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Off-road racers

2 Oct

Vera and I have officially gone nuts. But don’t worry too much, we will be sure not to ever do it again. Off-road running is hard. In fact the 9km off-road we did yesterday was far more exhausting and challenging than the 21.1km in the hail we did in August. I think the hills in the first shot and the state of our shoes in the second illustrate this better than I can with words.


Oh how I love the sun

9 Mar

On another run (9.5km), we ran away from the sun down this strip of road next to the motorway:

After which we had dinner and went to a Fringe Festival show which was fantastic! We sat middle front and center and were forced to become part of the show, at one stage I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. The actor was amazing and the show was entertaining the whole way through!

Stacey Marie

Wild flowers are better than tame ones

7 Nov

Check out my bunch I picked on my walk on Saturday morning.

Stacey Marie

I’m on the top of the world with my Sealy postropedic feeling, Sealy. Really!

4 Nov

Nothing to do with beds, but here was the view I snapped on my last run up the mountain.

Note: No Vera. Has been a bit lonely lately 😦

Oh but you can see Ranigtoto where I was a couple of posts ago 🙂

Stacey Marie

Marathon Day

1 Nov

Sunday was Marathon Day not only for Megan (how’d you go???), but the Auckland Marathon was also on. I went to go and cheer my friend Kit at the finish line, it was her first ever marathon and I was very proud. We enjoyed a well-deserved (for her at least) beer, after.

Stacey Marie

Run Run Wine

21 Oct

Vera and I went for another run yesterday, and the thing which got us through was the thought of the cold bottle of wine I had sitting in the fridge at home, waiting for us. We needed it you see because we mapped our run on http://www.mapmyrun.com and had only done 5 kms. Which felt like more. Until we realised it was in miles, and we in fact had done 8km, including a nasty mountain climb. Hooray! Four more of those suckers and we have reached our goal of 12 km and can retire to drinking wine all day. Now there’s something to aim for!

Stacey Marie

Putting two things out there

26 Sep

1) I think (don’t strike down on me with a vengeance oh weather gods) that the weather bomb is gone


2) I have decided to do a fun run in December. There I said it. To get my arse into shape, I have started running all the way up Mt. Eden and timing myself. Yesterday was 8 mins 53, today 8 mins 37. I plan to run all the way up, around the cone and back down again. So far I run up there, walk around the cone and run back down again (the easy part, takes about 4 mins).

So now I have put it out there, I have to do it. I really do enjoy running, once I get fit. Getting there is the hard part. Megan- oh megan, where have you gone? How did your run go?

Look you can see the museum from Vera’s last post just………………………………………………………………..there |

Stacey Marie