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shoe per diem jan 28, 2011 – applegreen and furry

30 Jan

The light applegreen hue of El Naturalistas have always been one of my favourite hues. If the shoes aren’t red they should be green, preferably applegreen. I would love to have a pair of Oxfords in this green hue, sadly they no longer seem to make those in that colour.

But. I did stumble over these clogs (Iggdrasil model, but not the swirl ones I already have, this swirl is the same as in my boots instead. Lotsa swirl going on), in just that much coveted hue at online sale, by accident. Very happy accident. They arrived swiftly and they are grand. Tad higher on the ankle, would probably not be perfect for someone with high ankles.

Little Loaf also totally approved of the clogs, he even claimed the empty box as his little throne.

Now I can’t wait for spring! And the wearing of green (the lace socks are from Sock Dreams, droolworthy place of socks galore). There’s a new clog on the block, his name is Apple Green.

shoe per diem jan 27, 2011 – red and bread

30 Jan

In contrast to Tuesday – good mood, bad weather - Thursday unfortuntely proved to be just the opposite – a crap mood day (and due to other people’s crap behaviour), lovely weather - but there was nice lunch at a favourite café/sourdough bakery Gamla Enskede Bageri. And the buying of bread.

Yes, the love for red runs in the family. My mother has a red jacket and sensible winter boots (brand unknown), me I have a sensible jacket and red boots (brand obviously very known).

29 January 2011 // old shoes among old books

30 Jan

a trip to an amazing secondhand bookstore in Devonport.


28 January 2011 // a new trend?

30 Jan

Last time I posted on SPD – and I am ashamed to admit it was a few days ago now – I uploaded a photo of some abandoned shoes I had come across that day, remember?

Well it happened again. What is it with people leaving their shoes behind?

shoe per diem jan 25, 2011 – the good stuff

29 Jan

shoe per diem jan 25, 2011, originally uploaded by piaktw.

On a rather dreary, weatherwise, January day in Stockholm, these were the things I was grateful for -

:: my always lovely red El Naturalista Iggdrasil red tall boots,
:: my very yarny, perky outfit that kept me warm and happy,
:: the purchase of new yarn (to feed my newfound amigurumi bug)
:: the freshly squeezed Brämhults fruit smoothie (peach and strawberry). The juice for which I missed the train and had to wait on a bitterly cold and windy station for some 20 minutes longer. I think it was worth it.

28/1.2011 shoe per diem

28 Jan

28/1.2011 shoe per diem, originally uploaded by julochka.

green el naturalistas – cool rug from goa – awesome toeless knitted socks that i found in manila (of all places). i actually got properly dressed today since we’re going to ikea. yay!

~ julochka

Good day for ostrich

28 Jan

I went to the zoo this morning, and hung out with this guy for a while

doom in the winter

26 Jan

walking in the alley behind my house to the local sub shop, my son and i stopped to admire our favorite landmark along the way.

it somehow looks (and feels) less threatening in the winter than on a warm summer’s night.

awesomeness is…

25 Jan

…A bamboo curtain with a mexican skull on it! I have been looking for a cool curtain for the pantry for the past 2 years and I finally found one at Iko Iko.

It’s a 2-4-1 today too; the black square next to it is a removable wall sticker that also doubles as a blackboard which I picked up at Uncle Bills along with the stuff from the last post. All I need now is some chalk.

L x

shoe per diem jan 15, 2011 – twitterjunta 2011

24 Jan

The first twitterjunta of 2011, or titterjunta as someone named it. There was yarn, there was fabric, there was fun.

See more pictures, our projects and read more in Swedish here.

I brought perky Evert along for moral support, he had a blast.

frozen pipes

24 Jan

It’s been cold here the past couple of days. It was -2 F (-19C) this morning.

I quickly realized I didn’t have water Saturday morning and thought I must have forgotten to pay the water bill. Upon further inspection I realized that my main water pipe was frozen. Who knew? This is my first winter in my house.

