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heidikins shoes: starting to feel like fall!

24 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 24 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

The days are getting cooler, nights are downright chilly, and leaves as starting to dry and turn colors!  Fall is coming and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited about it.  Chinese Laundry red leather heels with cutouts, buckle at toe, and chunky 4″ heel. 

heidikins shoes: yellow patent leather

23 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 23 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

I like these bright yellow patent leather wedges from Aldo.  The color and the peep-toe makes them definitively “summer”, although it’s starting to cool off here and the smell of fall is in the air.  Sigh.  I love fall.

heidikins shoes: teal strappy wedge

22 Aug

Shoe of the Day, 22 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

B.P. Shoes (Nordstrom’s house brand).  Teal and floral strappy wedge with 4″ cork wedge heel.  I wanted a lovely outdoorsy picture, but while I was in church an enormous, windy, sleety storm hit Salt Lake.  So now I’m listening to the rain and watching a trio of handsome policemen chop up a blown-over tree that is blocking my street.  Not a bad way to spend an afternoon, really.

heidikins shoes: red strappy sandal

20 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 20 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Red satin strappy sandal with a 4″ cork wedge heel.  I found these at Nordstrom Rack a few years ago and have worn then so much the brand label has been rendered unreadable.  So I don’t know who made these lovelies–I just know that I feel like a million bucks whne I wear them.  They are like lingerie for your feet.

heidikins shoes: black patent leather

19 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 19 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Steve Madden black patent leather strappy sandal with 4″ heel. Surprisingly comfortable, and the perfect way to show off my new red pedicure.  (Apologies for the fuzzy photo–not sure what’s going on there.)

heidikins shoes: fisherman’s sandals

18 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 18 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Kenneth Cole sandals of rope, jute, and narrow leather straps.  I’ve always thought of these as my “Fisherman’s Sandals”, even though I can’t imagine a fisherman having anything to do with a 3″ wedge.

heidikins shoes: pink is a neutral

17 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 17 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Pale pink 4″ heels from Amanda Smith with leather flower on the almond-shaped toe.  I don’t typically think of pink as a neutral, but when I was looking at the half-dozen photos I took this morning I couldn’t help but notice that on my very pale legs (which are still just as pale as they were in February, even though it’s the end of the summer) pale pink is absolutely a neutral. Noted. 

heidikins shoes: monday blues

16 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 16 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Bright, electric-blue peep-toe slingback from Charlotte Russe.  I am struggling today, and while the new shoes help, I still think it’s gonna be a rough one.

heidikins shoes: summer BBQ

16 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 15 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Banana Republic leather wedge with 4″ heel and details on peep-toe.  I love the end-of-summer BBQ’s with friends.  The evenings are starting to cool down to the 50’s and fall is just around the corner.  And I think I still have at least 50 more pair of summer sandals to churn through!

heidikins shoes: film festival

16 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 14 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Seychelles wedge sandal with velcro straps in tiny floral print.

Salt Lake is perhaps best know for the Sundance Film Festival–however there are several other smaller ones throughout the year with some excellent films.  I spent most of Saturday in an air-conditioned theatre watching independent films, documentary, and shorts.

heidikins shoes: purple patent leather

13 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 13 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins.

I found these Ciao Bella wedges on an end-of-summer clearance sale.  Online they looked a lot more lavendar, but I am kind of loving the deeper purple patent leather!

heidikins shoes: t-strap wedge

12 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 12 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Dark espresso, croc-stamped leather T-strap wedge with a 5″ heel, from Banana Republic. 

heidikins shoes: all about teal

11 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 11 August, 2010, uploaded by heidikins

N.Y.L.A. teal/aqua suede sandals with gold trim and 4″ stacked heel.  Paired with a peacock-blue-green shirtdress dress and a short-stack of skinny gold belts, I’m not sure if it’s too matchy-matchy, but I also don’t particularly care.  I just love the shoes.

heidikins shoes: 8.10.2010

11 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 10 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Due to some technical difficulties, I missed posting these yesterday.  At any rate, better late than never, right?

