that.

SPD: El Naturalista Cork Oak slip-in wedges in orange (skimo)

shoe per diem aug 3, 2011 – cheers

24 Aug

This was the day I got a new job, while wearing the green wedges.

I came home and celebrated with a fabulous green glass of Berliner Weisse, while wearing the Berliner Bär sandals.

The next day, due to unforeseen circumstances, the job was no longer mine. Dumbstruck.

As this is SPD, I keep my despair to my own blog. Cheers.

shoe per diem aug 1, 2011 – åland trip

22 Aug

On my very last day of summer vacation – which lasted 3 weeks, too little time to recuperate and recharge from the nastiness that has been my last year or so. But that’s another story… – we too a day trip to the Åland islands, Finland.

It really was a grand day, perfect sunny weather, but not too warm, good food, a little shopping and of course the always fabulastic company of bobbaloos. This time it was Sherman and Buddernut who took a trip on the seas and abroad.

shoe per diem july 29, 2011 – summer day in norberg

22 Aug

Had a splendid little day outing to picturesque small-town Norberg. Perfect summer weather, a stroll around town, browsing a few shops and having pastries at Elsa Andersons Konditori (Elsa Anderson’s Bakery/Café). Loveliness.

SPD: vegan man shoes from Poland and
El Naturalista Inuit clogs

shoe per diem july 27, 2011 – summer life

18 Aug

Another day of inaugurating shoes (ie a good day). Eating cherries in my pretty princess cup and contemplating life while wearing the other pair of Birkenstock sandals (Birko Flor Coralla Black).

Still prefer the Berliner Bear ones over these (sorry), maybe next summer will be a different story…

shoe per diem july 26, 2011 – orange day in nora

14 Aug

Had a wonderful summer day in picturesque small town Nora, where they sell this lovely special ice cream (Nora glass = ice cream, one of the oldest ice-cream makers in Sweden) during the summers only. Three flavours every day, always hazelnut and vanilla, and then a flavour du jour. I had a scoop of hazelnut, before we went on to explore the town and revisited favourite places.

SPD – inauguration of El Naturalista Cork Oak slip-ins wedges in that wonderful orange hue called Skimo. I love the open toes, but I think they’d been even better if they had been sling-backs instead of slip-ins.

shoe per diem july 25, 2011 – berlin bear birks

12 Aug

Decided it was a good day for inaugurating the fabulous Birkenstock sandals/slipper I got this year. I actually got two instead of the one pair I had aimed for, because seriously, who could resist this limited edition of Berlin bear sandals, called “I love Berlin”??

Read more about them here.

I wear them every day at home now (summer slippers) and I absolutely adore them!

shoe per diem july 22, 2011 – in blue

12 Aug

Inauguration of one of the (as always) fab pair of El Naturalista shoes (yes, I practically only wear them when out and about these days, years, in case you hadn’t notice. And I don’t even get paid for all this promoting, I should do something about that, I know…) I got at the Berlin shoe sales.

This pair was actually on my very want-list (since I missed them in a shoe shop in Stockholm) and I’m so happy I found them! I adore this new seasonal colour, a denimblue hue called vaquero (the name for a Spanish cattle herder) and I really wanted a pair of shoes in this model, Inuit. Winwin with this pair! Very comfy too.

From this angle they are of very similar design to another pair I got, in the same colour (more of them later of course), but really, these are clogs with a flat-ish sole, the others are sandals with quite another heel. Really.

Anyway. Inauguration took place in the pretty, peaceful organic garden Växplats Nybyn – which I’ve mentioned here in SPD before and before – it was a lovely day, very blue, not in mood, but in details.

shoe per diem july 21, 2011 – good to be home

11 Aug

It was indeed good to be home again (but I do miss Berlin. Lots). Sporting Opi nailpolish ‘do you think i’m tex-y?’ feat little loaf lens louse. Actual SPD; Puma flip-flops for home lounging.

My new fab summer slippers, more feet friendly such, will soon make their first apperance on SPD!

shoe per diem july 20, 2011 – grimeton green

8 Aug

This summer held two new World Heritage Sites; Lutherstadt Wittenberg and in Sweden this radio station, Grimeton. Which I would never ever visit if it wasn’t for the WHS status. A typical example of things that are very yawn-inducing as far as I’m concerned. But I loved the cows roaming the fields behind Grimeton. precious. They were the highlight of that day.

