shoe per diem july 22, 2011 – in blue

12 Aug

Inauguration of one of the (as always) fab pair of El Naturalista shoes (yes, I practically only wear them when out and about these days, years, in case you hadn’t notice. And I don’t even get paid for all this promoting, I should do something about that, I know…) I got at the Berlin shoe sales.

This pair was actually on my very want-list (since I missed them in a shoe shop in Stockholm) and I’m so happy I found them! I adore this new seasonal colour, a denimblue hue called vaquero (the name for a Spanish cattle herder) and I really wanted a pair of shoes in this model, Inuit. Winwin with this pair! Very comfy too.

From this angle they are of very similar design to another pair I got, in the same colour (more of them later of course), but really, these are clogs with a flat-ish sole, the others are sandals with quite another heel. Really.

Anyway. Inauguration took place in the pretty, peaceful organic garden Växplats Nybyn – which I’ve mentioned here in SPD before and before – it was a lovely day, very blue, not in mood, but in details.


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