shoe per diem nov 30, 2010 – winter mail

5 Dec

The Monday offered a plethora of sun. Which was gorgeous and uplifting amidst all that cold cold, white white snow. I posted a letter –

the Swedish mailboxes are blue for local mail, yellow for national and international mail. And if you’re more than a tad stupid you use the red mailboxes that appear around Christmas for your Christmas cards. A certain way to get your cards and letters delayed

marvelled at the long shadows that early in the afternoon. Shadows that had promptly 1,5 hours later when I got home turned into dusk. But who cares when there’s a fab package from MOO waiting. Christmas cards (will never be posted in the red mailbox), postcards and business cards. Oh the delight!

(While wearing the El N olive green Iggdrasil swirl boots from last year’s winter sale. And lime yellow wool leggings from Marimekko that I also got from last year’s winter sale, they’re so incredibly comfy and warm I fear they won’t last for more than one harsh winter season…)


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