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toms bling for baby

7 Oct
toms bling for baby by SusanKurilla
toms bling for baby, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

even babies need a little bling…

baby feet

30 Nov
baby feet by SusanKurilla
baby feet, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

watershed 5k and apple picking

1 Oct

my time today was a full 2 minutes faster than the 5k I ran two weeks ago. then we went apple picking. now, naturally, I’m icing/heating my achilles…


28 Sep
debut by SusanKurilla
debut, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

so here’s the deal. I have tendonitis in both my achilles. it sucks. it started about a year ago on my right side, then about 6 months later on my left. it makes running painful. it makes walking painful. it makes wearing flats and tennies painful (yep, even my running shoes, even the cute ones!). it’s a good excuse to drink wine. okay I don’t really need an excuse, it’s just nice to have a back-up. know what helps? wedges, heels, anything that keeps that tendon from stretching. wedges are especially good because they keep my whole foot supported. my doc suggested orthotics. yeah. right. I’ll wear the splint to bed but I’m not wearing orthotics. I don’t wear granny panties, I’m not wearing granny shoes. so here are my new wedges. they were on clearance, I’d have lost money if I didn’t buy them, right? my other new shoes to be shown soon… they might not have been on clearance…

rockin it. hard

22 Sep
rockin it. hard by SusanKurilla
rockin it. hard, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

girls night out with jsc.

another 5k kind of day

21 Sep
another 5k kind of day by SusanKurilla
another 5k kind of day, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.


19 Sep
ouch by SusanKurilla
ouch, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

after a 5K on saturday then another 4.6mi on sunday, tendonitis in both my achilles had me on the couch most of the day alternating ice and heat. it was a great excuse to not to do a darn thing all day.

horse shoes

13 Sep
horse shoes by SusanKurilla
horse shoes, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

took my mom to Napa Valley, CA for her 85th birthday. It was JUST US for 3 whole days. Loved it. More pics of our stay at RustRidge Winery and B&B on my flickr page.

saturday night = date night

4 Sep

date night = hot shoes. WHBM in raspberry suede = love 🙂

anniversary feet

31 Aug
anniversary  feet by SusanKurilla
anniversary feet, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

alfani bling at 35K feet

30 Aug
Shoe bling at 35K feet by SusanKurilla
Shoe bling at 35K feet, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

Those aren’t my hairy knees, but they belong to a very handsome man I was lucky enough to sit beside

space feet, NASA

30 Aug
space feet, NASA by SusanKurilla
space feet, NASA, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

my new astronaut buddy will spend 6 hours under water at NASAs Neutral Buoyancy Lab. With all the weights he has on, that suit weighs 300lbs.

San Antonio River Walk feet

30 Aug

blue Toms, I couldn’t go wrong

5k kind of morning

13 Aug
5k kind of morning by SusanKurilla
5k kind of morning, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

if the last 1.5 miles hadn’t been uphill the whole way it would have been a great race. it was still a perfect morning for a run.

zoe&zac purple bow flats

13 Aug
zoe&zac purple bow flats by SusanKurilla
zoe&zac purple bow flats, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

I was hoping the cute bows would cheer me up today. 18yo daughter moved to phoenix, az. the bows didn’t help. altho, I can’t blame her, she’s just like her mom…

brown sketchers. and kodi.

12 Aug
brown sketchers. by SusanKurilla
brown sketchers., a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

they actually have a really cute owl on the side, I wish I had thought to snap it. I’ll be sure to get the side next time.

another lunch at my desk

12 Aug
another lunch at my desk by SusanKurilla
another lunch at my desk, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

coach tennis shoes

tie dye day

7 Aug
tie dye day by SusanKurilla
tie dye day, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

four of the teenagers were tiedying out by the pool today. one kid thought it would be a good idea to skip the gloves.
(and no, you are not having an acid flashback, it’s picnik solar system)

bringing my work home with me

5 Aug

warehouse sticker for alendronate (generic fosamax) on the bottom of my shoe

spd : 18 lunch break

29 Jul
spd : 18 lunch break by SusanKurilla
spd : 18 lunch break, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

on really hectic days even a short lunch break is better than no lunch at all.

spd 17 : yoga tuesday

27 Jul
spd 17 : yoga tuesday by SusanKurilla
spd 17 : yoga tuesday, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

spd 16 : my brooks, bob’s sperry’s

26 Jul

I actually had on some wedges, but went to the gym after work (because standing all day isn’t quite enough). By the time I remembered I needed to post an spd I had already kicked off my shoes…and gotten my wine.

spd 14 : crocs and asics

25 Jul
spd 14 : crocs and asics by SusanKurilla
spd 14 : crocs and asics, a photo by SusanKurilla on Flickr.

bob’s pool shoes (crocs) and ashley’s work shoes (asics) … kodi and juneau hoping for a treat

spd 13 : too hot to wear shoes

23 Jul

spd : 12 athena alexander wedges

21 Jul

putting my feet up on a rare slow day at work. the down side: it’ll be crazy tomorrow

spd 11 : best seat in the house. pedi @ reality salon and spa

20 Jul

spd 10 : reef flipflops and a glass of rombauer chardonnay

19 Jul

the perfect cure for a hectic monday

spd : 9 blinging it again with kvz flats

18 Jul

missouri botanical gardens. hottest part of the day. hottest day of the year. it’s how we roll.

spd 8 : blue sperrys and my friend Ty in his Birkenstocks

16 Jul

I try not to work saturdays, but filled in for a friend. Luckily it was slow enough that Ty and I could play on Flickr

spd 7 : white skechers with gold threading. oldies but so comfy for work!

16 Jul