I am a sucker for WHS, but I have to say I prefer them being castles or other architectural beauties. Ah well, another one visited, check.

SPD: El Naturalista applegreen Cork Oak wedges

shoe per diem july 19, 2011 – red wants in copenhagen

7 Aug

These sandals from Camper were just what I’ve been looking for, but sadly haven’t found at El Naturalista, a red pair of open to sandals with thicker soles that are good to feet. I spotted them in the Camper shop window in Copenhagen – were we spent a lovely, hot day – but sadly they didn’t have my size. Camper isn’t a big brand in Sweden and I don’t dare order online since I’ve no idea how well they fit.

But they are lovely. And red. Sigh.

shoe per diem july 18, 2011 – on the beach

7 Aug

I always marvel about the fact that (if you live in Europe and have a car) one day you can walk the busy streets of a grand city in one country and the next you can stroll a beach contemplating life and summer in another.

Back in Sweden (I do miss Berlin…) we had a few lovely days in the southern parts with no special plans. Some hours were spent strolling a beach in the sun. I wish I lived close to a proper sea beach, it’s so cathartic and refreshing to walk by the sea! And if being able to do that more often… bliss.

shoe per diem july 17, 2011 – star meet in berlin

5 Aug

I remember the TV-series “Berlin Alexanderplatz” being shown on Swedish television when I was a kid.Watched by my parents, myself I was too little to appreciated it. Perhaps I would today.

Director of the series was Rainer Werner Fassbinder. I met his star in the pavement at Potsdamer Platz. Star meet golden shoes. A perfect SPD-moment somehow.

shoe per diem july 16, 2011 – berlin strandgut again

2 Aug

Another time spent at the inner city beach Strandgut in Berlin. More people this time, louder music, not as completely relaxing as the previous time, but still, quite lovely. Having Berliner Weisse Waldmeister (one of the loveliest drinks one can have) and a delicious rhubarb juice (Germans are really good at fruit drinks and juices for some reason). Them bobs also enjoy time well spent at the beach.

Shoe per that diem – the yellow El Naturalista Tesela maryjanes. Again.

shoe per diem, july 15, 2011 – golden victory

30 Jul

One of my (little) dreams in life since I first saw one of my favourite movies, Der Himmel über Berlin, was to climb the Siegessäule monument in Berlin. The place where angels congregate.

This year we made it up there. It was truly a golden moment in many ways – I haven’t blogged about it yet, haven’t even uploaded the photos to Flickr, but wow, just wow… – 277 plus spiral staircase steps up in order to reach the small platform just below the golden angel. Where you find a spectacular, and very windy, view over this amazing city.

Wearing shoes that matched Goldelse on top of the monument made the climb even better I think. A small victory for mankind perhaps, a great one for me.

man shoe per berlin in july 2011 diem

29 Jul
man shoe per berlin diem, originally uploaded by piaktw.

The shoes/sandals M wore most of the time in Berlin. I have still to convince him of the awesomeness of El Naturalista… But if you’re going to wear other brands they’re particularly good if they’re vegan shoes imho.

These man shoes are from (edit) a shoe shop in Gdansk, Poland – and for that ridiculously cheap shoes to have been in leather, that would have broke my heart… – I think they look alright (and can be worn by men not fond of pedicures).

shoe per diem july 12, 2011 – animalistic birkenstocks

29 Jul

I adore these twin-sandals with animal prints by Birkenstock. But no, I didn’t get any. My Birkenstock goal for Berlin (where they sell them at at least half price compared to, in this case, over-priced Sweden) was set – open toe-sandals for summer lounging at home. I still managed to get two instead of one pair that day. They will both make their appearance on SPD soon, very soon.

shoe per diem july 14, 2011 – beelitz heilstätten

27 Jul

One of the most amazing, sad and eerie places I’ve ever been to, an abandoned hospital complex area in Beelitz, south of Berlin. Beelitz Heilstätten consists of about 60 buildings, some more dilapidated than others. So. Very. Fascinating. And creepy. And amazing. Such grand architecture and surroundings just left like this…

Haven’t blogged about the place yet, haven’t even uploaded the photos, but soon-ish. And the SPD-snap precedes everything, right?

Thank you, Julie, for pointing me in this direction in one of your previous blogposts about urban decay. I would love to return and explore some more. Although with my overwhelming feeling of eeriness in such places I can safely say I would not be the most daring of urban explorers.

