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Oh how I love the sun

9 Mar

On another run (9.5km), we ran away from the sun down this strip of road next to the motorway:

After which we had dinner and went to a Fringe Festival show which was fantastic! We sat middle front and center and were forced to become part of the show, at one stage I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. The actor was amazing and the show was entertaining the whole way through!

Stacey Marie


Time out

1 Mar

A much needed break was had over the weekend, first up I ate myself sick on the sweet grapes at a friends parents house up north, then worked my way through four country pubs and their characters on the way to a campsite where we slept with kiwi running around outside the tent


The very first Latino Albino

1 Dec

The Portuguese girl and the Kiwi girl went for dinner last night (after their run up the mountain).

We have decided to use Vera’s legs as lighting when there are powercuts, or as flys when we go fly fishing (all those times we go fly fishing).

Stacey Marie

SCORE for summer!

30 Nov

Went to the second-hand store today, I love searching through and finding books. None of them had prices so I grabbed all the ones I wanted and took them up to the counter…

… $5… for the lot! There are all my favourite authors in there… Margaret Atwood, Toni Morrison, Bryce Courtney, Kapka Kassabova, a couple of hardcovers and some randoms! I am well excited about embarking on these books!

(Except I am moving house this weekend, and am supposed to be getting rid of stuff… oh well!)

Stacey Marie

Bestest Sunday Ever

30 Nov

Vera already wrote about our lovely Sunday afternoon, and here are the pictures. It was such a great day that if it was a date she would have been able to have her wicked way with me later on!

My tootsies on the top of the mountain, while eating takeaway and drinking beer:

Vera’s peids:

Group shot!

Now we are going running up the mountain in about an hour. No curry or beer waiting for us today. Grumpyface.

Stacey Marie

Hawaii Lei-dy

14 Nov

Saturday night was a dress-up party Hawaiian theme. Good fun, got lei-ed.

Stacey Marie

Smoke and mirrors

14 Nov

Friday was had three end of year functions for work… dry ice from one migrated to another and into our cups… probably not good for you, but one was not thinking well by this point…

Stacey Marie