After lots of phone calls it was determined my only course of action was to use a blow dryer on the pipe. And it worked.

Later that night my friend and I went shopping for something to insulate the pipe…sadly it was dark by the time we were able to get to it and that part of the basement (which is dirt and really scary) doesn’t have a light.

Here I am admiring my handwork via flashlight after insulating the pipe…and it worked. No frozen pipes Sunday or this morning.


cookie time

24 Jan

Today I went to the newly opened Uncle Bills in Kilbirnie. It’s like a magical emporium where everything is cheap and wonderful. Amongst my purchases were a silicone baking tray and a bright pink salt grinder. What better excuse to bake?

L x

Run run as fast as (we) can

24 Jan

Which I would like all to note is not very fast and we like to take breaks to take pictures… All part of our duty to this blog really. We serve thee well.

22 January 2011 // abandoned

23 Jan

It was raining when I went to the post office on Saturday morning but, for some reason, someone decided to leave their shoes on the bench nearby. I thought they’d make a much better SPD picture than my soaked jandals.


It’s a nice day for a white wedding

23 Jan

Went up to Palmy for a wedding this weekend and it was gorgeous! I bought some pretty new shoes to match my dress, and found some very cool stockings without toes, such a clever idea. I also drank lots and lots and lots of bubbles, mixed in with red wine, so today i feel like arse.

L x

shoe per diem jan 12, 2011 – red meet on slush streets

21 Jan

I know, it was really terribly bad planning my friend and I meeting wearing the same shoes as in last post. But a very good lesson was learnt wearing these pairs, in bad weather (slush, slush everywhere) the quality and reliability of a pair of El Naturalistas way surpass that of a pair of UGGs.

Which I of course already knew. I was comfortable and dry all day. She was complaining about feet being soaked. As picture shows. Sporting our boots in the subway, it is indeed obvious which pair shines, right? Right.

Not my feet

21 Jan

But my shoes so I’m claiming it! At a big music festival and loving that its okay to be drnk at 11am

living a bit on the lazy side

20 Jan

I feel like I’ve been gone forever. I’m enjoying getting caught up on all the posts I’ve missed. It’s kinda nice seeing all the warm-weathered photos, since it’s so cold and snowy here.

My friend called and invited me over to her place last night. I was already comfy in my pjs, and there was no way I was going to change. I threw on my snow boots, grabbed my slippers and headed out the door. Although it a slushy mix of snow and ice, it was pretty nice out, so I ended up walking to her house. I’m sure people probably thought a homeless person was wandering the streets.



19 Jan

I went for a 5km walk on my lunch break today and this is the view from halfway, by the Fisherman’s Table on Oriental Parade. It’s my deluded attempt to try and lose a kg or 2 by next month. I say deluded because despite all my best intentions, including a neato little calorie counter app, I love wine too much. But hey, life is for living and what is a life with no wine?!

L x

I love new years sales

18 Jan

Especially the kind where calendars are 70% off! This one has the essentials for one origami piece per month! Do exciting but will have to hold myself back from doing them all at once!

Slidey slidey

17 Jan

I sit close enough to the printer that I can slide my chair over there on the wood floors. In fact given the option I would slide all over the office but I think I’d get told off for the noise. One workmate told me this morning ‘it’s nice to see that you still have the child in you'; which I think is much nicer than ‘you’re so immature’ hehe

L x

Introducing Red and Dead

17 Jan

Or me and my work mate Suzanne on a work trip to the beach last week.

shoe per diem jan 8, 2011 – baby it’s still cold outside

17 Jan

After finally having completely finished these pairs of very special socks – see and read more about the magic here – we had a wee photo session amidst all the snow. Not that I’ll ever really were these El Naturalista Tesela mary-janes out and about in this weather or with these thick socks. But for this special occasion they were totally IT.

Plus I may just have started a new trend – do not match your socks, that’s just so 2010.

16 January 2011 // beachy sunday

16 Jan

I love sundays with no plans when we can just laze around during the morning and then decide to go lie on the beach and spend the afternoon there. stay away, winter, i don’t miss you at all!


