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18 June 2010: RED SHOES DAY!

19 Jun

We celebrated #RedShoesDay in Wellington yesterday and it was FABULOUS! All day people could be seen on the city streets strutting their red shoes. Free coffee with a gold coin donation to Neo Natel Trust was offered by Mojo Coffee for those sporting red shoes, discounts at Mischief shoes, Circa Theatre and freebie competitions by Advintage Wines.

In the evening everyone got into the spirit of cheering up winter at Hooch who had a special Red Shoes Cocktail list and discounts for wearers of red shoes. An awesome fun day in the middle of a dreary winter.



12 June 2010: Long Drop

19 Jun

Scored free passes to top of Sky City Tower in Auckland last weekend – loved the glass floor in the elevator, woah that is a long drop down!



23 May

Ok so I went to my first PROM! Well a themed party but it was soooo fun! I’m the one in the lace stockings and my favortite shoes from Melborne but those amazing Gold jelly shoes with incredible wedge heels belonged to @staceyvivienne


April 18th : Beach Feet

18 Apr

You can’t beat Wellington on a good day! (“swim Sasha swim”!)

12 April : shoe per diem x 2

12 Apr

I’m so lucky, I got to have lunch with the gorgeous vivacious Stacey Childs today! Her feet are the tanned ones – the puppy is mine – but you probably guessed that! Was so awesome to see how happy Stacey is and I cannot wait to visit her in Auckland later this year. Maybe I will buy new shoes for the occasion?


April 9th : Shoes Flowers and a Puppy

9 Apr

What more could a girl want 🙂


April 8th : on my way to the #WeLoveAmie Tweetup

8 Apr

After a really crap few weeks of ear infections and allergic reactions to antibiotics and penicillian, a bunch of my gorgeous girlfriends organised a Tweetup for me and called it #weloveamie. I decided to rock it with a hot red dress, purple fishnets and dragged out my rarely worn red shoes just because I could – I did get some strange looks from blokes on the bus as I took photos of my shoes.