The weekend that was…

10 Jun

I always do my washing on a Saturday morning so it’s out of the way for the weekend. This week was no different until I opened up the washing machine to hang out my stuff and saw this squeaky clean shoe ready to be hung out to dry. Apparently when I bundled up everything to put in the machine this puppy came along for the ride.

Later on Saturday night I went shark racing, run by the Island Bay Football Club as a fundraiser. Our team was named Sharky & George, and I’ve had the theme song from the cartoon in my head ever since. Ended up being a fabulous night; I won a spot prize of a plant, which I named sharky, and got rather attached to an amazing furry Russian-looking hat, named George.

However, I wasn’t feeling quite so chipper at 7.30am Sunday morning when I had to wake up as I’d decided to go on a kayaking trip up to the Otaki River. Being hungover in a kayak is no good, but the freezing cold water that I went into after tipping over in an eddy definitely made me feel alive.

L x


One Response to “The weekend that was…”

  1. Stacey June 14, 2011 at 12:05 am #

    Nice one Luci! Think you may have secret blonde hair…

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