Shoe per diem: El Naturalista Iggdrasil swirl clogs in navy blue – the reason for having shoes on hand instead of feet was that I feared some ghostly being might have snatched me if I had laid down on the ground with shoes in the air. This SPD-snap ensured a quick-ish getaway.

shoe per diem july 13, 2011 – berlin beach

24 Jul

The couple of times we spent at this cool and über-lovely inner city beach in Berlin, called Strandgut, having Berliner Weisse and softdrinks while sun-loungering were also a couple of the best moments during the trip. Especially on that cloudy day when there weren’t a lot of people around.


shoe per diem june 30, 2011 – wedges

22 Jul

I’ve said it before, I say it again – and I know many will disagree, feel free of course – I can’t stand wedges in general. Because A) find them incredibly ugly and unaestethic and B) impossible to walk nicely in for 99% of the women who wear them. However, these El Naturalista (surprise) may be ugly from the wedge side, put incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in, with a pretty perfect height of heel.

I find my hairdresser‘s clogs (Swedish Hasbeens for H&M) über-cool and very pretty, if it wasn’t for the rather horrific (IMHO and all that) clog-wedge-sole.

shoe per diem june 28, 2011 – two red

21 Jul

I’ve been away on a most fab trip, but as I didn’t have the time to post all my pre-trip SPD photos before I left the more intriguing travel-ones (plus all the new shoes acquired, hrm, yes I did…) will have to wait, chronological as I am.

On the (sadly) very odd occasion I’ve pursuaded my mother to get a pair of El Naturalistas. She got this pair of red maryjanes Angkor on sale recently. Now waiting for it not being so hot she can stop wearing her beloved summer Birkenstocks and hop into the other red cuties.

PS I spotted that the El Naturalista site has a sale going on right now, in case you’re very sure about your size. Just sayin’… DS

shoe per diem june 22, 2011 – another kind of green

9 Jul

I don’t like flats, they might be pretty on other feet, but my feet just don’t do well with them anymore so no flats for me.

But any excuse to show a *new* pair of El Naturalistas, eh? These are my mother’s sandals, they’re about 5 years old, the model is called Ikebana.

I think the pattern is supposed to be inspired by a japanese flower arrangement, to me it looks more like a snake. No matter what, it’s a pretty pair of sandals, don’t you think?

shoe per diem june 21, 2011 – mock-orange and yellow

8 Jul

Recently it was orange galore. On summer solstice it was the scent of mock-orange galore (which I adore).

I wore yellow shoes and picked a wee mock-orange flower to accompany me with its heavenly scent all the way home. I’ve been meaning to plant my own shrub for some years now, still haven’t gotten around to it.

shoe per diem june 17, 2011 – it’s all about the raincoat

8 Jul

june 17, 2011 – raincoat, originally uploaded by piaktw.

The only reason I went into town that rainy, rainy day was a meeting that turned out to be such an enormous waste of my time I’m still fuming thinking about it (weeks later). However, the wearing of my birdie raincoat always makes me smile, even on such a day. From Danish brand “Two Danes” (since almost all good things come from Denmark, apart from shoes).

Shoe Per Diem – El Naturalista Tesela olivegreen maryjanes

shoe per diem one day in june 2011 – when the clog doesn’t fit

6 Jul

Both my mother and I think it’s silly that we have such different shoe sizes (although she’s 1.64 cm tall and I’m 1.79 so our respective sizes do fit our heights).

When she stomps around in my shoes it’s like a child trying out her mother’s shoes, but the other way around obviously. The model of these El Naturalista clogs are even more giggle-worthy on her skinny legs. Chunky shoes are not for her.

shoe per diem june 18, 2011 – orange

4 Jul

I coveted these garden ornament flowers badly for some weeks, they were marked as LED lights and I thought they were utterly cool (and expensive). When I thought of going ahead and actually buying a couple it turned out they were just “glowing in the sun flowers”. I lust no more and I saved my money. Though they do match the clogs per diem very well, don’t you think?

shoe per diem june 15, 2011 – pre-sales

3 Jul

I was so excited about the pre-sales at NoaNoa I apparently missed that this particular shop opened an hour later than the rest. Thus we had to wait for 1,5 hour instead 30 minutes at the nearby coffee-shop. Luxuary problems are also problems.

