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Moving on up

28 Oct

I finally got a new job today! Well actually I got it yesterday but I don’t count getting a job till I sign on the dotted line. It has been a long time that I have been looking for the right job, I have had a couple of other offers, but none of them felt as right as this one. So I am very excited!

And you should all be excited too! Why you ask? Because now I will be wearing a wider range of footwear. I pulled these ones out of the depths of my wardrobe to go in and sign the contract. And then they all rejoiced!


Big foot

26 Oct

Those of you in the non-rugby playing countries… which come to think of it is all of you bar us kiwis, probably won’t have known that for the last six weeks Auckland has played host to the rugby world cup. It was an awesome six weeks, and the city seems so sad now that everything is over. So without further ado, here is the one token rugby related shoe per diem post, just so the tournament doesn’t pass us by without a mention.

That’s me, Vera, a giant puppet and some random little boy who photo bombed us.

S is for Spring

18 Oct

And right now we are having the typical springtime downpours, so it is nice to look at this picture which I took on a beach up north this past weekend, note how my toenail polish matches the flowers.

And spring also means baby animals. Here is a little girl goat that got rescued by two of my friends, which now lives in their house and thinks it is a cat… it curls up on their laps and sleeps, and plays on the cat’s scratching post… and shadows the cat like a stalker. It needs to be weaned and put in the paddock but right now it’s just so little and cute!

Oh how I love the sun

9 Mar

On another run (9.5km), we ran away from the sun down this strip of road next to the motorway:

After which we had dinner and went to a Fringe Festival show which was fantastic! We sat middle front and center and were forced to become part of the show, at one stage I had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. The actor was amazing and the show was entertaining the whole way through!

Stacey Marie

Time out

1 Mar

A much needed break was had over the weekend, first up I ate myself sick on the sweet grapes at a friends parents house up north, then worked my way through four country pubs and their characters on the way to a campsite where we slept with kiwi running around outside the tent


My Bad

13 Dec

I have been very crap lately, but I moved house and have only just got internet at my new place today. And on the weekend I dropped my camera in the water and won’t buy one till the after Christmas sales, so I will only appear in Emma and Vera’s posts till then. It was nice knowing you all ha ha! I will still be checking out all your posts of course!

Here I am celebrating the move to a new house with friends on the deck after the sun had gone down:

And the most magical weekend I’ve had in a while… back up at my friend’s house in Pataua South,

drinking games involving hermit crabs, while perched in trees over the water (ultimately the perfect formula for dropping ones camera into the ocean…)…

But look it’s sooooo pretty:

That night there were bioluminescenes in the water, and me and amy stayed out swimming until around 1.30am. I now no longer need to do acid (if I ever did), as that experience was pretty trippy!

THEN the next day in the very same water in the photos above, we were swimming and saw splashing in the water, and swam over and it was a pod of four, maybe five dolphins having a good old play. We swam closer and they stayed for about 20 minutes, going through the entire repertoire of dolphin tricks. A dog from the shore even swam out and they played with him! It was so awesome!

So that’s it from me for a while, I hope you guys all have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!! OXOX

Stacey Marie

The very first Latino Albino

1 Dec

The Portuguese girl and the Kiwi girl went for dinner last night (after their run up the mountain).

We have decided to use Vera’s legs as lighting when there are powercuts, or as flys when we go fly fishing (all those times we go fly fishing).

Stacey Marie