15 January 2011 // yay us!

16 Jan

As Stacey has already documented, we entered our first official run on Saturday and came out of it injury-free and ready for the next one. Yay!

Here’s the before shot, near the start line, when I wasn’t sure if I’d live to take the “after shot”.

But I did live to tell the tale so here’s what I did right after crossing the finish line:

who knew healthy stuff could be so enjoyable…


Massive caffeine hit

16 Jan

Went to help a friend find some new glasses today and whilst waiting for her appointment we had a coffee in a cafe nearby. This was a medium. I think that if I’d ordered a large I wouldn’t sleep for a month.

L x

We did it!

15 Jan

Three months ago a very unfit Vera and Stacey decided that instead of just going out and drinking and eating two times a week, which would inevitably lead to obesity, they would begin running before going out eating and drinking… A goal was set of a 12km run in January, and they began. Today we ran it, and finished in our best case scenario time of 1 hour 30 mins, also achieving two more goals… Finishing injury free and in front of all of the walkers (seriously this was a goal, those guys go fast!) so yaye for us! Straight after we limped 50m down to the beach and went swimming. It was heavenly. Check out all the ducks in the picture below, they were loving it too. And check out us with our sexy visors after the race :)

More wood, boo (but really yay)

14 Jan


My pappa bear came and dropped another trailer load of wood over so I’m back at it again. And I still suck at splitting logs.

L x

so long friend…

14 Jan

my camera bit the dust on our holiday. boo. hence lack of postage. i managed to pinch this one of facebook.

we went up to onerahi, and spent loads of time over in pataua helping out a friend who has 4 kids (she had 4 under 3 1/2!!! phew!) the younger twins are now toddlers and are both severly disabled with exzema. it’s totally consuming.  the eldest twin has the worst case of it known. he has to be totally covered up and his hand taped so he doesn’t scratch. it’s heart breaking.

we also spent time in orewa…sopping up sunshine and surf. my girls are naturals in the ocean. it’s getting closer and closer to the time of moving to the beach me thinks.

and my girls and i had rainbow toes for the entire holiday. we were team rainbow. ♥

emma kate

12 January 2011 // I’ve become one of those people…

14 Jan

who take lots of photos of cats. I can’t help it, look at those eyes!



14 Jan

But it was too beautiful not to share…

new toy + sunshine = funny legs

13 Jan

this was taken care of  my new favourite app, vignette! it’s so much fun and i kinda like how my legs are two completely different colours. taken at wellington harbour on my lunch break.

L x

13/1.2011 side view of the think!

13 Jan

13/1.2011 side view of the think!, originally uploaded by julochka.

just had to show the birkenstock-ness of the sole of this shoe. but i’m afraid it is kind of a posh croc at the heart of it….sigh.

~ julochka

good thing my mom doesn’t read this blog or she’d know i stole her fabulous smart wool socks last summer when i visited her. :-) they really are the best.

Jan 12

13 Jan

It’s been a long, horrible week. After a year long battle with leukemia my dad passed away. He was 51 years old.

Not knowing what to do with myself, I did the completely logical thing…I shoveled snow. And then too a picture of it. While I don’t post every day, I always take a photo everyday – and after a year, It’s pretty much become a habit. I figure I might as well document the bad right along with the good.

It’s going to be a rough road ahead.


Silver lining

11 Jan

As much as I don’t like going to work on sunny days, sometimes when I miss my bus it is nice to walk through the paddocks to reach the office.

shoe jumble

11 Jan

shoe jumble, originally uploaded by julochka.

just for a change of pace, i had to show you the jumble of shoes and skates in our entryway.

someone apparently fired the maid.

~ julochka

11:11 11/1.11 – shoe per diem

11 Jan

11:11 11/1.11, originally uploaded by julochka.

i was wearing my round-the-house slide-in shoes (i think they’re from simple – i got them years ago in a cool shoe shop in ann arbor) at 11.11 on 11/1.11.

i don’t know what the significance of that might be. but it must be significant, right?


