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toms bling for baby

7 Oct
toms bling for baby by SusanKurilla
toms bling for baby, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

even babies need a little bling…


baby feet

30 Nov
baby feet by SusanKurilla
baby feet, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

watershed 5k and apple picking

1 Oct

my time today was a full 2 minutes faster than the 5k I ran two weeks ago. then we went apple picking. now, naturally, I’m icing/heating my achilles…


28 Sep
debut by SusanKurilla
debut, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

so here’s the deal. I have tendonitis in both my achilles. it sucks. it started about a year ago on my right side, then about 6 months later on my left. it makes running painful. it makes walking painful. it makes wearing flats and tennies painful (yep, even my running shoes, even the cute ones!). it’s a good excuse to drink wine. okay I don’t really need an excuse, it’s just nice to have a back-up. know what helps? wedges, heels, anything that keeps that tendon from stretching. wedges are especially good because they keep my whole foot supported. my doc suggested orthotics. yeah. right. I’ll wear the splint to bed but I’m not wearing orthotics. I don’t wear granny panties, I’m not wearing granny shoes. so here are my new wedges. they were on clearance, I’d have lost money if I didn’t buy them, right? my other new shoes to be shown soon… they might not have been on clearance…

rockin it. hard

22 Sep
rockin it. hard by SusanKurilla
rockin it. hard, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

girls night out with jsc.

another 5k kind of day

21 Sep
another 5k kind of day by SusanKurilla
another 5k kind of day, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.


19 Sep
ouch by SusanKurilla
ouch, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

after a 5K on saturday then another 4.6mi on sunday, tendonitis in both my achilles had me on the couch most of the day alternating ice and heat. it was a great excuse to not to do a darn thing all day.