Kenneth Cole platform sandal in soft navy leather with chocolate brown suede trim, sporting criss-cross straps and 5″ heel. 

heidikins shoes: preppy rouched heels

9 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 9 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

I’m pretty sure these were a Nordstrom Rack find, I don’t recognize the brand-name at all.  Preview International chocolatey brown leather pumps with 3″ heel and pointy, rouched toes, accented by a little bow. 

heidikins shoes: the spectator

8 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 8 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

These spectator heels are from Guess by Marciano, I love the polka-dot cut-outs and the cognac-capped toes and heels.

heidikins shoes: all about the velcro

8 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 7 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

These look like Converse, but are not.  They are Vans brand and I love the velcro tabs–they make me happy. It’s been terrifically rainy and cloudy and overcast the last few days, and I am wearing red shoes to combat the blahs.  (Who has heard of a week-long rainstorm in the middle of the summer in the desert?  Honestly.)

heidikins shoes: red wooden wedges

6 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 6 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Steve Madden red leather T-strap mary-janes 5″ wedge.  These are one of my go-to Happy Shoes.  I have my last final of the semester tonight (Money and Banking, blah!) and I’m hoping these will send good vibes from my toes upward.  Happy Friday!

heidikins shoes: aqua and teal stiletto

5 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 5 August, 2010, uploaded by heidikins

These lovelies were a gift and I kind of think they are fabulous.  Yes, they were worn today for the one simple fact that they match my bright blue toenails.  The strap is silk with a croc-stamped leather band and rhinestone “buckle” that has absolutely no function whatsoever. 

heidikins shoes: colin stuart, i heart thee!

4 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 4 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret chunky summer sandal; wood cone heel, white leather straps, and brass nailheads to keep things interesting.  And yes, I have bright blue toenails, which makes me feel like I have traveled back to 1997 and/or age 15.

heidikins shoes: big fat business meeting

3 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 3 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

I have a big, important business meeting today.  One of those conservative affairs where bright red toenail polish warrants raised eyebrows and sassy accessories should be left at home.  Luckily, these black patent-leather Mary Janes from Steve Madden fit the bill perfectly.  Demure, classic, conservative and with just a little shine to keep me happy.

heidikins shoes: white and pointy

2 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 2 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

I found these no-name heels a few years ago for a fantastic steal, I think they were $10 dollars or something.  I love the ankle strap detail and the pointy toe!  I’m hoping they give me enough good karma and/or good luck to pass my Money & Banking exam tonight!

heidikins shoes: sequins and peep toes*

1 Aug

Shoe per Diem, 1 August 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Several years ago my favorite aunt had the grave misfortune of her feet growing a half-size.  This was tragic for her, but awesome for me.  I inherited a dozen pair of fabulous heels–some of which have already been featured here–including this pair of MainFrame black sequined peep-toe 5″ beauties.  Admittedly, these may be a bit overkill for church, particularly when combined with a zebra-print skirt, but I’m not going to let that bother me.

*The title “sequins and peep-toes” kind of makes me think about a casino dancer or something…that’s not what this is, clearly.  :-/

heidikins shoes: converse and a haircut

31 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 31 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Chuck Taylor converse in navy, laces not included.  These shoes will forever be known as the footwear I wore when my hair lost it’s virginal blonde status.  I’m still blonde, in fact, I’m blonder!

heidikins shoes: put on your red shoes!

30 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 30 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Yay!  It’s Friday!  This week has been full of exams, big homework projects, out-of-town work meetings and a little romantical dramatics.  How do I cope?  Red shoes.  Always.  These are Guess by Marchiano, red patent leather sling-back with toe cut-outs and a 4″ heel.  Happy Friday!

heidikins shoes: mixed media

29 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 28 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

When I tried these Amanda Smith heels on I loved them so much I bought them in three different colors (which is totally justifiable, btw).  This pair in chocolate-croc, nubby brown tweed, and camel suede is probably my least worn of the three, but most of that is because I usually wear black instead of brown, it doesn’t mean I love them any less.

heidikins shoes: crushing on patent leather roses

28 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 27 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Another pair of Steve Madden’s (I wonder how many I own?  20?  30?  I should count…), nude-colored patent leather wedge with ankle strap and leather rose on the toe.  I have a crush on these all over again!

heidikins shoes: plan b

27 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 27 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

This morning I was hurrying out of my apartment to make it to work on time, I was skipping every other stair and when I made it to the sidewalk the inevitable happened.  My heel caught in a crack and broke completely off my shoe.  I may have cursed and I may have cried (ok, I did both), and after a quick survey of the damage I tramped (limped?) back up the stairs to change shoes.  These Joey O black, round-toe, 5″ pumps aren’t too shabby for a Plan B. 

heidikins shoes: rockin’the espadrille

26 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 26 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

I remember falling head-over-heels for these espadrille’s the moment I laid eyes on them.  Nine West orangey-red brocde wedge with red ribbon ankle ties.  Hopefully these will be a good-luck charm for my economics test tonight (Money & Banking, blah!).

heidikins shoes: summer heat

25 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 25 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Steve Madden platform wedge strappy sandal.  Summer has finally hit Salt Lake with 90-degree temperatures (32 C) at midnight and triple-digits (38 C) during the day.  Yes, it’s as horrific as it sounds.  I would like to make some kind of “white hot sandals keep you cool” joke–but my apartment doesn’t have air conditioning and frankly, the humorous part of my brain is fried.

heidikins shoes: O, Pioneers!

