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so long friend…

14 Jan

my camera bit the dust on our holiday. boo. hence lack of postage. i managed to pinch this one of facebook.

we went up to onerahi, and spent loads of time over in pataua helping out a friend who has 4 kids (she had 4 under 3 1/2!!! phew!) the younger twins are now toddlers and are both severly disabled with exzema. it’s totally consuming.  the eldest twin has the worst case of it known. he has to be totally covered up and his hand taped so he doesn’t scratch. it’s heart breaking.

we also spent time in orewa…sopping up sunshine and surf. my girls are naturals in the ocean. it’s getting closer and closer to the time of moving to the beach me thinks.

and my girls and i had rainbow toes for the entire holiday. we were team rainbow. ♥

emma kate


this is emmakate signing in for stacey news…

20 Dec

i went to staces house last night and she magican-ed up a gorgeous dinner for us. twas lovely. there was much laughing and giggling…a lot from staces little bro…who lost it completely. good times.

when even went for a stroll in the drizzling rain and then lay on the slate tiles to cool down and admired staces handywork on the beautifully decorated tree.

emma kate & stacey marie 🙂

ALL THE SINGLE LADIES all the single ladies ALL THE SINGLE LADIES all the single ladies…ooh oh oh oooh oh oh oh oh ohhh oh oh oh oh oh ohhh.

21 Nov

my good friend Dani’s hens night was last night. 80’s theme…oooh yeah!

and we had drinks with the compulsory bride challenges along the way…somehow this involved me doing tequila shots…???

then we went to monsoon asia restaurant and i actually managed to get a shoe photo…along with a few penis’ and vibrators thrown in for good measure…(excuse the pun)

and then we went out to the ‘trees of terror’ in sanson…I made it 1/8 of the way before I was held against a wall by a  dude with a chainsaw (real with the chain taken off…gah!) and to be escorted the rest of the way out…if you think I’m a wuss I challenge you to do it if you’re ever in the neighbourhood…but even the escort (a.k.a monster face burn victim) was playing tricks on me so I still screamed the pace down. i think in the future the LABYRINTH might be my limitation…this is a bunny that was at the beginning…he was chained up and very jumpy…but was kind enough to pose for a picture for me 🙂

then we went on to town and found some dj’s that would play our songs…and proceeded to dance the night away…in my shoes. (i don’t need to share the pics from this portion of the evening!!)

emma kate

rosie and the weeds.

17 Nov

these are some flowers that made their way inside from my garden. delicious smelling roses and some purple ‘flowers’ that i love…infact they are actually weeds…but i think they are beautiful so they are allowed to hang out with the others. beauty is in the eye of the beholder…some say weeds…i say awesome.

emma kate

lounge camping.

15 Nov

aunty keri visited before she went up to the dirrty north for a few months and we dabbled in a spot of lounge camping… good times!

emma kate

hot-hot or hot-hot?

9 Nov

today has been stinky hot. I’m talking sticky-tar-day hot. the kind of hot you can hear the sizzle when you step on stones…the kind of weather when the colder the water the better. which is exactly what my girls are doing. they have playing so nicely with their dolls for AAAGES out there…and as you can see ‘playing’ means feeding them stones and drowning them…whatever is it.they are happy and not whingeing. which makes me happy and not whinge too!emma kate

sticky plasters are jewelry to 3 year olds…

7 Nov

Indie and I went to pick up my parents (a.k.a mama and papa) from the airport. indie decided to rock her new plasters. who am i to stop the creativity of a little fairy? who knows…it may be on the catwalk of Milan next season! maybe should copyright….

emma kate