Back to (salty) reality

11 Jan

It was back to work on Monday and back to the real world. My poor little car has been suffering in the weather too – check out the salty crust she’s got!

L xx

Just found this one

11 Jan

I took it while partying on Saturday night, I was standing on the road watching some fireworks. I posted it because I really like the grimy, grungy quality of the photo. That is all.

8 January 2010 // from the top of Maungatautari

10 Jan

Soaking up the views after a hard walk up to the top of the mountain. Totally worth the effort.


First duet of the year

10 Jan

And it felt goooooooood!

9/1.2011 shoe per diem

9 Jan

9/1.2011 shoe per diem, originally uploaded by julochka.

it’s been thawing for a couple of days, but there’s still ice on the lake, tho’ there’s about 3 cm of water on top with the solid ice underneath. it will freeze again and be a fabulous surface to skate on!

tommy hilfiger winter boots.

~ julochka

Life’s a beach

9 Jan

And then you have to start school and work again. This week
is going to be painful for all of us. Good luck people.

8/1.2011 – shoe per diem – melting and slippery

8 Jan

4°C means melting and icy and slippery and soon to be muddy.

red furry tall bumper boots.

instagram app.

~ julochka

Summer holiday fun and games

7 Jan

I’ve not been posting for the past couple of weeks because I’ve been off on holiday. So here is a catch up…..

it was Christmas, i lazed about on the beach;

went fishing with my Dad, cooked tuatuas on the bbq;

i went for a little surf, had wine on the deck, played scrabble;

visited Cape Reinga, ate kingfish caught just 2 hrs prior to the photo,went to Spirits Bay;


read heaps of books, went snorkelling at the Poor Knights Islands, did some more laxing on the beach;

stopped in Paeroa on the way to my family reunion, found a heeuge jellyfish, and went for a big crunchy walk on the shelly beach in the Coromandel.

It’s been an awesome holiday, and I’m relaxed, suntanned and not at all ready for work on Monday!

L xx

7 January 2011 // work time, on my last day of holidays

7 Jan

lack of remote access to my work email and the desperate need to send off some interview questions meant I had to make a very brief appearance at work on my final day of holidays. It was actually all my fault as, with all the excitement of my impending holidays, I completely forgot to send off an important email to which I need to get a reply by early next week. It was a 2-minute deal and I was out of there early enough to enjoy some afternoon sun. I’m going to miss being on holidays.


shoe per diem, jan 5, 2011 – shades of red

7 Jan

shoe per diem, jan 5, 2011, originally uploaded by piaktw.

Close to two months since I was last at the hairdresser, about high time to go again. I’ve always loved being a brunette, but when them grey bits start showing they do come fast. And while they may look fantastic on others they just make me look drab and sad. Thus it’s not the cutting that’s my main reason for the regulary hairdresser appointments, but the colouring. Unfortunate as that really is.

I’ve been going to the same hairdresser for about… gosh it may be about 8 years actually. Apart from the great job she does, she has many other fine features. Like loving colours, having really snazzy vintagey outfits and great shoes.

Me: El Naturalista Iggdrasil swirl boots, this time my first bought pair, the wine-red ones. And a pair of magical pink kneesocks made by yours truly (I knitted socks galore last year, I will probably never ever be out of winter wool socks).
She: those fab pair of bright red mary-janes from TopShop.

2010 in review

7 Jan

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

Featured image

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 12,000 times in 2010. That’s about 29 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 947 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 948 posts.

The busiest day of the year was January 20th with 154 views. The most popular post that day was Whose shoes are these?.


Attractions in 2010

These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


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First day at work

7 Jan

So I thought I’d treat you all to a pair of shoes you haven’t seen before. Oh and a different colour nail polish, you can’t tell, but they are a shade of dark green that santa brought me :)

Slowly coming right

6 Jan

The swelling and bruising is still there but not as bad as it was. I’m looking forward to going for a run!


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