24 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 24 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Yep, it’s Cowgirl Boot time in Utah today.  Yee-haw for rodeos, ENORMOUS parades honoring Pioneer ancestors, and a whole lotta fireworks.  Happy 24th of July!

(If you missed it yesterday, today is a holiday here in Utah that rivals the 4th of July.)

heidikins shoes: amusement park Friday!

23 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 23 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

American Eagle red, t-strap sandals with freshly painted red toes.  In lieu of dressing down for Casual Friday at work, I’m heading to an amusement park for roller coasters, cotton-candy and overpriced hamburgers.  You see, today is a holiday in Utah.  No, actaully, that’s not true.  Tomorrow is a holiday, the 24th of July, but today we are celebrating–banks are closed, 90% of businesses are closed, auto dealerships are throwing enormous sales.  It’s a bonafide party!  What, you’ve never heard of The 24th of July?  Oh, well, it’s the day that the first Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley in 1847 and started their own country (which was later added to the United States, obviously).  But in this faire state, the 24th (also called The Days of ’47) is still a bigger party than the 4th of July complete with rodeos, a ridiculously large parade, fireworks, BBQ’s and a paid day off work.  Yay Pioneers!

heidikins shoes: bows and tweed

22 Jul

 Shoe per Diem, 21 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

These lavendar, lime, turquoise and cornflower blue tweed heels have lime green trim and a bow on the toe.  I was unaware that one could mix lavendar, lime, turquoise and cornflower blue, but today I’m rocking the blue skirt, lime-green sweater, lavendar scarf and turquoise necklace…it’s bright, but it works!

heidikins shoes: how I do “menswear” (which means, I don’t. really.)

21 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 21 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

I have never been able to pull of the flat, menswear oxford shoe-look. I just can’t get into wearing boy shoes as a business-outfit statement.  When I saw these burgandy, patent-leather pointy-toe pumps I immediately fell in-love with the little bows and conservative (at least, to me) 3″ heel.  The perfect shoe for rocking a meeting with clients or bosses or whomever.

heidikins shoes: a red shoe kind of day

20 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 20 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Some days are red-shoe kind of days.  Today, for example.  I should have repainted my toenails red as well, but it was either that or breakfast and I’m not one to skip meals. Ever.  (What?  This girl likes to eat!)  Steve Madden red patent leather peep-toe with stacked, 4″ heel.  These shoes make me happy.

heidikins shoes: not quite vintage

19 Jul


Shoe per Diem, 19 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

These vintagey heels are from BP (the “Juniors” brand at Nordstrom) and I love the soft, dusty-pink suede accented with ostrich-printed leather bits.  Also?  That view is not from my window; I live in a teeny-tiny cube with florescent lighting and nary a leaf to be seen.

heidikins shoes: above neutrals

18 Jul

Shoe of the Day, 18 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

My main shoe-man Steve Madden made these for me and they are so fancy I sometimes forget to wear them.  The beige brocade is accented with sequins, sparkles and pearls.  Perhaps a little much for church, but I see no point in owning fantastic shoes if you don’t wear them.

heidikins shoes: hiking a Utah slot canyon

17 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 17 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Tevas, perfect for hiking through a river.  Utah has some of the most incredible hiking in the western United States.  We have granite-topped peaks and gorgeous red-rock formations.  Not in the same canyon–usually.  I live at the base of a rocky, craggy, primarily granite mountain range.  But just a few hours south is the Red Rock Country.  Seriously, pictures do not do this scenery justice.  That being said, I’d like you to have a little idea of the gorgeousness I encountered today hiking through a little-known slot canyon, which was so narrow in places I could touch both sides without stretching.

heidikins shoes: going retro…kind of

16 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 16 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Retro-print wedges with orange leather straps, Colin Stuart for Victoria’s Secret.  I love these shoes–LOVE them.  This summer when I moved all my winter shoes to the back of my closet/shoe-room and my summer shoes to the front I rediscovered these babies and fell in-love all over again.  Who knew orange, yellow and purple went together so well!

