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kitty love

27 Jun

Hi…long time no post. It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I’m still taking a shoe photo every day. Often with help…

kitty love

kitty love



22 Jun

Receiving the purrfect welcome home at the end of the day.


A sudden snow

12 Feb

I went for a nice snow-free walk this afternoon, and then not more than hour later there was snow everywhere.

A snowstorm came out of nowhere (but really it had to be from somewhere) just as I was heading out to grab a bite to eat. I guess I wouldn’t have minded so much, but I was completely taken by surprise.


road rainbow

30 Jan

I went for a mid-day walk to get away from my desk and found a lovely road rainbow.

lazy lunching

27 Jan

My class was canceled the other day, so I snuck up to the 4th floor of my building (which is oddly only a landing at the top of the stairwell – but it’s well hidden) spread out my emergency office blanket, ate lunch, and watched netflix.




19 Dec

My son and I went to Washington DC this weekend and finally made it to see where the Obamas live!

My son really wanted me to boost him over the gate to see how far he could make it until the Secret Service tackled (or tasered) him…but I managed to talk him out of it.


21 Nov

I was supposed to run the philadelphia marathon today, but my knee gave out about half way through my training. i ended up going anyway to cheer on another friend who was running, and took my son. here we are at mile 13 waiting to spot my friend.

Turns out cheering people on is almost as hard as running. I have a hoarse throat from screaming and my hands are sore from clapping!


18 Nov

I’ve always been rather fond of the glasses/mustache on the wall near wear I park when I go into town….in fact it’s probably why I prefer this lot above all other places to park.



26 Oct


My favorite street graffiti…the doom in the alley behind my house.

going green

24 Oct

i don’t really have a good reason as to my long absence, but i’m back…and i’ve really missed shoe per diem.

i painted my son’s room bright green this weekend. he’s so in love with the color that he wants to spend all of his time in there now. i have to say, i wasn’t on board with the color at first, but now i’m quite taken with it. not sure if it grew on me, or if it’s the lingering effects of the paint fumes.


7 Aug

I’ve been working hard on getting my injured legs functioning again, and I’m finally there.

I started training for the Philadelphia Marathon this week. So far, so good. Just one small thing…training doesn’t stop for the weather. I did my intervals in the pouring rain today.

It was still better than being on a treadmill.


it’s a start

20 Jul

I’ve been slowly getting back into running. It turns out my IT bands are super tight, which is why I’ve been having trouble recovering. Between torturous massages on my legs and figuring out how to get the knots out on my foam roller things seem to be going ok.

Last night I went out for the longest run since I’ve been injured…4 miles/6.5 km. I’m trying not to get ahead of myself, but there’s still a chance I could do a marathon this fall.


more walking

15 Jul

I’m slowly getting back into running, but am still doing quite a bit of walking. Today my running-partner-turned-walking-partner and I strolled along the river after work today.

swimming sunday

11 Jul

the weather here has been HOT HOT HOT. not that i’m complaining because i love hot weather & lots of sunshine. sunday was the perfect day to hang out by the pool.

pb martinis

28 Jun

Enjoying peanut butter cup martinis with friends….

life after 30

20 Jun

I know I’ve been a bad, bad shoe per diemer. But I’ve been busy doing this…

But before I was busy doing all this above, I was busy turning 30!!! Celebrating 30, as it turns out, is quite a bit of work. Following the celebration I did lots and lots of homework for my summer classes so I didn’t have much to do while I was at the beach. So while I know there is no excuse for my poor behavior…I really have been busy.

Although it’s been busy, my 30’s have been pretty spectacular so far. I can’t wait to see what this decade holds.

if you can’t run it, walk it

29 May

craving some distance, my running (i guess more like walking) partner and i went on a 10 mile/16K walk today. turns out doing that distance in the heat with rolling hills is just as exhausting as running it. there were lots of great sites along the way too…


27 May

It’s been so rainy here that every time I try to walk (since I still can’t run) it starts raining as soon as I’m ready to go. Today my friend and I got out and made it almost the whole way before the sky turned dark and the lightening started in the distance. We still had time to take a quick picture before cutting our walk short and heading home.


