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november 2011 – three socks week

26 Feb

three socks week, originally uploaded by piaktw.

I’m way behind on my SPD posts. Obviously. That good week in November last year (7-13) I did manage to wear three new socks. Which count as one, two, three of the good things that week.

The left pair and the middle pair are from SockDreams. The right pair from Noa Noa. Shoes, as always, El Naturalista

shoe per diem nov 13, 2011 - mirror loaf


shoe per diem nov 11, 2011 – old friend

27 Jan
shoe per diem nov 11, 2011 –, originally uploaded by piaktw.

Yesterday it was a new friend, next day I had a semi-regular lunch date with one of my oldest friends. We used to go eat a lovely vegetarian buffet at the nearby department store restaurant. One day we decided to go elsewhere, found a pizzeria that serves vegetarian cannelloni which is pretty awesome. We’ve gone there since, on our semi-regular lunch dates.

She in Blundstone
Me in El Naturalista Iggdrasil oxfords, light brown – and since it was a week I had promised myself to wear at least three new socks, a pair of chequered ones from SockDreams (naturally)

shoe per diem nov 10, 2011 – a new friend

10 Jan

The day I met a friend face to face for the first time and not online. It was an awesome day, in most every aspect, we spent 10+ hours walking, talked, vegetarian food shopping, had a bite to eat, walked and talked some more. And the sun shone. We really clicked and actually, the older I get, the rarer that is, so this was a truly blissful day mainly because of that.

She hearts purple and liquorice – hence wearing purple Converse and, I’d imagine, happy about the bags from neat liquorice shop ‘Lakritsroten’ (The Liquorice root) being purple.

Me – El Naturalista Tesela winered oxfords, teal lace socks from Sock Dreams

shoe per diem jan 3, 2012 – all purple

4 Jan
shoe per diem jan 3, 2011, originally uploaded by piaktw.

I was so happy about my spanking new purple Tesela boots – but really, their colour that looks great in natural outdoor light did get put to great shame with my hairdresser’s perky violet Dr Martens! They’re adorable.

PS Not too happy about the fact that one zipper fly fell off and disappeared on the first day, hours of use though. Will get it fixed tomorrow. But paying a fair deal of money for El Naturalista’s good shoes you do expect the quality inspection to be top notch, don’t you…? DS

PPS Going to my hairdresser is always a way to ensure a good shoe meet. There have been a few of them here on SPD now DS

PPPS Seriously, Jan 3, 2011… 2012 it should of course be… DS

shoe per diem nov 1, 2011 – last root filling day

1 Jan

Yes, on the first day of the new year 2012 I remember the shoes worn two months ago, the day I finally had my last root filling. Something that brought a lot of pain on many levels during 2011. Coincidently I wore the same pair of shoes at my first root filling in April.

2012 will not not not bring that kind of awfulness. Because I say so.

My shoes: El Naturalista Rana Tharu lace boots in black (the only black shoes I wear, but honestly I do regret a lot that I didn’t went with the winered ones instead…)

Her shoes: El Naturalista Angkor oxfords

Happy new shoe year!!

shoe per diem oct 28, 2011 – tintin and new shoes

28 Dec

I’m thinking it would be nice to post the last remaining SPD photos before New Year’s…

On the last weekend of October I inaugurated the fab new shoes from ART and we went to see the Tintin movie.

As I’m still suffering from the calcaneal spur I got in Lisbon I sadly can’t say these shoes are very comfortable in combination with that. But I’m sure they will be one day again.

Movie was quite entertaining though.

And as always, the socks rocked.

shoe per diem oct 25, 2011 – birthday in sintra

4 Dec

A good portion of my birthday of 2011 was spent in little quaint portuguese town Sintra – I saw three castles up close and personal that day and even more in a distance. One of them was spectacular as far as location and outside architecture were concerned, my castle buffness got its fair share of castles that day.

In the evening we had a lovely vegetarian buffet – I wish it had been easy to find good vegetarian/vegan food in Lisbon… ah well, at least the trip was rounded off in the best of ways; castles galore and good vegetarian food for birthday girl!