heidikins shoes: green suede Mary Jane’s

15 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 15 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Charles by Charles David green suede Mary Jane wedge.  The first time I saw these in a catalog I fell completely in-love, but I had a hard time justifying the $140 price-tag.  I decided that I’d wait a little while and if I still loved them I’d be okay spending the money (and I was secretly hoping they would be on sale.)  A few months later they did go on sale, and while $80 was still a little steep, I had been good and waited and now these lovelies would be my reward.  Only, they no longer had my size!  I kind of got after myself for not just buying them when I could.  Nearly six months later I was in California for a weekend and happened to wander through a mall with a Charles David shoe store (which does not exist anywhere near my home).  I was positive they wouldn’t have my shoes, but I decided to check anyway.

Lo, and Behold, on the clearance rack, marked down to $40 were my beloved green Mary Janes.  And did they have my size?  People, they only had my size.  I took this as proof that God loves me and wants me to be happy. 

heidikins shoes: purple suede

14 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 14 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Purple-plum suede, 3.5″ heel, peep-toe Mary Jane.  Elvis sings about Blue Suede Shoes; I am much more in-love with purple ones (although, if we’re being completely honest, I’d probably be all swoony over blue suede shoes as well).

heidikins shoes: go for the gold

13 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 13 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

You just can’t go wrong with gold heels, you know?  Steve Madden 4″ gold wedge.  Clearly, these shoes have been loved and worn and loved some more. 

heidikins shoes: best $5 dollar shoes EVER

13 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 12 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

These platform espadrille sandals were a $5-dollar close-out purchase last summer.  I absolutely love the chocolatey canvas and braided jute wedge.  Unfortunately, $5 dollar shoes don’t last forever, and these have only a few wearings left before the straps break off and my cobbler (yes, I have a cobbler) says he probably can’t fix them, but he’ll try.

heidikins shoes: any given Sunday

11 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 11 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Steve Madden platform T-strap with a 5″ heel and snake-printed leather.  Wearing these with a thrifted-and-modified “old lady” dress…my roommate assures me that the jaw-dropping heels keep it from being “old lady.”  I tend to agree with her.  :o)

heidikins shoes: biking and hiking and pirating

11 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 10 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Bright pink Chuck Taylor converse?   Yes I can!  I’ve had these for a while, but shockingly yesterday was their first outing.  (I know, I know–I don’t really understand it either).  Activities included a long, lovely motorcycle ride up the canyon, a hike to Silver Lake (pictured), and attending a Halloween costume party dressed as a pirate…a pirate in pink converse.  (Yes, you read that correctly.  Halloween costume party in July–why not?)

heidikins shoes: indigo girl

9 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 10 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Steve Madden purpley-indigo 3″ heels.  It’s Friday, which at my office means Casual Friday.  I have never been one to wear cut-off shorts and flip-flops to the grocery store, let alone to work.  On Casual Friday I will usually be found in heels.  That’s just how I roll.

heidikins shoes: metallic roses

8 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 8 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Charles by Charles David, 4″ espadrille wedge with metallic gold straps and a leather rose on the toe.  It took me almost an hour of walking around the store (Nordstrom) in these before I decided to make the full-price-and-over-$100- purchase. I questioned whether I’d wear gold metallic shoes. Five years later they are one of my go-to summer shoes, I wear them with everything. Definitely an excellent investment. (Yes, I see shoes as investments. Don’t judge.)

heidikins shoes: turquoise is my new favorite color

7 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 7 July 2010, originally uploaded by heidikins

Colin Stuart for Victorias Secret–yes, VS sells shoes.  Awesome ones, actually–in turquoise patent leather with a pointy toe and a pointy heel.  I have had these for several years, but I think this is only their 3rd or 4th outing.  I need more clothing that goes with turquoise, clearly. 

heidikins shoes: 4-day work-week

6 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 6 July 2010, uploaded by heidikins

Steve Madden, navy-blue patent wedge with peep-toe.  These are one of my all-time favorite pairs of shoes, I’ve worn them almost non-stop for 4 years now and it is sad and depressing to admit that they may be on their last season.  They are worn and scuffed and ready to be retired.  <sob!>

heidikins’ shoes: the grand canyon, arizona

6 Jul

Shoe per Diem, 5 July 2010, originally uploaded by heidikins

After spending a lovely–although blazing hot–weekend in Phoenix with my brother, his wife and 3 kids it was time to make the 14-hour drive home.  The Grand Canyon was kind of on the way, and something I’ve always wanted to see.  The detour was totally worth it (see above).


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