25 May

i had friends come in from out of town this weekend. meaning i cleaned my house all friday night and saturday morning only to be left with a mess come monday morning. it was totally worth it though. i didn’t have time to clean after work on monday since i’m taking two summer classes and needed to do homework, which means i’m cleaning now, but only because i’m sick of doing more homework.

oh, but i did have time to get a pedicure on friday!

on fire

18 May

driving back from lunch today when my coworker noticed i kind of matched a fire hydrant along the street. she immediately pulled the car over and a photo shoot ensued.


patio time

12 May

The weather has finally started to get nice…which means I’ve officially kicked off patio dining season.

I’ve lunched outside at three different patios this week. Although the first patio wasn’t ready so we just sat outside and stared at the patio, anxiously waiting for the construction work to be finished.


weekend recap

9 May

Friday I went to the monthly arts festival, part of which is in an old rundown (but they’re fixing it up) factory with tons of cool doors and elevators that I don’t think anyone really uses. There were people spinning wool and making clothing. Also lots of felting going on. There was also tons of wool & fabric for sale. It was pretty awesome.

Saturday I went to my first roller derby game. The girls were amazing. There’s no way I’d ever be able to move, let alone get up from the floor, after taking some of the hits these ladies took. Also – it’s really hard to take photos of people on skates with an iphone.

Sunday my mom came over, helped me select flowers, weed my flowerbed, and then plant the flowers. I’m new at this homeowner thing. I’m glad she was able to give me lots of help & good planting advice.


bleeding hearts

5 May

went for my first run (although very short and slow) in 2 weeks. no pain or issues, but i’m going to try to take it easy and slowly build up my mileage. i think the no-heels plan is working.

upon returning home i discovered my bleeding heart is starting to bloom. i didn’t even know i had one since this is my first spring in my house. i love bleeding hearts.



3 May

playing outside on a picnic table/checkerboard with a friend (and our lip glosses) after lunch at one of our favorite places.

also, today is the second day of my new lifestyle…i’ve given up heels (probably not wedges). i’m still have IT band trouble and haven’t been able to run. i think the heels are keeping me from fully recovering. marathon training starts in 2 months and i’m still having a lot of pain. if i can’t heal i may have to consider taking this season off, which would be pretty devastating.

rock on

27 Apr

a lone, perfectly oval rock awaited me this morning at the entrance to my work building. thinking it might be a good luck charm i decided i better pick it up.

i have had a fairly entertaining day, so i’d say the rock did its job.


red shoes

26 Apr

Wow I really have been gone for a while!! We have a new addition to shoe per diem and every thing! Welcome Jim!!!

Here’s a photo I took over my shoe per diem hiatus. Even though I don’t post daily, I still take a photo every day…they just don’t always make it on here.

I managed to take this photo in 4″ heels, balancing on one foot, and quite full from some delicious thai food. I stole part of the idea of the photo from this post by Stacey (thanks for the inspiration).

Oh the things I’ll do for a great shoe shot. You can fully expect to see me in a cast someday due to a shoe per diem photo gone wrong.


baby feet

26 Apr

My 20 month old niece was more than happy to put her best foot forward for shoe per diem. My mom bought her new shoes for easter and she was eager to show them off.

My niece doesn’t look anything like me, but she sure does act a lot like me…which causes much concern for my sister!


bridge art

31 Mar

It feels like forever since I’ve been on here. Work has been busy & it’s getting to the end of the semester so I’m starting final projects for my classes.

I went for a walk over lunch yesterday and came across some stunning art underneath the bridge!


another running post – but with snow

10 Mar

Oh, how I wish I had a beautiful, warm-weather photo with a sunset to share…I can only offer a shoe photo of me stretching near snow after my run. Still, I ran – not very far, but it was without pain, so i’ll take it.

