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20 November 2010 / One day, multiple photos

21 Nov

Today was the day (before January 20th/22nd 2011). Hot, friends, photos, laugh.  Anxious!



14 November 2010 / Stripes and flowers

15 Nov

Long time missing… Intense week…

But enough!

Liberta quae sera tamen.


01 November 2010 / Yellow Submarine

3 Nov

Holiday with the family. I really like these times! Here I am with Elise, with her lovely yellow ballerine. Lovely yellow tie!


31 October 2010 / Stripes and more stripes

31 Oct

I realized that I am a fan of: ballerines, colours and stripes… And more stripes! It’s like a dazzle!

Love it! 🙂


28 October 2010 // Who let the dogs out?

28 Oct

Me and Chico… Almost sleeping…


26 October 2010 // All my love

26 Oct

A sunny afternoon with my friends. Good food, laughs and memories…


24 October 2010 // Walking on the keyboard

24 Oct

here I am, with one of my best friends (Doug).      

(take a detailed look at his sole. obviously the one not in ballerines :P)