I picked up two pretty blouses, since I’m kind of expecting to find more things at nicer prices at the Danish final sales when we pass through there on our way home from Berlin in a few weeks.

And Berlin, the great home of El Naturalista shoe sales… I still remember last summer’s sales there with misty eyes…

Yes, most days of my live I do not shop. Really.

shoe per diem june 13, 2011 – very green

27 Jun

Even greener than yesterday. And with no new blisters.

Shoe per diem – El Naturalista Cork Oak wedges in applegreen (the best green hue ever)

shoe per diem june 12, 2011 – in green with blisters

25 Jun

For the first time since I begun wearing El Naturalistas only (almost 3 years now) I’ve rekindled with the nastiness that is blisters. These clogs go higher up on ankle and apparently that day was a day that caused blisters on the upper part of the foot due to the higher-on-ankle thing. A pity. But hopefully just a one time thing, or at least something that can be kept under control with patches. And it’s not as if I haven’t any other footgear. But still. A little nuisance.

shoe per diem june 11, 2011 – in grey

23 Jun

I’m currently looking for a couple of open toe sandals/shoes in vain (brand picky me). Some days only ope toe shoes will do. And not all days are days for these ones. However nice – grey, as is brown, such an underrated colour – they are, I’d like a pair of presentable-but-still-able-to-walk-city-street-for-days-and-climb-imaginary-mountains-kind-of-open-toe-shoes.

Shoe per diem – El Naturalista Rhana Tharu sandals
Bloomers per diem – Ewa i Walla

shoe per diem june 7, 2011 – lens loaf and three bobbaloos

21 Jun

The strangest thing, no matter what you intend for the SPD picture, more often than not there appears the hairy lens loaf. A mythical creature existing in one specimen only always drawn to camera movements.

This SPD moment was intended to be all about the arrival of three new bobbaloos (I’m not addicted, I’m not addicted, I’m …). But hey presto, it became a snap pretty much all about the lens loaf. Again.

Shoe per diem – El Naturalista red Tesela double-strap maryjanes.

shoe per diem june 5, 2011 – at wiksunds garden

20 Jun

A lovely Sunday spent at Wiksunds garden, Ekerö, Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve been meaning to get around blogging about it, but still haven’t, hence the tardiness of this post which will still be less informative than I’d like.

Anyway. We went there to get the organic fertilizer Rockdust (which I still haven’t put in soil, but I’m happy to just look at the package and dream about my supersized flowers and plants to come…) but it also turned out to be a charming and brilliant organic garden/café + cat boarding house + cider factory. Such a wonderful, secret gem of a lovely spot! We will certainly be back soon.

Shoe per diem – El Naturalista (surprise) applegreen Iggdrasil clogs (I was munching on probably the best rhubarb pie I’ve ever had when snapping this one. In case you were wondering…)

shoe per diem june 4, 2011 II – växplats nybyn

13 Jun

The day begun with walking city streets in violet and purple, the day ended with this year’s first visit to this lovely organic garden, nursery and café – previous SPD post from last year.

Reliable clogs were perfect for the garden occasion. It was a wonderful, wonderful day. The third one in that long glorious weekend

shoe per diem june 4, 2011 I – violet and purple

13 Jun

The violet beauties a k a El Naturalista Dome Mihumo Desert Violeta-Lila – after wearing them a few times now I have to say that the tad higher heel than I’m used to walking in is really very comfortable. I ❤ these shoes! And thinking it would be terribly nice to get another pair in the same model… addicted me? nah…

The day began with the walking of city streets, these were perfect for the occasion.

shoe per diem june 3, 2011 – hot hot hot

13 Jun

shoe per diem june 3, 2011 –, originally uploaded by piaktw.

Suddenly it was +30C. When that happens from one day to another it just feels… awkward. (And very, very early in the Swedish summer season I think.) But since it was the second day of a long weekend (5 glorious free days, hooray!) we had a lovely day, no matter surprising temperatures.

