casino carpet

24 Sep

Went to a wedding today.  Ash (Moroccan) and Nara (Korean).  It was at a typical Korean wedding hall, though it was fancied up a bit being in Gangnam and all.    The small Moroccan crowd in the audience livened it up a bit, as did Ash’s singing of a Korean pop song for his new bride.  I couldn’t get a good pic from the wedding because I was a bit back with too many things in the way.  After the dinner I went to the nearby casino (Lucky Seven at the COEX Intercontinental) with a group of old friends.  Casinos are great if you have control.  I lost 20,000 won (about $20) but then won it back plus 10,000.  Yay.  Had drinks while playing and chatting away.  Then a free midnight snack meal – I had kimchi chigae (kimchi soup).  Casino floors are always interesting.  The landing on the stairs up gave me some ideas for glass painting (I wasn’t thinking of pictures at the time).  This was the floor in the little dining area.



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