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The very first Latino Albino

1 Dec

The Portuguese girl and the Kiwi girl went for dinner last night (after their run up the mountain).

We have decided to use Vera’s legs as lighting when there are powercuts, or as flys when we go fly fishing (all those times we go fly fishing).

Stacey Marie


Bestest Sunday Ever

30 Nov

Vera already wrote about our lovely Sunday afternoon, and here are the pictures. It was such a great day that if it was a date she would have been able to have her wicked way with me later on!

My tootsies on the top of the mountain, while eating takeaway and drinking beer:

Vera’s peids:

Group shot!

Now we are going running up the mountain in about an hour. No curry or beer waiting for us today. Grumpyface.

Stacey Marie

I’m on the top of the world with my Sealy postropedic feeling, Sealy. Really!

4 Nov

Nothing to do with beds, but here was the view I snapped on my last run up the mountain.

Note: No Vera. Has been a bit lonely lately 😦

Oh but you can see Ranigtoto where I was a couple of posts ago 🙂

Stacey Marie

Enjoying the sunshine

1 Nov

Here I am in the sunshine, thinking about the new deck my landlord is building, extending out to the end of the red wood. What you can’t see is the view to my left: beautiful. Can see ocean, forest, hills and sky for ages. Can’t wait to enjoy that!

Stacey Marie

Putting two things out there

26 Sep

1) I think (don’t strike down on me with a vengeance oh weather gods) that the weather bomb is gone


2) I have decided to do a fun run in December. There I said it. To get my arse into shape, I have started running all the way up Mt. Eden and timing myself. Yesterday was 8 mins 53, today 8 mins 37. I plan to run all the way up, around the cone and back down again. So far I run up there, walk around the cone and run back down again (the easy part, takes about 4 mins).

So now I have put it out there, I have to do it. I really do enjoy running, once I get fit. Getting there is the hard part. Megan- oh megan, where have you gone? How did your run go?

Look you can see the museum from Vera’s last post just………………………………………………………………..there |

Stacey Marie