shoe per diem, feb 26, 2011 – new glasses

6 Mar

I picked up my new pair of glasses today – read more about it – and here they are with me sporting (due to the unfortunate incident with my red lovelies) what are my very first El Naturalista winter boots, Iggdrasil (of course) swirl boots in winered-tibet red. Swirl being visible from side only. They’re still a great pair of boots, but admittedly I’m not as in boots-love as with my red ones… Grey socks from Noa Noa.

My new glasses though, I <3, very nerdy professor-like, many thumbs up for that.


One Response to “shoe per diem, feb 26, 2011 – new glasses”

  1. julochka March 7, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    sad to hear there was an unfortunate incident involving your red ELs. love the new glasses (assuming they’re the ones on the right). and i love that the new ELs look purple, tho’ i realize that’s probably Instagram. 🙂

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