Way to go Vera & Stacey on your 9.5K run!!!


elevator fun

4 Mar

did you ever find yourself alone in an elevator with one of your good friends, a camera, and an inability to behave? that pretty much sums up this picture.


running again

3 Mar

I feel like I’ve missed a lot on Shoe Per Diem since I’ve been gone. Not a lot to report on this end…I was sick, my son was sick, the weather was borderline apocalyptic…super warm, then tons of snow, then high winds, then a thunderstorm and lots of rain.

BUT, I’m starting to be able to run without pain during and tenderness afterwards. Although it was a very short run, my run today was the best run i’ve had post-injury. I was a little worried I might try to run too fast and re-injure myself, but turns out I’m completely and totally out of shape, which keeps me at nice slow pace.

Hope all is well


this must be what purgatory is like

17 Feb

this is me.

lying down sick.

in an empty limo.

during a wine tour.

too much wine, you ask.

no – i wish.

i was on a wine tour with some girlfriends when a massive sinus infection & strep throat hit me on the way there. i slept off and on in the limo for 10 hours while the rest of my friends drank the day away.

my throat was so sore i couldn’t even swallow the wine, but not from lack of trying. and then there was the fever and the body aches. i could barely move….but i did remember to take a picture

the day definitely made it in the top 5 of my worst days ever.


at the office

11 Feb

playing footsie with one of my favorite co-workers. i actually think we were working, but got distracted taking photos with hipstamatic. it’s hard working with people you’re friends with, but really fun.


on the 5’s

10 Feb

I got the green light to start some light running from my physical therapist. Yesterday I FINALLY went out for my first run in almost 6 weeks. I ran very slowly for 5 minutes, then walked for 5, then ran for 5, then walked the rest of the way home.

My right knee felt different than the left , but no pain.

After the run my IT band started to hurt, but after some heavy duty rolling on my foam roller it felt better. I’m hoping to be able to do this twice a week and build from there, as long as my IT band pain doesn’t get worse.

Stretching (and saying a silent prayer to the running gods) pre-run:


weekend in review

7 Feb

Saturday I took my son to a roller skating birthday party. At ten years old he’s nearly bigger than I, and with skates, he was.

I didn’t dare skate for fear of twisting my knee and undoing all the work I’ve done in hopes of running again someday.

Today, I finally got around to shoveling the ice off of my back walkway. There was so much that I had to get a shovel and break it up. We’ve been having lots of ice storms around here lately.

Have I mentioned I’m ready for summer??



5 Feb

It’s still cold and miserable here in Pennsylvania. Yesterday I took the day off from work and went shopping with my mom. Later that night I went to the local arts festival that takes place the first friday of every month in an amazing old factory that has been converted into artists studios.

I’m not sure what I loved more – the amazing cake, the admit wall, the people, or the mulled wine, or just getting out of my house.


doom in the winter

26 Jan

walking in the alley behind my house to the local sub shop, my son and i stopped to admire our favorite landmark along the way.

it somehow looks (and feels) less threatening in the winter than on a warm summer’s night.

frozen pipes

24 Jan

It’s been cold here the past couple of days. It was -2 F (-19C) this morning.

I quickly realized I didn’t have water Saturday morning and thought I must have forgotten to pay the water bill. Upon further inspection I realized that my main water pipe was frozen. Who knew? This is my first winter in my house.

After lots of phone calls it was determined my only course of action was to use a blow dryer on the pipe. And it worked.

Later that night my friend and I went shopping for something to insulate the pipe…sadly it was dark by the time we were able to get to it and that part of the basement (which is dirt and really scary) doesn’t have a light.

Here I am admiring my handwork via flashlight after insulating the pipe…and it worked. No frozen pipes Sunday or this morning.


living a bit on the lazy side

20 Jan

I feel like I’ve been gone forever. I’m enjoying getting caught up on all the posts I’ve missed. It’s kinda nice seeing all the warm-weathered photos, since it’s so cold and snowy here.

