kid shoes

1 Sep

This is an old pic but I still wanted to share it.  The last day of school before summer vacation it was time for the summer camp for my kindy kids.  The 4 and 5 yr olds didn’t stay overnight (actual age 3 and 4) but the older kindy kids did (with their Korean teachers and I).  We took big fancy tour buses to the resort.  My branch’s bus was full so us foreign teachers had to take the bus from another branch.  We were surprised to see that one of the small buses from our school dropped some of our kids off at that branch for the same reason, including two of my babies (just turned actual age 3), twin girls.  One of them, the ‘younger’ one is my baby.  She is sort of shy and is very clingy.  She sat with me on the bus and her sister sat with another teacher from my branch.  The girls are always immaculately dressed in brand names.  For the summer camp day they were wearing pale pink shoes (the same except Jia’s are a half size bigger) white designer tights, pink dresses and fancy hats – Jiyoo with pink flowers and Jia with blue.   Oh, and they also had cool sunglasses.  LOVE ‘EM!!!  Once we got settled into our seats, Jia’s hat went onto my lap and up went one foot. She made herself comfortable.  To keep her entertained, I pulled out my I pod with some of the games and the photo apps.  She had quite the time.  I was likewise entertained.  ^^

Oh.  And the girls had Burberry bikinis for the pool time, Jiyoo in pink and Jia in blue.  I work in Apgujeong.  ^.~ (Apgujeong is more of a rich/upscale area in Seoul, and in all of Korea.  It’s where you’ll find all of the designer name stores and super expensive car dealers.)
I think I should start taking more pictures!!! I’ve been getting lazy. 🙂



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