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kitty love

27 Jun

Hi…long time no post. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m still taking a shoe photo every day. Often with help…

kitty love

kitty love




22 Jun

Receiving the purrfect welcome home at the end of the day.


A sudden snow

12 Feb

I went for a nice snow-free walk this afternoon, and then not more than hour later there was snow everywhere.

A snowstorm came out of nowhere (but really it had to be from somewhere) just as I was heading out to grab a bite to eat. I guess I wouldn’t have minded so much, but I was completely taken by surprise.


road rainbow

30 Jan

I went for a mid-day walk to get away from my desk and found a lovely road rainbow.

lazy lunching

27 Jan

My class was canceled the other day, so I snuck up to the 4th floor of my building (which is oddly only a landing at the top of the stairwell – but it’s well hidden) spread out my emergency office blanket, ate lunch, and watched netflix.




19 Dec

My son and I went to Washington DC this weekend and finally made it to see where the Obamas live!

My son really wanted me to boost him over the gate to see how far he could make it until the Secret Service tackled (or tasered) him…but I managed to talk him out of it.


21 Nov

I was supposed to run the philadelphia marathon today, but my knee gave out about half way through my training. i ended up going anyway to cheer on another friend who was running, and took my son. here we are at mile 13 waiting to spot my friend.

Turns out cheering people on is almost as hard as running. I have a hoarse throat from screaming and my hands are sore from clapping!