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shoe per diem feb 26, 2012 – borderline spring

8 May

Two and a half months later it seems tad silly that we were so terribly excited about that February day being so sunny, full of melting ice and promises of Spring.

Now when it’s borderline summer those days are awfully far away. I don’t miss them a bit. Or well, a bit perhaps, I miss wearing those blue boots, they have been truly wonderful in every way and much worn ever since they arrived.

Now they will have a good scrub and polish and go have a long summer nap. To unpack them is at least one thing i truly look forward to come autumn.


shoe per diem feb 19, 2012 – gore-tex red and little loaf

8 Apr

I had the opportunity to try out the gore-tex boots a few days later when we were suddenly *blessed* with slush weather. And yes, they were great. And perky. And good for walking little loaf.

shoe per diem feb 10, 2012 – red gore-tex boots

3 Apr

Nothing to start the weekend off quite like a pair of new red boots – not the red boots I had thought, but still a pair I’ve eyed since September last year. Now on sale, and a pair of Gore-tex boots have been on my wish-list for a long time. El Naturalista in model Inuit. I’ve worn them a few times since – but spring came so quickly it’s time for shoes and not boots now… – and they’re lovely. Although after years of loving the flat kind of heels I admittedly want a bit of heel to my shoes and boots mostly these days. These are still lovely though! And red, one can never have too many red shoes and boots, right? Right.

Read more about them here

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012 – blue boots rock

22 Mar

And this is the beauty that arrived in the parcel – a pair of blue boots, El Naturalista (surprise!) Tesela tall boots in vaquero blue. If there was ever such a thing that being in love with a colour, this blue hue would be very hight up on that love-list of mine. It’s simply gorgeous. I’d even go as far as saying that these beauties might be the one single reason for me not wanting summer to arrive. We’ve had many wonderful walks together ever since their arrival. And will hopefully for many many seasons to come.

Read more about and see more of the boots here

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012 - blue boots rock

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012 – the arrival of an exciting parcel

20 Mar

shoe per diem jan 6, 2012, originally uploaded by piaktw.

And while wearing the heart slippers I opened it and gasped over its pretty content…

End of part 1

shoe per diem dec 28, 2011 – two pairs are better than one

11 Mar

*Continue to work my way through the backlog*

This is the part one of” Christmas money rocks” – when one sadly can’t find the Tesela oxfords anymore one goes ahead and get a pair of purple Tesela bottines instead – already seen in this post of course. Which happens to sport that cute cork button on the side, as does the maryjanes.

The Swedish winter was very mild pre-New Year’s, since then it has been lots of snow until a couple of weeks ago – these haven’t been used much both due to the weather as well as… well, that will have to wait until “Christmas money rocks part 2” I’m afraid…

(Socks from Sock Dreams, ❤ this particular brand, pattern and olive hue)

shoe per diem nov 29, 2011 – el naturalista meet fiorentini baker

4 Mar

Met a friend for a bit of shopping and coffee that day. We strolled the nearby department store PUB and of course this was the perfect spot to snap a SPD.

Me: El Naturalista Tesela winered oxfords (no surprise there, but I really, really would love to get my hands on another pair in the same model, I’ve been searching in vain for over a year now so I’m sadly guessing they’re discontinued, sob), mustard yellow stockings from department store Åhléns own brand

She: Fiorentini Baker boots (her favourite brand, they’re lovely looking, but I’m amused that suddenly they make El Naturalista look very modest in price. It’s certainly nice when you can treat yourself to a special pair of shoes!)