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Back in the office

8 Jan


I’m only one of a handful of people who came back to the office this week. The cafe is closed, there is no milk in the fridge, and I had to resort to instant coffee. But it’s oh so quiet.

New running shoes

8 Jan


Switched from Mizuno to Asics. Bring on the marathon!

Running fairy

28 Oct


Ready to run in my tutu!

Autumn in the northern hemisphere

23 Sep


It is lovely to be on this side of the world for the start of Autumn. Crunchy leaves everywhere!

shoes and snacks

17 Aug


sometimes match.

Trail running fun

12 Aug


Stacey and I travelled to whitford forest this morning to get our shoes muddy. We weren’t counting on getting our entire clothes muddy too. All on the name of fun!

Giving out sweet treats

10 Dec


Helped a friend run an event in the park today. My job was to give out free ice cream to kids. It rocked.

Shoe per diem on the go

9 Dec


We may be close to ending 2011 but I feel like i’ve just entered it. This is because I have got myself a proper smartphone and I can blog righthererightnow. This wis what you cool folk have been doing for a while. So here it is, my first live from the scene spd post. Taking a break from work and sitting in a secret park with my colleague. Hi, summer!

post-running relaxation

26 Nov

Stacey and I ran our second half-marathon last weekend. The next day, we drove back to the city. The half-marathon was about three hours away from where we live so we took a few rest stops along the way. One of them was here, one of the coolest beaches I’ve ever come across in this country. I want to be there right now.

south pacific shoe per diem

26 Nov

Been MIA for a while but haven’t forgotten to snap SPD shots. These two were taken in the lovely island of Samoa two weeks ago. I did a lot of lying on the beach with my book admiring the crystal clear water. It was beyond blissful.

jetlag ftw!

19 Oct

if there’s an upside to jetlag, it is the ability to easily jump out of bed before the sun has even risen and head out for a run and do some sightseeing while everyone else is asleep.

Excuse the photo’s poor quality. I was out running and only had my cell phone on me. Also, it was quite dark.

at least there were daisies…

15 Oct

Today’s run was a sucky one. I didn’t reach the 10k goal I’d set for myself when I got out of the door and returned home 8k later with a heavy head, feeling dehydrated and sorry for myself. But at least there were daisies.


spring day

9 Oct

Took my floral shoes and happy jeans out to a market on this lovely spring day. Spring days just make like so much better!


welcome back, spring!

27 Sep

Spring has started and Saturday was a good hint at the wonderful days we have coming our way (even if the past couple of days have been a bit chilly). Stacey and I spent our morning (well, late morning) wandering around Ponsonby road checking out the market stuff, drank apple cider, pet someone else’s dog and shared a delicious pizza for lunch. It was a really good morning and the quickly snapped SPD picture doesn’t do it much justice.


dolce fare niente!

14 Sep

i’ll admit, there hasn’t been a whole lot of shoe activity going on around here. i’ve been dividing my time between the pool and the beach and feeling quite alright about neglecting footwear for a while. unfortunately, that’s about to end. as of this weekend, i’ll be back in the southern hemisphere and back to real life. but it was good to get a slice of your summer, northern folk. thanks!

oh hai, summer!

31 Aug

Last week, I flew about 19,000km around the world to get some of that northern hemisphere summer that our fellow SPDers from this side of the world have been posting about. It’s been awesome. So awesome I’ve only remembered to take two SDP photos so far. So here they are.

I’m loving every second of it. Being home after so long, eating good food, catching up with everyone, enjoying summer and bargain hunting. Both these sandals are new purchases from the past week. The ones on top are from Primark and cost a grand total of three euros (craziness!) and the pink ones in the second photo are H&M and cost 10 euros (yes, I totally splashed out, compared to the other ones). Shopping here is as amazing as ever! Step up your game, southern hemisphere.

13 aug 2011 // birthday boots

14 Aug

Took my oldest pair of boots (brown suede from aerosoles) out and about last night with friends to celebrate my birthday. We stopped by three different venues so I’m glad I went for comfort. Excuse the dark and grainy shot. Cell phone camera used late at night after a couple of drinks too many.


7 August 2011 // Done!

8 Aug

I didn’t remember to take my SPD photo until after I’d taken my shoes off because that’s just how desperate I was to get them off my feet afterwards.


