shoe per diem aug 20, 2011 – at jobs handtryck

1 Sep

I’ve been lusting after these granny-style slippers – all of my older female relatives have had these slippers, though with a standard horrific upper sole, not in these pretty, happy fabric style, so they’ve been more than slightly tainted in my mind for many years – for a while now.

The pretty fabrics are from the Dalecarlian design company Jobs. A small family run company which have designed and handprinted (handtryck = handprint) many fabulous patterns over several generations now.

So when we were in Dalecarlia – for the Bryan Ferry concert at Dalhalla, which was magic btw – a couple of weeks ago I lusted after them irl too.

When the shop lady fetched even more patterns from the store-room I knew it would be a tricky choice to choose just the right pair (yes I’m a lucky bunny, they became an early birthday gift)…

So which pair do you think I got? Which would you have chosen?


One Response to “shoe per diem aug 20, 2011 – at jobs handtryck”

  1. julochka September 3, 2011 at 8:39 pm #

    i like the ones you have on best. šŸ™‚

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