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New shoe per diem

11 Nov

Converse shoes, number nearly 100, the ultimate lazy person’s shoe, you don’t even need to tie the laces. Suits me.



Rice paddies and relaxation

2 Sep

My first day of 26 in south east Asia and I’m at a retreat in Bali. Reading a book, rolling into the pool and getting massages. Was going to go exploring today, but what’s the hurry?


Trail triers

28 Jul

This is what we do for fun these days


Run run run why not make it harder?

3 May

So Vera and I have started trail running because, you know, running on the road isn’t hard enough as it is. ( it is, anyone that tells you it gets easier is lying). The upside of trail running is hands down the peace, serenity and views we achieve while out in the middle of nowhere. We are very lucky to have so many beautiful trails within a half hour or 45 minute drive of the city.

Btw, autumn has been one long series of the kind of days you see here. This morning is the same though god damn it makes it cold!

Dear weather god

21 Apr

The fact you royally screwed up our summer and to the point that it basically didn’t happen, is being over looked by the amazing autumn we are having. Keep the weather like its been for the past month a little longer and you might just be forgiven.
Your sincerest,



I’m alive!

4 Apr

God damn I have been slack at writing here, but I have still been visiting don’t you worry! And taking pictures every now and then. Summer has pretty much been and gone (though really it never arrived) but my photos show there was some sunshine mixed in there.

In order, the first was a bellbird blue Christmas day, then a hard yakka hike up to a hut my granddad built during the 1930s gold rush with my dad, brother, uncle and cousin, than my new running shoes! Flash! And finally a lovely day spent riding around on bikes, drinking coffee at little cafes and enjoying views of the city. Enjoy your summer northerners. I’m so not ready to let ours go yet!





It’s been aaaaaggggeeeessss

23 Dec

But I have enjoyed watching all your posts. Here are my feet post run on Xmas eve. It’s HOT out there and it’s only 8.30am