My friend called and invited me over to her place last night. I was already comfy in my pjs, and there was no way I was going to change. I threw on my snow boots, grabbed my slippers and headed out the door. Although it a slushy mix of snow and ice, it was pretty nice out, so I ended up walking to her house. I’m sure people probably thought a homeless person was wandering the streets.


Jan 12

13 Jan

It’s been a long, horrible week. After a year long battle with leukemia my dad passed away. He was 51 years old.

Not knowing what to do with myself, I did the completely logical thing…I shoveled snow. And then too a picture of it. While I don’t post every day, I always take a photo everyday – and after a year, It’s pretty much become a habit. I figure I might as well document the bad right along with the good.

It’s going to be a rough road ahead.


staying bright on drab days

4 Jan

To fight the lingering blahness of the winter days and going back to work after 2 weeks off, I tried to brighten my day up by wear bright colors. It worked a little.


PS I finally took the instagram plunge.

car wash

31 Dec

I’ve been quite a homebody these past two weeks, but made it out on the town to run a few errands with a friend this afternoon, including a trip to the car wash…


workin’ IT

30 Dec

and by IT, I mean my IT band. I don’t think my IT band is damaged, but it could be one of the reasons my knee isn’t feeling all that great. I figured it couldn’t hurt to do some IT band exercises after my runs/walks…

While it doesn’t look like much, this exercise totally kicked my ass.


knee issues

27 Dec

I’ve been having some knee problems since my marathon. I haven’t ran more than 5 miles/3K since. I’ve been trying to walk some, and then run some…I suspect it might be the cold bothering my knee, but I can’t be sure. It’s been frustrating to say the least. I’ve been trying to run every day, but worry about damaging something.

I’ve started doing some yoga to supplement my running. I just hope when I’m healed I’ll still be able to run a decent distance.

Attempting the eagle pose after a run:


adult day

21 Dec

Since I’m off from work and my son is still in school, one of my friends came over today for an adult day.

Our day consisted of champagne, chips, dip & crackers, a marathon of the show Arrested Development, and playing the Wii.

Here I am, in my pajamas, curled up on the chair with champagne watching my friend play bowling on the Wii.

It’s exhausting doing nothing all day.


executive decisions

18 Dec

The curse has been broken.

Yesterday was my last day of work until Jan. 3! Every year we work until noon, and then go out for lunch/drinks. Every year my son gets a stomach bug on my last day. I haven’t partaken in afterwork festivities since 2006. This year I anxiously waited for the phone call, but it never came.

After lunch (and perhaps a bit too much wine) we discovered the new conference room at the restaurant/hotel had been foolishly left unlocked.


wrapping without wine

17 Dec

Tomorrow is my last day of work for two weeks! To prepare I spent tonight wrapping presents for my co-workers. As I was wrapping I couldn’t understand why it was so dreadful. I don’t really like wrapping gifts, but it was horrid this time. That’s when I realized I had forgotten the most crucial component for wrapping gifts…WINE. Not sure how it happened, but I assure you fellow Shoe Per Diemers, it won’t happen again.


walking it off

15 Dec

my running partner and i slipped away from our work holiday luncheon a few minutes early to go for a cold, but much needed walk in hopes of undoing some of the damage of the buffet style lunch.

although the snow from this morning had already melted, i still wore my snow boots. beats taking a walk in 4″ heels.



8 Dec

Today is my son’s 10th birthday. I can’t believe how fast the past 10 years have gone by.

We started the day out with cupcakes and presents in bed, and ended it with cake and presents right before bed.

I was so excited for the cake, I didn’t think to take a picture BEFORE we started eating it. And also – notice that my foot (on the right) is barely even in the photo. I ate so much dinner and cake that I could barely lift my leg up onto the table!

more spinning

6 Dec

Only 10 more days and I’ll be off work for 2 glorious weeks.

The college closes for 2 weeks during the holidays. I can’t wait. I’ve already finished all of my major projects and not a whole lot more seems to be coming in.

With a little extra time on my hands I decided to spin in my chair and see what happens first…

Someone notices the crazy lady spinning in the corner and says something


I get dizzy

I got dizzy first.



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