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Catching up

22 May

It has been a while, I was still in Madrid, still working somewhere else, in the meantime I moved countries, jobs but the shoes remain, and although I haven’t been posting I think of this everyday.
After a year in london, settling down in my own flat, getting used to the new job, the new people, the new friends I was lucky enough to make I think is time my shoes and feet are back in this little space of ours!

After the shower and a little pedicure my feet are ready for another Monday, only if I was!!!



Shoe per diem 06/08/2010

6 Aug

After a long work day just wanted to crash in my sofa before going to the movies! I had a great surprise at home, my mom’s package arrived with sweets from Portugal 🙂


Shoe per diem 05/08/2010

5 Aug

After a long long long absence, after moving countries twice, set myself up in my new city, having to chose only a couple of pairs to bring with me to London I think I’m ready to put some pictures of my shoes walking around in London!

Here is today walking to the emergency site in case there’s a terrorist attack, that’s exactly what we need at 9 in the morning walk for 20 minutes and listen to what to do in case a bomb explodes in my office!


Shoe per diem 18 February 2010

18 Feb

My lovely new work shoes right next to me, as I don’t want to ruin my heels while driving. So I take ballerinas with me to drive and don’t ruin my shoes.

It was really early and I think the guy in the car next to me was almost calling the police as I was taking pictures and driving. No harm done though, I made it to work, and so did my shoes 🙂


Shoe per diem 17 February 2010

18 Feb

My first goodbye dinner with my spanish friends. The restaurant was really nice, the company great and the food very good. The best part? The dessert!!! God, It was a little piece of heaven.

I had to take a picture from all of us, but not of our faces eheheh (they think I’m crazy now :))


Shoe per diem – 16 February 2010

16 Feb

I learned from my mistakes, and today boots, boots, boots… It went on raining all day, again, but since I left my wellington boots in Lisbon I have to find an alternative. (mental note, have to stop reminding of taking the pictures when I get home, but these days, i’m not going anywhere, so it’s home or work, and my home floor is much prettier than the work one) 🙂


Shoe per diem – 15 February 2010

16 Feb

I think this was not the best choice on a snowy day!

It spend all morning snowing and then all afternoon raining, by the time I got home I didn’t feel my toes!

It was terrible! but I really like this shoes.