31 Aug

Went to Muuido earlier in the month but haven’t had a chance to upload any of the pics on here (it doesn’t always let me, for some reason when I do have time). I posted some pics here from Muuido last year, as well.  Muuido is always so much fun!!  I’ve been there several times in the past few years.
It was the first sunny weekend after a long stretch of rain (not just days, but weeks). Great time to head for the beach. ^^ I quite enjoyed being lazy on the beach, watching the seagulls waiting for snacks (and appreciating their footprints).

The first day we arrived fairly late in the afternoon and missed most of the sun of the day.  We sat for a while watching the sun set and then headed to the beach restaurants for some samkyupsal (4 layer pork  – similar cut to bacon, cut thicker and cooked on a grill on the table).  Yum!!  Every now and then little crabs would skitter past the table.  Cute.

Then we made friends with 2 military families that were out.   The kids had gone to bed so it was hanging out time for the parents.  Once the tide was really out, they woke up the kids to take them hunting for the glowing sea cucumbers.  Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me at the time.  The sea cucumbers there are a pale orange color during the day but look more white at night.  When touched, they fluoresce a greenish blue color.  So cool!!!

The swimming there isn’t the best, unless the tide is all the way in.  Once the tide is out you have to walk, and walk, and walk, and walk forever, just to reach knee deep water that then goes on forever.  Some still do it, of course. ^^ When it’s nice out you want to take a little dip, even if you are almost up to your ankles in mud in knee deep water.  😀

Walking around the mud flats left when the tide is out can be a messy deal, but that is part of the fun.  It’s always fun to all of a sudden find a soft spot and sink almost to your knees.  Gets a bit hard to move, though, when it’s that deep.
Koreans pile out to dig for clams and other such things for their dinner.  Kids just play in the mud. ^^  Missed mud festival this year?  You can always make your own. ^.~
While out in the knee deep  water, on the walk back I scooped up a little dragonfly that was floating on the water, looking like it was having some trouble.  I carried it all the way back to the beach (it really is a long walk) and then sat with it for a while.  It eventually flew away.  Yay.  I saved a dragonfly.

This year I was surprised to see so many tents.  It was all Koreans camping out on the beach.   Tents seem to be getting more and more popular here.  There weren’t actually many foreigners out the whole weekend!  I guess it might have to do with the fact that many were away for their summer vacation at that time.

I love the teepee looking tent.  It belonged to a Korean hippy family.  ^^  They thought I was a hippy, too. 🙂  They arrived the second day.  We hung out with them later that night.



3 Responses to “Muuido”

  1. susieliesalot August 31, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    I love that you saved a dragon fly! He’s a pretty one too. I had a blue one that hung out with me at the pool most of June, but haven’t seen him in a while. I named him Mr Chow 🙂

    I’d love to see those glowing sea cucumbers, they sound amazing!

    Sounds like a great trip!

  2. laura August 31, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    ^^ I love dragonflies.

  3. Pia K August 31, 2011 at 10:06 pm #

    looks like a wonderful trip and i have to say that teh dragonfly rescue is my favourite part too:) i love them, pretty and special!

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