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Bam the Ram

27 Aug

Last night was hilarious and awesome all at the same time (but actually at different times…) A group of six of us lovely ladies went speed dating, mostly for the experience, although I think we were all secretly hoping to meet our princes, would have saved a lot of hassle, but anyway no princes were to be found, although we do now have great skills at the art of awkward conversations… Anyway after the event we ran away and had a debriefing at a local restaurant, which was hilarious, because we all got to hear the different things the different guys had said to us all. This led onto another bar where we found ourselves the prey of some good hearted stag do antics which were pretty fricking hilarious too. Bam the Ram is from said stag do and is going to go and live at work on Monday. He’s a bit deflated today, but still horney as hell.

Stacey Marie