24 july 2011 // homely sunday

25 Jul

yes, it’s another kitty guest appearance. there wasn’t much more to my sunday, really. and that’s not a bad thing.


22 july 2011 // bows

22 Jul


I hardly ever wear these boots and I think the main reason is because I don’t actually really know what colour they are (a little bit blue, a little bit green, I guess) and I don’t really have anything that matches them. I put on a boring grey outfit this morning and thought it would be a good chance to take these out. Plus, they have bows. Bows make everything better.


21 july 2011 // nzff ftw!

21 Jul

waiting for the bus after an evening of many laughs, thanks to the new zealand international film festival and a really cute french comedy. i didn’t feel like laughing so much when the bus didn’t show up and i had to sit at the bus stop in the cold for 30 minutes. still, a good night out.


pink shoes & scary eyes

11 Jul

I’ve been neglecting my SPD duties and am not even sure when this photo was taken (only that it was sometimes last week). My laptop and my camera have not been talking to each other for some reason but being able to copy this photo and a few others today is hopefully a sign that they’ve somehow solved their differences.


23 Jun

5241 was the number of the parking space where I parked my car when I went into town for a work assignment. I was going to write it down because I have a habit of losing my car inside big car parks and then wander around for what feels like hours searching for it. Instead, I thought I’d take a picture that could work as SPD shot as well. Look at me, multi-tasking and all! And what’s better, I didn’t lose the car!


17 june 2011 // snail mail fun!

18 Jun

I’ve been a lame shoe per diem-er and haven’t posted in a while – apologies! My latest coffee order has arrived in the mail (200 capsules of air-tight coffee goodness, yay!) and Zara was as happy about what the postman delivered as I was. I let her play with the box for a while and took about 20 photos of her looking cute inside her new box. Yep, we’re easily entertained.


6 june 2011 // new running shoes

6 Jun

as stacey already mentioned, we decided it was time to invest in proper running shoes so went along to the shop and had our feet filmed and analysed by all sorts of fancy gadgets before the guy decided these were the right ones for us. i guess now that we gave them a bunch of our money, we really have to be serious about this running business.



4 june 2011 // leaves

5 Jun

Nothing like a little bit of colour on a dark and rainy days. these old nikes are starting to show their age but did the trick anyway.



29 may 2011 // cold night in

29 May

I’m posting this from work. Work has no warm socks and fluffy PJs, no good books and no cuddly kittens. I’m glad I snapped this cell phone photo last night so I can look at it today and remind myself of what waits for me at home.



26 may 2011 // not quite sensible enough

26 May

It rained all day today and the sun didn’t even come out from behind the clouds for a quick hello. To make matters worse, I had to leave the office for interviews in the afternoon. I was smart enough to wear boots but not smart enough to wear proper water-proof footwear. Mental note: suede is no good on rainy days.


24 may 2011 // learning to breathe

24 May

waiting for my swimming lesson to start. it was only my 4th ever and today we learnt how to breathe. it’s really not nearly as easy as all you adult swimmers make it look like. makes me wish i had gotten this out of the way as a kid, like pretty much the rest of the world seems to have done. oh well.


16 may 2011 // me & my furry nurse

16 May

went to the office early in morning only to have to drag myself back home a couple of hours later, feeling sick. lucky i’ve got my furry nurse to look after me on days like this. unfortunately, she hasn’t mastered the whole pouring of the tea from pot to cup so i had to snap this picture in a hurry and take over the situation. lovely of her trying to help but, erm, no.


10 may 2011 // ID

10 May

I’ve been such a lame Shoe Per Diem-er lately, it’s embarrassing, but it’s mostly due to how busy I’ve been. I snapped this quick ‘look-I’m-alive’ cell phone photo a few minutes ago, while rushing out of a conference on my way back to the office for another few hours of proofreading (which I hate doing). I’ve earned my chocolate donut today.


22, 23 & 24 april // easter roadtrip!

