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12 Oct

As Vera said, Monday after her first day at work we went for a run (we have entered a 12km run in January, now we just need to train), and then for dinner. A much healthier option than going for a wine and then dinner… anyway after two dinners for some (ahem Vera) we went for coffee and cake and the couch matched my new shoes. Choice!

Stacey Marie


It’s a hard life, but someone has to live it: 8th July 2010

10 Jul

Vera bet me to it, but yes we had delish delish pizza from this out of the way hidden place, which was fill by 5.45 on a Thursday. Always a good omen. Anywho, my foot is in there, the small brown oval in the bottom right of the picture.

What Vera forgot to mention was that after the two large pizzas and carafe of red, we then went for French, her having snails in garlic butter, us both having creme brulee and a long black. Heavenly. Until the food babies arrived and make us feel like shit. We are thinking we might have to start an Auckland food blog to keep up with all the places we go (but really to justify having more than one nationality in one night…) if only this post-natal depression would leave so I felt inspired to begin one 🙂

Stacey Marie

8 July 2010 // It really was amore!

9 Jul

Stacey and I decided yesterday that we should move on from our usual weekly dates in the usual places and broaden our horizons. There are so many good places to eat in Auckland, and so much diversity, that it is silly to get stuck with a couple of safe options.

So, with this in mind, we headed along to That’s Amore last night. This italian pizza place, tucked away in the corner of the upper level of a downtown building was such a pleasant surprise, we had trouble keeping a conversation going without interrupting it every three seconds to point out how amazing the pizza was.

We’re still determined to branch out and try as many new places as we can but we will definitely return to this one! Yum!