A day-trip with destination afternoon tea (a couple of bobbaloos tagged along of course),

I got some more yarn (a day with yarn shopping is never a lost day) and

the El Naturalista Dome violet-purple beauties turned out to be awesomely comfortable to walk in. Even at +30C.

shoe per diem june 2, 2011 – peonies and bobbaloos

12 Jun

I adore my peony shrub (though sadly I find peonies to be such fleeting flowers, those buds showing so much promise, then in bloom here-today-gone-tomorrow…), I find my applegreen clogs very uplifting and of course, little bobbaloos always make me smile. I also got more than my fair share of mosquito bites that day. But still, the memory of the beauty of that day prevails, the mosquito bites fade.

shoe per diem may 28, 2011 – pippi pattern day

8 Jun

Behold my Pippi sweater, one loaf dog, El Naturalista Iggdrasil swirl clogs in navy and what can only be described as an irresistable buy –

detail of woven table cloth in the fabulastic Swedish “Pippi Longstocking” pattern (but originally an old fisherman sweater pattern) from company “Isle of Sweden“.

It was such a Pippi pattern day, that day!

shoe per diem june 6, 2011 – on the national day

6 Jun

I have a mean backlog when it comes to SPD-posts, but I thought it would be nice to skip those and actually post today’s picture today, on June 6. It’s Sweden’s National Day today.

Which honestly and unfortunately isn’t much to celebrate as such – read more about it here – but it was a grand +27C day off and after some weeding and gardening we had a lovely swedish flag cream pastry.

Plus, lo and behold, no ugly torn wool Birkenstock slippers or El Naturalistas today. It was simply one of those days when the only appropriate foot gear was a pair of flipflops, black and white Puma.

I adore my new nailpolish, a turquoise hue I’ve been looking for for over a year and then just stumbled over the other week. OPI No time for the blues – I wish!

shoe per diem may 27, 2011 – rainy day with two danes

6 Jun

Suddenly it was a cold and rainy day which called for leggings, raincoat and proper shoes. By the time I got home in the afternoon the sun had begin to shine again and the rainy, cold day attire was completely superfluous.

Don’t appreciate capricious days, but yes, I do love my red/white birds raincoat from Two Danes. It brightens even the gloomiest of days somehow.

Shoe per diem – El Naturalista winered Tesela oxfords

shoe per diem may 25, 2011 – best laid plans

5 Jun

Had lunch with a met-on-Twitter-friend that then turned into a very productive meeting too. I’m so hoping this will really turn into that beautiful and realistically productive thing it has every chance to be…

My shoe per diem – the olive green Tesela maryjanes from… ta-da – El Naturalista

shoe per diem may 22, 2011 – first rhubarb

4 Jun

Yay for the season’s first rhubarb! And, as always, loaf dogs. The rhubarb was promptly turned into simply awesome rhubarb cream.

Shoe per diem – El Naturalista Iggdrasil swirl clogs in navy blue

shoe per diem may 11, 2011 II – seth and shoe per diem

27 May

just because there was many good things happening that day, first appointment with dr feist, brilliant weather, nice fika and when i got home someone was waiting in my mail box. a lucky number 13, wee jacabunny seth – here’s a bonus pic of that day, hooray!

shoe per diem may 11, 2011 – with dr feist

27 May

appointment with my special dr feist. always inspiring and moodlifting (despite the coughing, feverish, snivelling, aching reasons i come there with).

me – el naturalista yellow tesela maryjanes
she – old white ballerinas with bows (brand unknown)

shoe per diem may 7, 2011 – green at yxtaholm

25 May

on a day we enjoyed an afternoon tea (that was pretty to look at, but left a lot to be desired tastewise) at yxtaholm castle, the shoe per diem was the applegreen el naturalista (surprise) cork oak wedges. wedges are one of my shoe pet peeves. i. however, these i heart. comfy, quirky, cute. it was the day of their season inauguration. i’m so looking forward to a long summer with many days of walking on cork oak.

shoe per diem may 6, 2011 – in red and black

12 May

Met a good friend for a few functions and a party (why does everything have to happen the same evening?). My darn long-running cold left me feeling very less than perky and up for a party, but it was still a lovely evening with good music and fun (but unfortunately a sad sad lack of good food).