24 Apr

easter roadtrips are becoming a little bit of a tradition for us. maybe because it’s the last long weekend before winter really hits so, since i moved here, we’ve been trying to ensure we do something fun to say “see you later” to good weather. we didn’t exactly have brilliant weather for the entire roadtrip this year but it didn’t matter – we still enjoyed every second of it.

it started with a 3am start for a long drive to get to where we’d get on a boat… to an active marine volcano. i’d been meaning to do this for about 3 years so it was awesome to finally step on the island and see all the steaming and bubbling that constantly happens over there.

Here’s what the ground of the volcano looked like:

we then returned to safe land and made our way around the east cape – and what a bloody long way it is! we stopped at the lighthouse and climbed all the 750 steps to get to the top of it! Here I was, at step number 150, already considering going back to the car:

I’m glad I didn’t give up, though, because the view from up there was stunning. We spent a few minutes admiring the view… well, catching our breath, really.

We then walked along a really long and old pier that had lots of bits missing and didn’t exactly make me feel safe.

before returning home, i remembered that, last year, i had posted a photo of the lindt bunny i took on the roadtrip with me and, since i had another one this year, i thought i’d post the same photo. call it another little tradition, if you will.

and that’s it. we’re back home and it’s pouring down with rain outside. see you later, good weather!


18 april 2011 // bye bye summer

18 Apr

I resisted for as long as I could but I have had to get the boots out of the closet. the wintery weather is here already (even if winter actually isn’t) and it’s time I accept and just move on with it. Bye summer, see you in a few months!


in support of the real shoeperwoman

8 Apr

I’ve been following Amber’s Shoeperwoman blog for a few months now and she’s been running it (and constantly updating it) for a couple of years. Today, in my quest for pretty stuff to look at (isn’t that what the internet is all about?), I headed over to the blog, only to find that, instead of pretty shoes, Amber had been forced to post this disheartening post about how someone in the UK (where Amber lives too) is trying to steal her shoeperwoman identity and, with it, a great chunk of her livelihood.

The person in question has applied for the “shoeperwoman” trademark and, if successful, Amber will have to close her shoeperwoman blog. I’m crossing my fingers that whoever looks at this trademark stuff does a bit of research and realises that this person has no right to take ownership of a name Amber coined years ago (she registered the domain in 2008!).

Amber’s asking for support from her big community of readers, in an attempt to ensure her livelihood (and her husband and adorable dog). Here’s what she says:

Obviously this is a source of huge concern to us, so we would welcome any support our readers and friends have to offer us, in the shape of comments, re-tweets and advice. If you are a blogger, and would like to mention this issue on your site, I would be eternally grateful, not just for my sake, but because as I mentioned above, this is something that can happen to anyone, and it is devastating to work so hard on something for so long, only to see it put at risk like this. Also, any links back to (especially those using the word “Shoeperwoman” as the link text) would be a huge help to us right now as they will help cement our position in search engines and support our right to the trademark when we file our dispute.

Shoe-loving girls have got to stick together so do spread the word about this. I could go on and on about online identity issues and intellectual property on the internet but there’s really no point. This is wrong, no matter how you want to look at it.

P.s.: If companies such as Asos, Dorothy Perkins and Schuh knew how much money they’ve earnt from shoeperwoman advertising their shoes on her website, I’m sure they’d be backing her up too.

2 april 2011 // for the puppies!

3 Apr

things i learnt on saturday morning:

– you can get sunburnt in autumn

– people are good. well, some of them.

– stacey, who had done this the previous day, was right: children and old people give. people and suits – not so much.

– everyone loves puppies

– these vests/bibs/things they make you wear are really stinking hot

After only two hours outside a mall, I came back home full of warm fuzzies and a restored faith in humanity.


27 march 2011 // she’s not even sorry!

27 Mar

the kitty’s latest obsession involves unrolling toilet paper in the bathroom, dragging it all out to the lounge and then shredding it to pieces. If I was a cat, I’d probably find this heaps of fun too. But I’m the person who been picking up pieces of toilet paper off the rug pretty much all weekend long so I guess you can see how I’m failing to appreciate the fun of it.


23 March 2011 // in the dark

24 Mar

A crap cell phone photo to mark the day Stacey and I ran our first 16km! Taken by the port exactly 8km into our run when, after running for 1 hour (yeah, we’re slow), we stopped to stretch and catch our breath.


