25 Sep

I had this past week off work (except for Monday) because of Chuseok, which is sort of like the Korean version of Chuseok.  The main day was Wednesday but because it’s such an important holiday, to give Koreans time to travel home and back again and to prepare, the two days around it are included in the holiday.  On Wednesday we decided to do something more Korean-ish so went to Namsangol Hanok Village, a little folk village at the base of Namsan in Seoul.

The village has some old style Korean homes: nobles, a carpenter, etc, that were moved there.  There is also a park around it with a large time capsule, buried in 1994 to be opened in 2394, 400 years later.  I love the little stream that goes through the park with all of its little waterfalls.  🙂

From there we headed into the Namsan park.  Nam is south and san is mountain so basically Namsan is South Mountain.  From even half way up you get a great view of Seoul.




2 Responses to “Chuseok”

  1. Stacey_Riordan September 26, 2010 at 4:56 am #

    Seems like you are never working you cow!

  2. piaktw September 26, 2010 at 5:52 pm #

    looks great, both the ancient and the modern in one day. and rather exotic to one swede in the northern hemisphere…:)

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