I was very impressed with my friend already wearing sandals (brand unknown) and showing off perky red toenails. Since i still thought it was borderline too chilly to go barefeet in shoes (obviously) –

but i love my red El Naturalista Tesela double strap maryjanes! Red shoes, red nails always rock in my world.

shoe per diem, may 5, 2011 – turquoise stripey day

11 May

It was a surprisingly good day. And I totally think that was due to the awesome stripey socks. Overall it was a perky dressed day, a turquoise day.

shoe per diem april 29, 2011 – with dog per diem

9 May

Another day of perky dressing (not the salad kind). And a loaf dog thrown into the picture.

shoes – el naturalista winered tesela oxfords
socks – white lace socks, swedish department store åhléns
leggings – gudrun sjödén
dress – marimekko
loaf dog – malte

shoe per diem april 27, 2011 – green perky

9 May

Since the cold stroke during Easter I have at least dressed perky hoping that would speed up the recovery process. So far no such luck. Not even spending time with the usual hairy suspects have helped.

shoes – el naturalista olive green tesela maryjanes
socks – old fashion pink lace socks, noa noa
leggings – gudrun sjödén
dress – marimekko
cat – siri sissinghurst

shoe per diem april 24, 2011 – a lonely duck and no socks

8 May

It was the first no sock day of the season, yay! (A week later it snowed again…).

Toy car outing and feeding a single duck (where were his friends i wonder?) at Måns-Ols utvärdshus. It was such a lovely, lovely day. Next day I had a cold from hell, which still hasn’t left. Ah well…

El Naturalista Iggdrasil swirl clogs in that wonderful skyblue hue

shoe per diem, april 23, 2011 – inauguration

8 May

On Easter Eve it was inauguration of the violet beauties. They were lovely. Even if I wouldn’t walk for miles, or even a day in them. But for special occasions and such. I’m also very happy about finding, finally, some sweet ranunculus.

Plus completely smitten by these stockings, sheer, flowery, lace gorgeousness (from H&M surprisingly). Pretty delicate, but reasonable in price. I got a bunch of them…

shoe per diem II april 21, 2011 – purple catch of the day

4 May

On a day of wearing those awesome stripey Sneaky Fox socks I also made an awesome purple/violet catch – read all about them here – that have a most befitting name El Naturalista Dome Mihumo Desert Violeta-Lila.

Tad higher heels than I prefer, but still comfy. And quirky. And cute. I ❤

shoe per diem april 21, 2011 – hairdresser and ms piglet

4 May

And no, it isn’t me I’m referring to as Ms Piglet, but the little piglet in a flowery skirt with her perky psychedelic mushroom I made to order for the hairdresser (whose red trousers I adore btw).

It was a day for another pair of socks to be inaugurated. A pair of turquoise stripey pair from Sneaky Fox. Got them on sale over a year ago, wish I had gotten a couple of more. Wearing socks like that certainly is a recipe for a good day!

shoe per diem april 18, 2011 – shadows and sun

2 May

El Naturalista winered Tesela oxfords go fab with sky blue lace socks from Noa Noa. And pink socks with hearts are pretty cute. The sun shone and this was pre-second root filling. Despite that gruesome fact it was an overall rather nice day. Go figure.

shoe, sock and skirt per diem april 15, 2011

2 May

This post is mainly about the fact that on another crappy day (too too many of them lately…) one can at least rejoice in the wearing of perky patterns, colours and good shoes. Plus sunshine, glorious sunshine.

shoes – winered Tesela oxfords, El Naturalista
socks – olive green lace (can’t remember brand), Sock Dreams
skirt – turquoise applegreen dotty bubble in organic cotton, Gudrun Sjödén

So far I’ve been quite good at my little spring mantra “change to new socks every day”. Soon there will be sock-less shoe wearing though.

shoe per diem april 11, 2011 – in dutch clogs

28 Apr

In Dutch clogs await bobbaloo adventures ahoy. And suddenly they were nine. And we won’t speak about the fact that since this picture was taken they’ve become ten and there might be some more on the way… A wise woman named Julie once said that there are worse addictions. Couldn’t agree more.

shoe per diem april 9, 2011 – inauguration

22 Apr

When spring comes in Sweden everything goes so fast, it seems like it’s sandals any day now already.

April 9, the seasonal inauguration of the winered El Naturalista Tesela Oxfords (birthday gift from last year) and proper inauguration of the pretty tartan messenger handbag from Nessie. And oh, all the green leaves, buds and spring signs in garden. Happy signs.

PS Sadly handbag turned out to be too small for all my everyday stuff plus kind of a cat hair magnet. It’s pretty yes, but not very practical DS

shoe per diem april 2, 2011 – spring shoes

16 Apr

When it’s finally spring for sure, the weather changes fast and from one day to another one can wear lighter boots, next day even shoes. As in what is probably my absolute El Naturalista favourites (but it’s tricky to chose just one of course…), the purple Iggdrasil swirl Oxfords.