15 march 2011 stranger’s shoes and a novella

15 Mar

i think this is the third pair of abandoned shoes i post here on spd. i seem to be finding a lot of pairs randomly left in parks and streets lately. this pair of converse was left in a park near home for ages, socks and all. we were there for quite a while and the park seemed deserted and no one came to get them.

I sat on a bench near the abandoned converse for a while, reading a new book i received from a friend. i’m loving these end-of-summer afternoons and dreading the colder times when 7pm will mean dark skies and no reading outside.


13 march 2011 // the road was too small

13 Mar

for the ~70,000 other pairs of feet that entered this run. stacey and i ended up getting frustrated at all the walkers taking up the runners’ side of the road and there was a lot of pushing and shoving involved. still, the weather was gorgeous and a run is a run so we’re happy to tick this one off the list!


11 march 2011 // red

12 Mar

Some days are just weird. This was one. I attended a funeral in the afternoon and went to a birthday party in the evening. Circle of life and all that, I guess, but it still felt a bit strange.

Anyway, for the funeral, we were requested to wear red and green rather than the usual black. I didn’t really fancy the whole Christmas tree look so chose to compromise with red wedges and a dress that had black, red and some green.


5 march 2011 // singing in the rain

7 Mar

some of my friends and i had bought tickets for this outdoors music festival months in advance and had been dreaming about a nice picnic in the sun for ages… then festival day came along and it turned out to be a miserable wet one, with rain and mud everywhere. We still went along but had to crack out the good old waterproof boots for the occasion – something I never thought I’d have to do in summer. One positive thing about that day, other than seeing my friends: it was a good excuse to wear my bright pink trench coat!


28 February 2011 // under the australian sun

3 Mar

I spent three days across the Tasman sea for a conference and it was absolute madness. I ended up only taking one SPD shot in the entire three days, during the only run I managed to do while I was there.

The place we stayed at was fantastic, right in front of the beach. Sadly, the views were pretty much the only good thing about this running session, and all the rest of the conditions ticked the wrong boxes: I got more drunk than I ever had the night before, got about one hour (if that) of sleep, was wide awake at 6:15AM so decided to put my running shoes on and head out the door, forgot to take water with me and started feeling dizzy and dehydrated (especially after all the alcohol) and even got lost trying to find my way back to the hotel.

You don’t need to tell me I suck. I’ve been telling myself that since then, don’t worry.


21 January 2011 // before class

24 Feb

sitting outside with a book, waiting for the Russian teacher to arrive for the first class of the year.


raro, baby, raro!

15 Feb

pictures from three days in paradise.

just outside the room, overlooking the beach.

these are the feet of the guid that took us on our trek across the island. these feet have done that walk over 4000 times, most of them with no shoes on.

starfish! and the clearest water i’ve ever seen!

hello there!

some more lounging around on the beach.


10 February 2011 // networking

10 Feb

My job sometimes involves meeting up with people in bars for drinks in the sun, chat, drink, laugh and call it work. Needless to say, I’m okay with that.


8 February 2011 // sandflies

8 Feb

Or how it looks like I caught some sort of deadly skin disease. Three days before I’m supposed to go to a tropical island for three days, sunbathe and wear summery clothes. FML.


7 February 2011 // groceries

7 Feb

One of my new year’s resolutions was to stop getting takeaways so often and start cooking more meals at home (and therefore eating healthy while saving money). Last year, we were getting takeaways at least once a week which was not only expensive but also not all that good for us. After a slip-up on the first week of January, we have cooked all our meals at home, which hasn’t ceased to amaze me (and my bank balance is loving it too).

Last night, we *really* felt like pizza. Old me would have just ordered it online but 2011 me went to the supermarket instead and got fresh ingredients to make the homemade pizza of awesome. And yep, it was awesome!


5 February 2011 // another day another hike

7 Feb

Went for a walk on a steep track on a hot and muggy day. I blame all those adjectives for not having remembered to take my SPD shot during the hike but I did snap a couple of post-hike pics. We rewarded ourselves with cold wine and a dip in the nearby stream.

31 January 2011 // pretty fabrics!

7 Feb

Now if only I could think of what to do with them…

29 January 2011 // old shoes among old books

30 Jan

a trip to an amazing secondhand bookstore in Devonport.



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