shoe per diem november 28, 2010 – walking on glass

3 Dec

Yes, literally I was walking on glass that day. One of the three (yes to that too) Christmas fairs we attended on Sunday was held in a nearby glassworks company (Bro Glasbruk) which only works with turning recycled glass into pretty and/or useful new glass items.

Myself I have to admit, despite living in a country famous for its glass-works, I’m no fan of glass pieces in general. More a ceramics and wood person me.

But of recycling and upcycling I’m a fan. And good craftsmanship. Therefore I enjoyed this little fair quite a bit. And I loved that floor made of crushed glass.

Wearing the red tall boots EL N Iggdrasil. And the striped Marimekko dress of yesterday. It is a lovely, comfy little thing.


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