And I got some springy li’l flowers in pots (will plant them in flower bed later), crocuses and grape hyacinths.

And there was, as most always, one little loaf posing.

shoe per diem march 31, 2011 – spring boots

11 Apr

It was a pretty horrid day in general, I had to have a root filling (I have never ever had issues with my teeth, this past year has been really stressful with those darn stress jaw tensions having caused problems with chipping and now this infection which led to this… The cost of it all will of course be ridiculous too… Sigh). Which pretty much says it all.

But, the weather was fantastic. I season inaugurated my El Naturalista Rana Tharu boots (the only black ones I have, and guess what, I very much regret not getting the red pair instead when I chose colour…), that was lovely. Not having to be afraid of falling on icy streets. Bliss.

We had a coffee outdoors. For the first time this year, yay! And then browsed this perfectly lovely arts and crafts shop nearby, with so so many covetable things. I only treated my self to two red things. My post root filling red treats.

shoe per diem march 29, 2011 – wordpress workshop

10 Apr

It was a great idea, the WordPress workshop, it would have been even greater if I had had the time to prepare a bit more. And if the Internet connection had worked properly. I’m sure the latter will next time, not sure about the prior. I’m in slight funk these days. Ah well, this too shall pass.

shoe per diem march 26, 2011 – walking on rails

6 Apr

An outing day involving afternoon tea, the outing was overall nice, the afternoon tea sadly not. As blogged here.

But it was spring in the air, blue skies and we walked a bit on rails.

Also my handbag companion for the day was Elvira (I used to name my finer handbags, I never buy finer handbags like that anymore, not that I need any more anyway). She’s one gorgeous orange thing, whom I used to carry around most days. I rarely do these days, but she still perks me up on the rare occasion. When weather doesn’t permit the change of shoes, one can at least chose a different handbag, right?

shoe per diem march 23, 2011 – meet sissi and leonard

2 Apr

Sent on Friday, arriving on Wednesday already. It must have been the French lesson they got before being sent. Or simply, from Minnesota to Sweden with love. And just like Kismet and Jojo, they.are.cuteness.bobbalooified by Kit Lane.

Sissi with bunnykins and Leonard.

Quite the opposite to my infamous ol’ slippers…

shoe per diem march 21, 2011 – indoors

26 Mar

< … these old-fashined pink lace socks from Noa Noa (that looked so promising in package) looked flattering. Turned out to be a very unpleasant, bright-pink-flesh-due-to-too-much-sun-hue when worn. Not one of my best buys. Ah well, on lots of sale, not a catastrophy, just mildly annoying.

shoe per diem march 21, 2011 – outdoors

26 Mar

There’s still heaps of snow in certain places (like my garden), but today offered such wonderful, mild winds with lots of promise of spring and I’m thinking it’s probably time to let the superfluff winter mittens get a much deserved summer-hibernation. They have served me oh so well during these past five months.

Today was, as is usual these days, a two kinds of El Naturalistas-wearing-day, outdoors boots and sadly, no matter shoes, indoors or outdoors… >

shoe per diem march 12, 2011 – vaxholm visit

20 Mar

It was a grand sunny day with blue skies, but oh the strong winds made it not so pleasant as one would have thought.

Also apparently Saturday in off-season small-town Vaxholm – read more here – means no cafés open. The planned late breakfast turned into a very, very late lunch elsewhere some hours later instead. Such things makes me really very grumpy…

Before hunger striked we had a walk around town. This is overlooking the Vaxholm fortress, now conference facilities.

Me: El Naturalista Iggdrasil winered swirl boots. Purple lace socks from Noa Noa
M: vegan friendly man shoes from Deichmann, green stripey socks from Swedish brand Happy Socks

shoe per diem march 10, 2011 – olivegreen and purple

14 Mar

shoe per diem march 10, 2011 –, originally uploaded by piaktw.

My always indoor shoes at the place where I spend my weekdays: the olive green El Naturalista Tesela mary-janes. The only thing one can do to perk things up shoewise these long winter days (spring any day now!) is having different pretty socks.

I love these purple lace socks from Noa Noa, bought a bunch at the winter sales and now I wish I had gotten even more of them (because socks have a tendency to not last very long…). They’re not nylons but thicker, very stretchy, very comfy and rather warm.

And I wish they came in tights with long enough legs, I really loath the too many tights one gets that end up being given away due to too short legs.