it’s all about the socks baby

24 Aug

it’s about the socks babe, originally uploaded by julochka.

yes, it’s growing colder and i had to wear tall socks to keep my legs warm today. seriously one small step away from legwarmers people. in august. isn’t that just wrong? (if you’re in the northern hemisphere?)

~ julochka


One Response to “it’s all about the socks baby”

  1. Pia K August 24, 2011 at 8:52 pm #

    on the one hand i’m tad looking forward to wear all those fab socks i never got a chance to wear last spring, on the other it is, just as you say, simply plain wrong having to do this already!! i mean it’s still summer and then we have indian summer and when october’s here i can deal with those socks again… yours are cute though, that is essential with socks, if you have to wear them, the HAVE TO be cute:)

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