shoe per diem dec 5, 2010 – julmarknad

8 Dec

Which means “christmas fair” (jul = christmas, marknad = fair, market) in Swedish. Here endenth the Swedish lesson for today.

This was the fourth fair we attended so far this season, I’m far from a Christmas fan per se (it’s just a tiresome commercialized hullabaloo in Sweden), less for every year actually. And we have long since stopped giving gifts within the family (there are always other beings and causes who need stuff and money more than we…). On top of that I’m no liker of crowds either.

Still, a bit of Christmas far in snow, fires burning, the scents of “glögg” (glühwein, Swedish mulled wine) and “lussekatter” (the traditional Swedish saffron bun) lingering in the air, that’s nice.

Greetings from the Swedish Grump (not Scrooge) ~ (in red El Naturalista Iggdrasil tall boots)


2 Responses to “shoe per diem dec 5, 2010 – julmarknad”

  1. Megan December 8, 2010 at 8:42 pm #

    love the boots…i new it was a post from you, just by the type of shoes!

  2. Pia K December 14, 2010 at 12:04 am #

    thanx, megan! ha, ha, just what someone said irl the other day “i knew you were here when i spotted those boots”:)

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